single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

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Product Description:

Product description



Measuring the volume of hot water passing through the pipeline



Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;

Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection;

Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading;

Register can rotate more than 360°for easily reading in any position;

Inlet strainer


Compliance with Standard

Technical data conforms to ISO 4064 Class B Standard for horizontal installation


Maximum Permissible Error:
    In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%
    In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qmax is ±2%


Installation Requirements

The meter should be installed in horizontal position with the register face upwards;

Pipeline must be flushed before installation;

The meter should be constantly full of water during operation


Working Conditions

Water temperature:90

Water pressure:1.6MPa

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

Company Profile

The company takes high quality as the foundation, integrity as the road, 

talents as the cornerstone, good service as the soul, we will supply high-quality 

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We mainly manufacture Intelligent water meters, remote reading water meters, 

mechanical heat meters, ultrasonic heat meters and WOLTEX. 

Our products are largely used in Running-water Company, 

real estate company, thermal companies, large state-owned enterprises, schools and armies.

We have complete production qualification, such as production certificate and all test reports, 

we have passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification. We are strictly producing 

according with national standards, industry standards in the production process.

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Q:What are the advanced water meters?
Intelligent intelligent water meter in addition to the use of water for the record and electronic display, can also be in accordance with the contract to control the use of water, and automatically complete the price ladder of water and water can be calculated, the data storage function. Because of its data transmission and transaction settlement through IC card, and thus can be achieved by the staff from the table to collect fees to the user's own business to pay the change. IC card trading system also has the characteristics of convenient transaction, accurate calculation and bank settlement.
Q:Will the water meter go bad?
Heat is the weakness of a general mechanical water meter. It takes a long time to affect it
Q:What is the nominal flow of water meters?
Nominal flow is the maximum flow that a meter allows for long-term use, under rated operating conditions.
Q:Ask everybody to guide, the GSG material that water meter uses, what material? What good material can be used as a water meter shell?
Because the two pollution, therefore the presence of cast iron water meter, water meter water meter mandatory safety rules require casting materials in 2010 out of the ash, for a large caliber water meter, will replace the gray cast iron to nodular cast iron.
Q:How much water can be overdrawn by a cassette meter?
The card marked (a chip), the first to open the cover of the water meter, a water meter card socket, a plug on the LCD digital display, digital Arabia, the remaining tonnage, if the water meter installed in the cabinet, see, with a lighter lighting, while to the left I 5T get a card inserted automatically without water, there is water, is equal to the tips. To buy water, then up to 50T, even the table of the word, that is 55T.
Q:Who will be responsible for the leakage of water before the water meter?
In accordance with the relevant provisions of the commercial housing pipeline warranty period of 2 years, in the warranty period, the construction enterprises responsible for maintenance, such as the formation of economic claims, but also by the construction enterprises.
Q:Which is better, dry water meter or wet water meter?
The friend's question, in my opinion, is really not very professional. Because in terms of intelligent water meters, dry water meters and wet water meters only have different structures, but not good or bad points. Some people say that the metering wet water meter accurately, initial momentum is small, no demagnetization argument, I think it is an individual phenomenon at the early stage of dry water meter production, and now the dry water meter manufacturer had to solve these problems.
Q:How does a water meter work?
Tap water pipe on the water, there are several small pointers along the arcs in a water meter on the dial, the small red triangle, when the water flow in the red triangle on the leading twist, turn up. As for those small hands, no matter the water does not flow almost motionless.
Q:What's the difference between installing vertical and horizontal water meters?
This situation may be due to property, or water management departments to carry out pipeline reconstruction, or in disguised form, through the exchange of water meters to charge high fees.
Q:Can water meters stand up?
Yes, the national standard atlas 01SS105 water meter has vertical and horizontal two kinds, vertical can be installed in the riser.

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