Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

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100000 m/month

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Product Description:

1. Product Description

1. Range of Application

Wire is fit for AC rated voltage450/750v and below of domestic electric appliances of smaller size motorized tools of instruments of various meters and motorized lighting installations.

2. Service conditions

Working temperature: not more than 90.

2. Product Characteristic

Maximum Conductor operating temperature: +70°C

Lowest ambient temperature for fixed installation:-30°C

Lowest installation temperature: -5°C

Maximum short-circuit conductor temperature: +160°C

Test voltage: 2500V

Flame retardant: IEC60332

3. Product Specification

insulation thinkness(mm)

sheath thinkness(mm)

Min. insulated resistant at90(MΩ.km)














Annealed Copper Conductor acc. to IEC 60228:

Class 1 solid H07V-U,

Class 2 stranded H07V-R,

Class 5 Flexible H07V-K,

Insulation: PVC

Color of Insulation: Green/Yellow, Blue, Black, Brown or other colors

4. Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: In wooden drum, Iron drum, Iron wooden drum, or according to your request

Delivery Detail: 2-3 weeks after receipt of the payment

5. Reference Picture


Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

Single Core PVC Insulated Cable 450 /750 V

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Q:Does the GeForce 9800 GT require it's own power cable?
Q:is there a command that would power on and off my cable modem?
Hi. It would be more practical to just run a wire extension with a switch. Or one of those Clap on, clap off devices :-)
Q:Power Cable for a Hanns-G Monitor?
This is a standard item. Go to an electrical/electronic/computer shop with the old one.
Q:Will my power cable burn my modem?
Get the proper supply. It will be easier on it. With that supply, it could overheat and prematurely fail.
Q:what phone works when you have no power and cable?
plug your phone into the UPS on your computer. This will keep the phone working for a couple minutes, but the internet access may go away too. What you need to keep the phone working is a traditional land line, a traditional phone used for power failure. Even in big businesses that use a PBX or eKSU, we install power fail phones. SOME Vtech phones have a slide out drawer in the base unit where you can charge a battery. This will keep the base unit working without power.
Q:I don't have any IDE power cable in the computer, just sata.?
properly it relies upon. probable you could, yet you're able to desire to comprehend: a million. ATA previous (i.e. PATA) with the varied pins OR 2. SATA, little plugs one for capacity one for information. what's your motherboard take? you're able to desire to comprehend what your pc force is (from above) and then additionally what your motherboard will take. i.e. SATA does not slot in PATA or vice versa. So: in case you have properly matched plugs definite you could positioned it on your pc. it rather is going to likely be a royal soreness getting an enclosure to get it to slot on your laptop. Why can no longer you employ an exterior USB, believe me it would be a ton much less difficult. So the guy who mentioned you're able to desire to no longer is faulty, however the greater surprising answer is you might in case you have properly matched plugs for the suggestions.
Q:Can I use a LCD monitor power cable on a CRT monitor?
I've used the same power cables for about 10+ years. Whether CRT, LCD, external disk drive, etc. It should be fine.
Q:How much amp does an ordinary power amplifier cable might have?
There is no need for a 200 amp cable. most of the time 75 to 100 amps is more than enough. Just go to the local car audio store and pick up a amp kit. (Depending on amp size depends on price) The local Wal-Mart sales them as well. You'll spend between $25-$100 for a good amp kit. Amp Kit 1 power wire 1 ground wire 1 set of RCA for audio from sterio to amp 1 fuse.
Q:What amp rating fuse do I use on the power cable for my Belkin TuneCast II?
If you know that's the correct fuse. You might have another problem such as the wires are shorting or grounding each other out and not completing the circuit. It might just be best to buy a new transmitter instead of wasting your money on fuses.
Q:When adding second internal drive to Dell OPTIPLEX 780 do I have to get another power cable and data cable?
You will have to get a SATA data cable. The power cable going to your current HD has a connector for a second drive. _

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