single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

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Product Description:

Product description



Measuring the volume of hot water passing through the pipeline



Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance;

Magnetic shield, for external magnetic field protection;

Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading;

Register can rotate more than 360°for easily reading in any position;

Inlet strainer


Compliance with Standard

Technical data conforms to ISO 4064 Class B Standard for horizontal installation


Maximum Permissible Error:
    In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%
    In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qmax is ±2%


Installation Requirements

The meter should be installed in horizontal position with the register face upwards;

Pipeline must be flushed before installation;

The meter should be constantly full of water during operation


Working Conditions

Water temperature:90

Water pressure:1.6MPa

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

single jet dry type vane wheel cold water meter

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The company takes high quality as the foundation, integrity as the road, 

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we have passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification. We are strictly producing 

according with national standards, industry standards in the production process.

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Q:The water meter doesn't move. The pump keeps beating. Why?
If it is a pump problem, check the following items:1) if the pump outlet pipe has a pressure gauge, or suction pipe mouth has a vacuum meter, calculate the sum of the two, whether or not close to the head.2) observe the pump housing bearing whether there is a large number of leaks, if there is, please check the leakage ring and other sealing devices3) check the pump blade whether there is excessive damage, such as cavitation4) check whether the blade is correct or not5) check the pump mounting height, the height is greater than the allowable suction height (centrifugal pump, 5~7, m) if it is self Jiezhuang pipeline pump should pay special attention to this problem, the height is not more than 2~3 residential floor height. For example, the third floor does not need to install the pump, may have the water, then the pump installs the highest not to be able to exceed six.6) check that the suction port is blocked7) check the suction pipe whether there is greater hydraulic loss
Q:Why should the water meter be horizontally installed?
Experts say, many users in order to save money or limited installation position, the water meter import and export pipe length is not enough. The correct installation is 15 mm caliber water meter, upstream of at least 150 mm downstream straight pipe, there should be at least 75 mm straight, otherwise it will because of the flow of "full of twists and turns and affect the measurement accuracy of water meter. In addition, the tap water, such as mixed air, excessive impurities and dirt from the pipe wall, will affect the accuracy of water meter measurement
Q:How can I see the water meter stealing water?
The first test of water seal is intact, we know that the meter dial is the use of copper dial and case connected in the dial and case are respectively provided with a hole, used to wear seal wire, pressure seal ball. If it is found that the seals and seal wire breakage, prove the water table has demolished the suspect.
Q:What should I do when the water meter is turned upside down?
The inversion of water meters can be divided into two aspects: human and external forces. The water meters used in daily life are divided into two major categories. The first category is the ordinary mechanical water meter, drip proof water meter, etc. the second kind is the intelligent water meter, the remote water meter and so on. Because the anti reversing performance of the intelligent water meter is very good, the phenomenon of water meter reversal mainly appears in the ordinary water meter. First, the human factors in the reversing of the water meter, the manual bar, the reverse is man-made, and a few soil method is also very simple, as long as the water meter is removed, the installation can be reversed.
Q:Can the pipe behind the water meter be changed in diameter? Is there any regulation that can not be changed behind the water meter?
The water meter installation location should fully consider the user construction plan should be installed in the user outside the walls without contamination and damage, avoid the roadway, garbage removal, septic tanks and other pollution sources.
Q:It is normal to add a valve before the water meter
In principle, the water meter is not added before the water meter, because it is afraid of stealing water, the water meter is added to the water meter after the meter is added, and the water meter is provided with a main valve, and the water meter has a low failure rate
Q:Problem of water meter joint
Connect the pipe to the pipe with a pipe wrench and secure the nut. Don't forget to screw the nut onto the connecting pipe before you screw it
Q:How do water meters clean scale?
Go to the daily necessities store and buy some oxalic acid to wash it. That's OK
Q:What is a two meter water meter?
Indicates the accuracy level of the water meter, and the 2 level indicates the maximum indication value of the water meter, and the error can not exceed 2%.
Q:How high is the installation height of the water meter box?
If the wall, water meter placement must be determined in advance, the vertical direction at the bottom of the ground distance of not less than 25CM, and in the horizontal direction in the box after the reserved 28CM to install the table after the tube, if the ground sand cement structure, is needed to break the cement pavement for pipeline installation.

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