Single Phase to Three Phase Frequency Converter 60hz 50hz

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Product Description:


Single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz 
1 phase input & 3phase output 
2.AC to DC Converter 

Frequency converter 60hz 50hz 



single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz

single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz   Introduct

YK-BP80005 The digit programmable programmable dc power source ,AC Power Source, Variable Frequency Converter, Variable Frequency Inverter, Variable Frequency AC Power Supply, Variable Frequency Power Source series is widely used in many kinds of professional fields, Provide customers the systematic solution of power supply: the consideration of electric environment, optimization of load collocation, matching of power supply selection, design of conforming to requirements, excelsior and highly efficient manufacture, timely and perfect maintenance, etc., all of which can fully meet customers requirements. 



single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz

Single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz   Characteristic

  1. IGBT/SPWM Circuit mode

  2. AC to AC Converter

  3. High precision stabilized frequency

  4. Stabilized voltage

  5. Frequency & voltage adjustable

  6. Fast transient response speed

  7. Multiple protection

  8. Reliable quality.

  9. 1 phase/3 phase Wide AC Range input

  10. 1 phase/3 phase AC Output

  11. Output voltage adjustable

  12. Frequency,/Voltage/Current /Power with 4 dig single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz its display

  13. Forced fan cooling

  14. Input no isolation and output isolation

  15. Phase difference: 120°± 2°

  16. Pure sine wave

 single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz

single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz  Application

For civil use, for industrial use, for military or aircraft use etc.


single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz
Single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz Technical Parameter 

Model (YK-BP)


single phase to three phase frequency converter 60hz 50hz

Output capacity (VA)

500VA 400w  110v to 220v frequency converter

Circuit mode

(IGBT)SPWM Pulse Width Modulation

AC input

Single-phase 220VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz

AC output




Low range


High range



45Hz~70Hz adjustable 50HZ/ 60HZ can be optional

Maximal current





Frequency stability rate


Load voltage stabilizing rate



Sine wave

Waveform distortion degree

≤1.5%(resistance load)


More than 85%

Response time


Display and resolution

Digit frequency

4 digits display, resolution 0.1Hz

Digit voltage

4 digits display, resolution 0.1V

Digit current

4 digits display, resolution 0.01A

Digit power

4 digits display, resolution 1W

Digit power factor

4 digits display, resolution 0.001


overvoltage, over current, overload, over temperature and short-circuit, as well as automatic jump protection and alarm device


Forced fan cooling

Working temperature

0°C~45°C, Relative 0~90%( non-condense )


Dimensions (mm)


Net Weight(Kg)


Gross weight





What is different between Frequency converter and AC Driver?



A. Frequency Converter is the AC mains through the AC - DC - AC conversion, pure sine wave output, the output frequency and voltage adjustable within a certain range.



B. Ideal AC power supply features a frequency stability, voltage stability, resistance is zero, the voltage waveform is pure sine wave (no distortion). Variable frequency AC power supply is very close to the ideal



C. AC Drives is the application of inverter technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the frequency of the motor operating power to control AC motor power control equipment.

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Q:Laptop power adapter aging
This should be no, play the game automatically shut down should be detected other
Q:Whether the inverter can control the start and stop of the horizontal monopole centrifugal pump
Can be installed by a simple float level control to achieve, the general frequency is to constant pressure, of course, start and stop is completely controlable Oh. It's good for the pump to start the speed change
Q:Laptop warranty period is not over, the power adapter is broken, repair money?
Look at your reinsurance period if not in the warranty period is not man-made damage can be changed or for the change
Q:What is the meaning of the bipolar polarity in the inverter ah There is a +10V signal input is a -10V What is the meaning of ah?
That is to say that the potentiometer at both ends of the line between + 10v and -10v, tap can be given with a potentiometer to control the positive and negative!
Q:What is the difference between AC and DC frequency converters?
Inverter air conditioner is relatively speaking in terms of ordinary air conditioning, ordinary air conditioning compression motor using AC induction motor, speed unchanged, 50HZ when the speed is about 2880r / min. The inverter air conditioner is the first 220V, 50HZ single-phase AC into three-phase inverter AC (25 ~ 118HZ, 56 ~ 160), the supply of compressors, through the frequency changes to adjust the compressor speed, so that continuous cooling capacity to adapt to air conditioning Load needs. L inverter air conditioner works: inverter air conditioner compressor by the variable frequency motor drag, the power inverter output frequency changes in the alternating current to the motor, so that the motor speed can be based on the needs of indoor cooling and continuous change, the final compressor cooling capacity To achieve continuous changes in the automatic control. In order to meet the continuous changes in the cooling capacity, the refrigeration system uses an electronic expansion valve, the pulse motor switch valve core, rapid control into the evaporator refrigerant flow. Power frequency changes from the inverter to achieve, as shown in Figure 1: 220V, 50HZ of the mains input, the frequency converter A / D AC / DC conversion, D / A inverter, the output frequency required by the three-phase alternating current, Room switching power supply principle is similar.
Q:The emitter E of the inverter inverter module and the AC output U are not directly connected together
Pairs of modules are connected in a phase branch The phase output is derived from the neutral point between the modules
Q:55 瓩 4 pole motor with a frequency of one hour can save much electricity
Such as: 55KW motor full load operation, 1 hour with 55 degrees of power (according to the motor power slightly different changes),
Q:Can the inverter be used to control the speed of the DC motor?
For the brush commutation DC motor, the speed of the output torque in a certain circumstances and the input voltage related. For this type of motor, use the inverter to control the output of the rectifier device that supplies power to the motor, which can control the speed. For the brushless DC motor, the controller is in accordance with a certain law to change the form of stator winding power supply to produce a rotating magnetic field to drive the rotor rotation. That is, the DC motor controller outside the part of the AC motor and the structure and the principle has not much difference (see below. For such motors, with the inverter to replace the controller, and control the same as the AC motor Control the speed.
Q:What is the difference between the electronic governor and the frequency converter on the motor speed regulation?
Electronic governor is for single-phase motor, by changing the access winding resistance and capacitance to adjust the motor speed, the speed of the power supply power for the output does not change, so this speed is not an energy Type of speed control methods, such as home for the use of fans and the like. Inverter speed is the original direct input three-phase asynchronous motor power first access to the inverter, in the inverter through the PWM and other electronic converter technology to rectify the frequency AC, inverter, become a frequency controllable AC In the input to the motor, in the motor running through the V / F control, output torque control, vector control and other control methods to adjust the frequency, change the loop current, to achieve energy-saving operation, especially in the light load energy efficiency is obvious, An energy-saving products that have been widely promoted and applied
Q:380V 2 pole motor can use the inverter?
Of course, the stator winding can be connected with concentric While enameled wire to be better, preferably 180 degrees or 155, and even dedicated enameled wire

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