Single cold series - Cold water face basin faucet-D04

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1.Cold water face basin faucet
2.Professional faucet manufacturer
3.1 year warranty
4.Small oder is acceptale

SeriesCold water face basin faucet / basin faucet manufacturer

MaterialZinc body, Zinc handle, Brass cartridge, ABS mouth, Brass thread
Main marketAsia, Middle East, South America, Africa areas etc
AdvantagePure new material
Factory price
Various styles
OEM service/Small order are acceptable
Preasure testAir test, 8kgs no leakage
Carton measure43*35*26
packageCustomized/OEM designs are welcome
Wash basin basin facuet: EPE Foam bag+colorful box+stander export carton;
Customer's own colorful package is available.
Supply ability8,000pcs/day
Delivery time7-30days after received 30% deposit(according to your order)


Hot sale wash basin cheap single cold water basin

Cold water face basin faucet / basin faucet manufacturer

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Q:Bathroom sink is loose?
There is a nut on the bottom of the sink just under the rubber washer. You can tighten this nut and it will secure the tail piece securely again. The question is why did it loosen up? Also before you tighten it get yourself some plumbers putty and make a 3/16 inch rope of it that will go around the intire flange. slip this under the edge before you tighten down the nut. It gives a double seal for the sink and won't allow water to seap out. If you have any questions email me and I'll try and get you through it
Q:Kitchen in the size of a single basin
Which can be customized, there are 450 * 450,500 * 500 pots, plus the side, not the same, I can live size custom, like we have to do these specifications: 700 × 760 × 810/950 600 * 600 * 810/950
Q:What paint should I use on my plastic bathroom sink cabinet?
Spray paint. Doesn't matter what kind. Go to Kmart, Walmart, Big Lots, Lowes, Dollar store and buy a can. The cap of the can is the color of the paint. Get gloss white. And get yourself some masking tape. One roll. Total cost under 5 bucks. Tape over the sink where you don't want to paint. Shake the paint for a minute or two till you can't hear the ball no more. Paint the cabinet from left to right - always keeping the can moving when you have the nozzle down. It's real easy to have runs with spray paint if you keep the can in the same spot too long. Always keep it moving. You can practice on a piece of cardboard if you've never painted before. Spray light coats. Give it 20 minutes between coats. May take 2-3 coats if it's really dingy.
Q:Bathroom counter cabinet with solid wood can, will not have any problems
In fact, look at your house's specific style, if it is European-style, then use solid wood, solid wood than PVC is good, and more solid, decadent this problem is no way to avoid, no matter how good will be decay, but the length of time , And your maintenance and use. If it is a modern style, in order to avoid decay can buy stainless steel bathroom, nice, the price is relatively high than the solid wood, my family bought a 1.1M stainless steel bathroom cabinet, the price 1550, can give you a reference.
Q:what are the little holes on the inside of a bathroom sink for?!?
give like old man casey like some good old credit like
Q:what are the different types of washbasin material?
Ceramic pots relative to the steel plate style is not very diverse, and because of the fragile material, it can not bear the impact or heavy impact. Nevertheless, many brands still prefer to use ceramic pots, because the simple ceramic basin is easy to match the different styles of bathroom furniture, mostly white, and it is easy to clean, not easy to contaminate.
Q:Is the electric water heater and the pot next to it?
This is very unscientific! Although the electric water heater is now doing a good job, leakage protection is also great, but after all, is the product of electricity, a long time there will be security risks! Huashu fast repair
Q:How do i fix a slow drain in a bathroom sink?
Well using Drano isn't a 100% guarantee that the clog will be cleared. You could try running a snake down the pipe, but you'll have to remove the strainer out of the sink 1st. Under the sink is a curve in the drain pipe called the P-Trap. This is the most common place for clogs to develop in a bathroom sink. You can try removing it, but not if it's all metal because it's likely that it's been soldered in place. But if it's the black PVC type, then you should be able to loosen the parts either by hand, or with a pair of channel lock pliers. Just don't attempt to separate any of the pipes that have been glued with adhesive. Glued PVC joints are permanent, & if you have to work with them, the glued parts have to be replaced. Although most PVC parts are rather inexpensive. Once you get the P-Trap apart, you can see if it's clogged by attempting to look through it. Most of the material that will be clogging a P-Trap can be pretty yucky & gooey. If you think you would rather replace the P-Trap rather than clean it, then I recommend that you make sure it isn't oozing too much crud, & take the entire P-Trap assembly to your Hardware Store, & get identical replacement parts. If you just go there without enough knowledge about the pipe sizes you need you will end up making another trip. Whenever I take something apart that I am not sure of how it goes back together, I usually make a diagram before taking it apart. But lately I have resorted to taking digital pictures. Either will work in the event that you decide to take anything apart so you will have an idea on how to reassemble it. Good Luck & have fun!
Q:How do I replace my bathroom sink faucet?
it isn't too hard counting on your skills. you'll want a basin wrench. you need to disconnect the availability strains (both warm and chilly) and eliminate both nuts protecting the old tap in position. next you want to position in the hot tap it fairly is in many cases a 2 guy pastime, one to carry the tap immediately and the different to tighten the nuts. I advise you replace your furnish strains with versatile strains. very last yet no longer least you'll favor to hook up the stopper rod that open and closes the stopper contained in the sink. nicely it fairly is the way it truly is achieved. I figure you are able to now opt for in case you want to handle the pastime. good success!
Q:What are the top ten brands of basins?
I think like the basin - washbasin - basin these things or choose to buy the brand is better, the brand quality is guaranteed, and the appearance of simple and generous. After all, is a thing to use every day Well, or buy a little better. And now many brands of basin - washbasin - basin will not be very expensive, now doing better basin - washbasin - basin brand Kohler, TOTO, Faenza, Wrigley, musicians, etc., these are Brand network MAIGOO on the top ten pots in 2017 - washbasin - basin brand, you can go to see ah, that is still more information above it

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