Single Core Flexible Copper Conductor Round Electrical Wire

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Single Core Flexible Copper Conductor Round Electrical Wire


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Type: InsulatedModel Number: RV,BVR,RVV

  • Application: Indoors

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: Stranded

  • Insulation Material: PVC

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Delivery Detail:

Packing in roll or as your requirements

4 weeks or as your request


round electrical wire:
1.450/750V copper core
2.PVC insulated and PVC jacket
3.ISO CCC IEC standard
4.factory direct sale

Single core flexible copper conductor round electrical wire





Laying place and requirement

Long term working Temperature0C


Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable

Be for laying permanent place where flexible required.





Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible connector wire

Mainly used at middle and light style moving electronics, home appliances, power and lighting and the places where flexible required




Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connector wire



Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible twisting connector wire



Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round flexible connector wire




Cu conductor heat resistant PVC insulated flexible connector wire at 90 0C

Mainly used at the places where heat resistance is required








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Q:How much per square bus load, how many watts
. in fact, very simple, first in the top of the distribution box with a bridge section of the size of the square hole . the bridge will be extended to the distribution box above the square hole on the line . is not very simple, if still Did not learn, you can continue to ask me
Q:Will my sugar glider chew through electrical wires?
I brought in a large tree limb for my sugar glider. I'd be scared it may chew through the wire. It could kill it or even worse start a fire in your apartment. I only leave mine out when we are available to watch it. Adorable aren't they?
Q:The first PC installed, how to install the order and how to take a good line.
4 square of the national standard line is certainly enough, if the non-standard line that would be 6 square
Q:Electricians/Home Electrical Wire Question: Attach Ground Wire to New Light Fixture?
RE: How do I put wiring through a stud from an electrical outlet to a new light fixture? I've drilled a hole in the wall where I am installing a new light fixture, and pulled out the wiring from the outlet below, but there is a stud between the wiring and the new hole. What's the easiest way to send the wire to the new location? I don't have access to the wall in front of
Q:electrical wire seems to stuck in the light switch?
Stick a screwdriver into the release holes and push the screwdriver when pulling on the wire. If this does not work just cut the wires and restrip.
Q:Electrical wire/Speaker Wire, will or can it catch on fire?
It's possible for the wires to catch fire if there was a bad connection. When you have a connection it gets warm naturallyIf the wires aren't connected correctly the wires can get hotter because of the way the electricity is traveling and catch on fire.
Q:If I cut a lamp wire can I make it attach to a sconce electrical hookup without having to rewire anything?
Electrical tape will work, you can also purchase shrink wrap casing for the wires at places that sell wiring/ electrical supplies. Might even find it at Home Depot. MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS- you don't want to melt the casing or wire sleeve. Shrink wraps are nice in that you don't have the 'sticky' stuff around your wiring, and there is less chance of the tape unraveling, depending on where your wires are. Solder first is an option- certainly to avoid those subtle 'noise' issues, but it should work with a good strip and twist. It's all a matter of your desired level of effort.
Q:Question about electrical wiring for a new house?
I would strongly suggest not doing your own wiring as your lack of knowledge can cause serious issues. 12/2 is a black wire (hot), a white wire (ground) and a bare copper wire (ground). 12/3 contains another wire for doing things like having a light with two switches. 12 gauge is heavier wire and is used in 12 amp circuits. 14 gauge is a bit lighter and is used in 15 amp circuits (mainly lighting). Do not ever use 14 gauge on a 20 amp circuit as the wire will melt before the circuit breaker disconnects. You can, however, use 12 gauge on a 15 amp circuit even though you are just wasting money. There is also a difference in the outlets between 12 and 14 gauges but that is a different lesson.
Q:What could cause a odor of electrical wires burning in microwave?
maybe wires burning get it checked micro draw a lot of current if it is an older house the wiring may not be up to the load have someone check it for you
Q:standard electrical wiring system for street lighting?
Most standard street lights are owned by municipalities, not by private owners. They are typically cobra head style fixtures and are fed with underground wiring from a utility transformer. Some smaller circuits may be 240 volts, but larger and longer circuits are usually 480 volts due to limitations on voltage drop. The most efficient lighting source is high pressure sodium, which has an orange glow. This provides the best lumens per watt. In higher-end areas, metal halide may be used as a light source, which has a white glow. This provides better color rendition, but has fewer lumens per watt than high pressure sodium. All American electrical systems are 60 Hertz.

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