Single Disc Check Valve

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‍Packaging & Delivery of Single Disc Check Valve

Packaging Details: Plywood box
Delivery Detail: 25


Specifications of Single Disc Check Valve

Good usage feature

Product name: Single disc check valve/Cast steel single disc check valve/Swing type single disc check valve

1.Size : 2"-12"

2.Design Standard : API594

3.Face to Face: API594

4.Flange Drilling: DIN2532;DIN2533;DIN2501 ect.

5.Flange drilling according to: ANSI125/150;DIN2501PN10/PN16;AS2129,JIS10K

6.Working Pressure: PN10;PN16;150LB

7.Materials: WCB;CF8;CF8M;CF3M ect

8.Nominal pressure:1.6Mba

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Q:What type of check valve is the h61y-40 check valve?
Two, swing check valve: the valve swing check valve cylindrical disk-shaped, around the seat of the shaft for rotation channel, because the valve channel into a streamlined, flow resistance than the small valve lift check, suitable for large caliber occasions in low flow and no flow frequently change, but not for the pulsating flow, the sealing performance is less than lift. Swing check valve is divided into single, double, and most types of three, the three forms mainly by the valve bore points, the purpose is to prevent the media to stop flow or reverse flow, weakening the hydraulic impact. Three, compression type check valve: This valve is used as boiler water supply and steam cutting valve, it has lift check valve and stop valve or angle valve comprehensive function. In addition, there are - some do not apply to pump outlet check valve is installed, such as valve, spring-loaded check valve, Y type check valve check valve. Four disc check valve: disc check valve around the pin rotation in the valve seat.
Q:Back pressure valve and check valve difference
Oil is generally put into the wells of the check valve calling back pressure valveCheck valve is a general name, mainly lifting type and swing type.
Q:Check valves - check valves - what's the difference between one-way valves?
Are check valvesCheck valves are widely used and there are many kinds of check valves. The following are common water supply and heat check valves:1, spring: the liquid from the bottom up, rely on the pressure spring controlled valve, the pressure disappears, the spring force the valve, sealing liquid backflow. Often used in the smaller diameter check valve.2, gravity: and spring similar to rely on the valve's own gravity closed to prevent backflow.
Q:If there is no check valve, there will be a reverse flow of water, what is the damage to the pump?
For the work of the pump, when stopped, the water will reverse the impact of the blade, resulting in changes in motor power, while the impact will bring air, it is easy to blade cavitation, affecting the life of the pump ah!Like you said, if the two pumps are connected in parallel, another pump reverses, and that's the same thing. Damage doubles. For a high power motor, it doesn't start several times.
Q:The Haier electric water heater has a check valve to prevent water from flowing backwards
No check valve can be installed. The check valve needs a certain amount of pressure to open. It may cause hot water flow or little hot water.
Q:What is the function of the stop valve and check valve installed on the water supply pipe?
The cut-off valve is a common valves, can also be used for throttling, mainly used to connect or disconnect the line of medium, generally not for regulating flows.
Q:When are the fire dampers and check valves located on the ventilation pipe?
8.5.5 vertical exhaust lines for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, etc., should be taken to prevent backflow or to set fire dampers on the branch pipe.In addition, there are similar provisions in the code for fire protection in architectural design, which are not stated.
Q:Do you still need to check valve fittings for solar water heater installation?
Need, the solenoid valve automatically control itself has the function of manual water valve was the installation of the installation, but now a lot of pressure to see you still go not installed, they save cost, but will give users the trouble
Q:What's the difference between the cut-off, check, check, and stop valves three? Better picture,
Stop check valve: when the handwheel is rotated so that the valve stem rises, the disc does not rise together, but only the valve clack is released.
Q:Is the flue check valve the same as the flue check valve? What's the difference?
The flue check valve is not the same as the flue check valve;Flue check valve: a valve that is used at the joint of the hood, flue pipe and flue. Mainly to prevent the role of soot intrusion. The smoke in the apartment building is a public flue, and sometimes the food is always wafted from upstairs to downstairs when cooking, usually from the flue. This check valve can have a certain extent to prevent soot from the role of intrusion, but after all, it is difficult to completely sealed, so the food can not completely prevent the taste of isolation.Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve.
Our products are in accordance with different standards, such as API, DIN, JIS, BS, and GB, as well as non-standards. We also provide OEM products according to client requirements. Our products are widely used in oil refinery, petroleum, chemical plant, power station, natural gas, and civil industry. We have obtained ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certificate.

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