Single Core PVC Wire 0.6 /1KV as per AS/NZS 5000.1

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Product Description:

1. Product Description

1) The permitting temperature of continuous working of cable conductor:≤90°c.
2) The highest working temperature of cable in occurrence of short circuit:250°c(the longest lasting period is under 5s).

3) The cable is not limited by drop in level when being laid, and the ambient temperature shall not be lower than 0.

4) Perfect chemical stability, resistant against acids, alkalis, grease and organic solvents, and flame.

5) Light weight, perfect bending properties, installed and maintained easily and conveniently

2. Product Characteristic

1. Max. Working temperature: 70 °C, can be 90 °C, 105 °C as requirement

2. Conductor: Class 1/2 Plain annealed copper wires, solid or stranded

3. Insulation: PVC

4. Cross section area: 1.5~630mm2

5. Color: Red, brown, blue, black, green/yellow or others on request


3. Product Specification

Voltage  Rate


Range of Nominal cross section:

1.0 mm2 ~ 150 mm2


These cables are used for separate earth conductors, switchboard and control panel wiring.


AS/NZS 5000.1


Conductor: Class 1/2 Plain annealed copper wires, solid or stranded

Insulation: V-90 PVC

Core color: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Green/Yellow or others on request

Max. Operating Temperature



100 meter/roll or as per requirement

4.Reference Picture

Single Core PVC Wire 0.6 /1KV as per AS/NZS 5000.1

Single Core PVC Wire 0.6 /1KV as per AS/NZS 5000.1

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