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Single-side Climbing Bracket SCB180

With CNBM SCB 180 climbing systems, the loads from the fresh concrete pressure are

transferred through the brackets by means of V-strongbacks and compression braces into the

scaffold anchors.

Typical applications for the SCB 180 are dams, locks, cooling towers, pier heads, tunnels, and

bank vaults.

The formwork is simply tilted backwards when striking takes place. The 1.80 m wide bracket

requires only a minimum of space.


◆ Economical and safe anchoring

The M30/D20 climbing cones have been designed especially for single-sided concreting using

SCB180 in dam construction, and to allow the transfer of high tensile and shear forces into the still

fresh, unreinforced concrete. Without wall-through tie-rods, finished concrete is perfect.

◆ Stable and cost-effective for high loads

generous bracket spacings allow large-area formwork units with optimal utilization of the bearing

capacity. This leads to extremely economical solutions.

◆ Simple and flexible planning

With SCB180 single-sided climbing formwork, circular structures can also be concreted without

undergoing any large planning process. Even use on inclined walls is feasible without any special

measures because additional concrete loads or lifting forces can be safely transferred into the


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Q:Construction template supporting the use of steel pipe and pull the bolt how much money a ton
Pad wood template should be called I-shaped steel bar, there are several other names of steel "H-beam, T-beam, I-shaped steel, channel, angle" like these large steel market are sold
Q:Template support did not stand good, how to remedy the lower floor?
First measured how much sink ah, the plate elevation measured first, and then find the design, such a thing is not you can decide, the design may be looking for experts, if the lower 10 to cm it does not matter. But also the size of the kanban, if you say 4 * 4 little problem.
Q:More than a certain size of the larger risk of the template works and support system which include
Always looking at someone else to go to bargain-hunting that is difficult, others are very HIGH when you do not HIGH, the results of the market start, you unconsciously. Baidu search
Q:the country is allowed to use
For no protection (waterproof, explosion-proof, etc.) requirements, this is possible, as long as the strength of the support bar is greater than or equal to the strength of the wall on it.
Q:How the engineering quantity of the square wood supporting the template in the construction project is calculated
Steel pipe according to the building area calculated for each square 5-8. Template by the building area multiplied by 2.5 to 3 times
Q:There is no requirement must be held by the shelves of special operations card can be erected carpenters can not erect
The official answer: must be held by the shelter of the special operations card can be set up. You whatever the outcome, but also find some skilled shelves to do this work ah, woodworking bad
Q:Foundry boutique building foundation · New type of shear wall template support
In the current construction site, the shear wall support structure and the frame shear structure of the template support is usually used in the wooden side, as a vertical bar, steel pipe as a bar, through the wall screws and mountain card fastening support system. The typical characteristics of this system is the high cost, serious waste, unsafe and unstable and can not be adjusted to do the wall is not smooth enough, prone to run pulp slurry case. Especially in the mouth and corner, the template fixed more trouble. Its waste is reflected in the length of the square wood can not be based on the inner and outer walls, basement and the length of the standard layer to learn from each other, woodwork reduction down the joint waste serious; Second, the steel pipe can not be adjusted according to the length of the wall, also need to cut, waste is also more serious.
Q:Cast - in - place with beam - plate template support for high engineering
This question comes from the "civil engineering measurement and pricing practice" on page 259 3-3-3 example. This problem has a beam plywood template, steel support project volume (with formula) = 70.66 level and the beam plate support ultra-high engineering volume = 72.93 level and no additional formula. The Landlord would like to know how this 72.93 level by 70.66 flat after what calculated! I am also wondering, hope my supplement is valid, but also hope to get the answer
Q:Roof plate support combination structure
The overall unit of light weight, easy to use the workers, but also reduce the cost. Roof plate support instead of the use of the wooden side, the number of wheel rotation is up to 300 times, excellent re-use rate.
Q:Main and vice keel upgrade modification - the new building template support birth opportunity
Now too many products are updated, not that the traditional bad, but we should take its essence, to its dregs. On the basis of the traditional to do some changes, closer to our present habits, the use of habits. Times in the development of information in the explosion, then our products are also big step forward. Our new roof support is composed of the main keel, vice keel, supporting the mandrel, the cross bar, the main keel can be free to stretch, to meet the size of different rooms, this advantage is that a different layer can be satisfied, do not need Too many specifications, simple operation, versatility. And with a card slot and vice keel connection, is to prevent the main and vice keel sliding between.

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