Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Series single-cylinder;vertical line,lying,water cooling,Stroke:115mm

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Direct Injection Chamber,Easy to Start,Stronger Power and Lower Fuel Consumption

Wet Liner,Better Cooling Efect

Spare Parts has Windely Commonality and Easy to Repair

It Is Widely Used in Tractors,Farm Vehicles,Boats,Generators and Irrigation GRoup,Engineering Machinery,Plant Protection Machinery,Gardening and other Supporting Power.

Single cylinder diesel engine, namely the classification by the number of cylinders is only one cylinder diesel engine.Single cylinder diesel engine is mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, ship machinery, electric power industry and other fields.

Single cylinder diesel engine's each work cycle through four processes: intake, compression, power, and exhaust.In a working cycle is only one stroke is power, and the remaining three are schedule for the power stroke to create conditions of auxiliary schedule, therefore, single cylinder diesel engine is not stable.Single cylinder diesel engine depend on the development of science and technology innovation, constantly using new technology to improve single cylinder diesel engine's existing shortcomings and the insufficiency, expand the scope of its use.For the assembly, for example, metering device, emission control device, etc., so as to meet the needs of motor vehicle use and environmental protection, etc.

we have obtained Quality management system certification certificates and Shandong Leiming Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.  have obtained the C E certification, Environmental management system certification, Quality management system certification, Health & Safety certification certificates.

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Q:What are the models of oil? What type of engine oil is used with turbocharged engines?
Gray shell is the main cleaning engine, Castrol is the main force of the cold start protection, have their own strengths to see their own choice.
Q:What brand and model engine are used in Audi, R8 and Audi TT?
Audi R8 uses a V 8 cylinder engine, engine model: BYH; Audi TT uses: inline 4 cylinder turbocharged engine, engine type: EA113.
Q:Motorcycle Engine Type Four Stroke What does it mean
Two-stroke engine volume is relatively small, simple structure, four-stroke engine valve mechanism is more complex, slightly larger.
Q:What is the NA engine?
NA engines, namely Naturally, Aspirated, Engine/Normally, Aspirated, naturally aspirated engines. Natural gas absorption is a form of automobile intake. It is a form of atmospheric pressure that enters air into the combustion chamber without any supercharger.
Q:What country is the Volvo engine produced?
Domestic Volvo cars are basically imported, the whole vehicle, including the engine is Sweden, power and performance are in line with the characteristics of Europe and the United States car, or a good car, is a little bit of oil
Q:Seeking Brilliance China engine all models
Brilliance owns: Brilliance Jinbei, brilliance commercial vehicle, Brilliance China, brilliance BMW! Brilliance Auto: FRV, FSV, CROOSFRV Chun Jie, Jun Jie, zunchi, kubao! At present, there is a FSV'FRV'Junjie zunchi some models are equipped with MITSUBISHI engines (1.5'2.4)
Q:What is engine resonance?
Vibration over the General Assembly to speed up the mechanical fatigue damage, reduce engine life.
Q:What engine is the BYD M6 engine?
2 liters of BYD483QB is Japan's original engine, the maximum power of 103 kilowatts, using the first domestic BVIT technology and the German BOSCH latest EFI system, high rate, low fuel consumption! 5 years 100 thousand km warranty!
Q:What does engine knock mean?
To improve the shape of the combustion chamber, the combustion chamber to eliminate the dead, so that the spark plug is located in the middle position of the combustion chamber. The ignition detonation method can eliminate the widespread use of modern motorcycle technology advance device can delay the ignition advance angle, effectively suppress detonation. It also can use high octane gasoline, but high gasoline label the price is higher, and the antiknock performance is very limited. So we must start from the motorcycle compression ratio, fundamentally solve the problem of the knock.
Q:What are the dangers of overheating the engine?
Due to overheating caused by the crankshaft side rod reducer bearing seizure, piston ring fracture, cylinder, cylinder hold, shorten the service life of the engine, endanger motorists driving safety.

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