Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Series single-cylinder;vertical line,lying,water cooling,Stroke:115mm

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Direct Injection Chamber,Easy to Start,Stronger Power and Lower Fuel Consumption

Wet Liner,Better Cooling Efect

Spare Parts has Windely Commonality and Easy to Repair

It Is Widely Used in Tractors,Farm Vehicles,Boats,Generators and Irrigation GRoup,Engineering Machinery,Plant Protection Machinery,Gardening and other Supporting Power.

Single cylinder diesel engine, namely the classification by the number of cylinders is only one cylinder diesel engine.Single cylinder diesel engine is mainly used in agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, automobile industry, ship machinery, electric power industry and other fields.

Single cylinder diesel engine's each work cycle through four processes: intake, compression, power, and exhaust.In a working cycle is only one stroke is power, and the remaining three are schedule for the power stroke to create conditions of auxiliary schedule, therefore, single cylinder diesel engine is not stable.Single cylinder diesel engine depend on the development of science and technology innovation, constantly using new technology to improve single cylinder diesel engine's existing shortcomings and the insufficiency, expand the scope of its use.For the assembly, for example, metering device, emission control device, etc., so as to meet the needs of motor vehicle use and environmental protection, etc.

we have obtained Quality management system certification certificates and Shandong Leiming Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.  have obtained the C E certification, Environmental management system certification, Quality management system certification, Health & Safety certification certificates.

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Q:How does the motorcycle burn the oil?
Many riders know the word burning machine oil, but the phenomenon of burning oil on the engine damage in the end how serious?
Q:What are the two major structures of an engine?
Crank organism set the piston connecting rod group crankshaft and flywheel group block group by cylinder cylinder head gasket oil sump piston by the piston piston pin piston connecting rod bearing ring crankshaft flywheel group by crankshaft flywheel torsion damper on the back of the book
Q:The role of soundproof cotton in automobile engines?
1. Prevent engine room from heating and aging the cover. 2, prevent hot season sun baking, make the cover surface temperature rise, cause the engine room temperature rise accordingly, slow down the engine rubber parts aging. 3, the engine is water-cooled, heat dissipation structure, and does not rely on air-cooled heat dissipation, summer sun sound insulation cotton can keep the cabin cool and without heat conduction. (do you remember riding maibing gun use box?)
Q:What is the difference between a piston engine and a jet engine?
The jet engine is usually composed of a turbine tailpipes of the combustion chamber compressor, the fuel is fired and the high temperature and high pressure gas is driven to rotate the turbine, and the turbine and the compressor are consolidated so that the compressor rotates the air into the engine and pressurizes several times
Q:What is the engine broken cylinder technology
The traditional gasoline engine is through the computer to collect the cam position and the engine of the relevant conditions to control the nozzle to inject gasoline into the intake manifold.
Q:Submarine submarine engine exhaust when the exhaust row
Conventional power submarines are generally referred to as "diesel-electric submarines", as the name suggests, it is driven by diesel generators to generate electricity, and then the power stored in the battery, and drive the submarine is the motor.
Q:What's the difference between the engine 1.8T and the 1.8L?
When the engine speed, exhaust gas speed and turbine speed synchronous speed, the air on the degree of compression to increase the air intake of the engine will be increased accordingly, can increase the output power of the engine.
Q:The type of car engine?
According to the structure of a car engine has more than 3 cylinders, the main engine for classification is based on the layout and arrangement of the cylinder to divide. There are several general line, V type, W type and flat. The inline engine (LineEngine), which are all in the same cylinder side by side angle arranged in a plane, the utility model has the advantages of cylinder block and crankshaft structure is very simple, and the use of a cylinder cover, low manufacturing cost, compact size. Inline engine with high stability, low speed torque characteristic and the fuel consumption is less, but the drawback is that the power is low, and is not suitable for the more than 6 cylinders with the engine.
Q:What is the problem of engine torque failure?
There are many reasons for the lack of power, and the engine and gearbox faults may cause this problem,
Q:EFI engine Neutral sliding is fuel-efficient?
According to the principle of the engine display, EFI engine, according to the computer program to determine how much fuel injection.

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