silvery white expanded vermiculite Used in industrial and Agriculture

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Silvery white vermiculite with insulation, frost resistance, antibacterial, fire, water absorption, sound absorption performance

Silvery white vermiculite with insulation, frost resistance, antibacterial, fire, water absorption,absorption and other excellent performance, in 800 ~ 1000 ℃ calcination under 0.5 ~ 1 minutes,the volume can increase 8 ~ 15 times, up to 30 times. The proportion of 50-200kg/m3 after expansion, the color changed to silver white, expanded vermiculite generation loose. Silvery whitevermiculite are widely used in building, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, machinery,electric power, petroleum, environmental protection and transport sectors, mainly foreigninsulation, in construction, packing and agriculture, gardening etc.. Silvery white vermiculite are widely used in industrial production. Its specifications: 4-325 inequality


The chemical composition of silvery white vermiculite as follows:


SiO2       Al2O3     Fe2O3   MgO     TiO2      K2O    Na2O42.7613.944.1324.620.875.941.61CaOFeOTiOP2O5MnOH2OBurning vector1.421.535.710.060.0431.323.71

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Q:Will my leo's eggs still hatch?
Earthworm castings but they are also a bit expensive because you need a very large amount. The cheaper way is to put a 6-12 deep pile of organic material like yard clippings onto the planting area, then cover with black plastic such as trash bags or better yet a tarp. Keep the material moist but not soaking wet. Leave it like this during the winter. Then earthworms will eat the plant material and give you lots of castings for free. You still need a fertilizer for major nutrients on top of this; any generic brand balanced organic fertilizer will do. Or you can use sterilized chicken manure, bone meal and a little kelp. Vermiculite is basically rock foam to help get air to the roots. Loosening the soil with tilling and materials like earthworm castings provides air too. Lighting will be extremely expensive no matter what you do. The power consumption will be much more than the fixture cost. Instead you might try a greenhouse. Or for herbs since they take up only a small space you can light them artificially so they are convenient and in reach. That's more reasonable but it still isn't cheap. If you have a sunny window that would be better. Most easy to grow summer vegetables are vines so they will do well on a trellis. Pick up however many you need.
Q:What kind of stone is vermiculite?
Vermiculite is a clay mineral with montmorillonite similar, layered silicate. Generally composed of biotite by hydrothermal alteration and weathering. It sometimes appears to be coarse biotite like (this is the illusion of biotite vermiculite)
Q:How to use vermiculite with orchid soil?
Vermiculite can not cultivate orchid soil, because the orchid habits like Yin, afraid of direct sunlight; happy moist, avoid dry; hi rich, rich in humus; appropriate air circulation environment. The property of vermiculite is not suitable for the cultivation of orchid soil.
Q:Bearded Dragon eggs? Incubation?
Q:Vermiculite is not big
Xinjiang vermiculite applicationsXinjiang vermiculite is a layered structure containing magnesium aluminum silicate water secondary metamorphic minerals, ore like mica, usually made of black mica (gold) by hydrothermal alteration and weathering, because of the heat expansion was loss of deflection shape patterns similar to leech, called Xinjiang vermiculite. Silver white vermiculite with heat insulation, frost resistance, antibacterial, fire protection, water absorption, sound absorption and other excellent performance, bake at 800~1000 degrees Celsius for 0.5 to 1 minutes, the volume can be increased by 8~15 times, up to 30 times. After expanding the specific gravity of 50-200kg/m3, the color becomes silvery white, producing loose swelling vermiculite.Silvery white vermiculite is widely used in construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, electric power, petroleum, environmental protection and transportation departments, foreign main insulation, in construction, agriculture, gardening, and packing. Silver white vermiculite is widely used in industrial production.
Q:Bearded dragon egg incubation questions?
Q:How do you get mountain horned lizard eggs to hatch?
Do you mean what has highest R-factor per inch?
Q:Is it best to use Hatchrite or Vermiculite If hatchrite will I have use water for it because on the bag it say?
Q:Why vermiculite is always mixed with peat moss for a substrate for a tarantula?
Go for Peat, or Vermiculite instead. Many of the professional keepers swear by Peat as a substrate, however although peat hold moisture quite well, the following are common problems: Mould, mites, fungus and other unwanted growths. To counter this the substrate should be microwaved (only when it's dry, otherwise their is a possible fire risk!) This will kill any mould or fungus spores, and anything else, such as mites. Vermiculite doesn't tend to encourage mould, fungus or mites. Though some tarantulas, especially arboreal species don't like it as it tends to stick to their feet. You can wet the coconut fibre a little more to encourage burrowing. I use a product called Bed-A-Beast. This product comes in a 4 X 8 X 2 block and when placed in water it yields about 8 litres of bedding. One block fills my five - 10x24 tanks and a dozen small containers for spiderlings.
Q:Vermiculite vs coffee grounds for mushroom growing?
No. Vermiculite is a type of rock that was heated enough to pop into the form you get it. Chances are good all the minerals in it are worthless, and the rock's minerals is the fertilizer for the Lucky Bamboo. Instead go to your closest street and look for tiny pebbles. Collect enough for your container, wash pebbles, and use them. My Lucky Bamboo has been growing for 10 years now. Since we have to wash the little pebbles well enough that the water isn't all gunky, there is no way to keep the original little pebbles. I've been replacing them with pebbles I find in my cement yard. (Probably pebbles used in terra cotta pots that died over the years, so the pebbles escaped. I don't know where we keep coming up with tiny pebbles, and generally find them the hard way - by stepping on them. lol) They need that little.

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