Siltech Classic Anniversary 770I Rca Cable 1.5M

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SILTECH Classic Anniversary 770i RCA cable 1.5M


length1.5M and 1M available
condition100% brand new
packageoriginal box
connectorRCA cable


Alloy: G7 silver-gold
Insulators: EPTFE Polyimide Air FEP E-Silicon
Construction: Dual Balanced Coaxial
Connector: SC006,Neutrik XLR


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Q:Is it possible to lay the weak floor trunks with floor heating? The specific approach is?
Buried type high voltage cable CPVC protection casing of the necessary functions and auxiliary functions: Buried CPVC high voltage power cable sheath is a CPVC, PVC as the base material, with other polymer materials to modify the special performance New high voltage power cable sheathing. Mainly used for cable laying to guide and protect the cable when the role. City grid by the form of overhead lines into the underground cable form, the laying of the main row, cable trench, cable tunnel and other forms. The traditional row of pipes, and more use of steel, cement asbestos, ordinary PVC pipe. Among them, the corrosion resistance of steel pipe is poor, subject to special treatment to prevent eddy current, expensive. Asbestos pipe due to low strength in the outer concrete reinforcement, while the use of prefabricated concrete brackets, heavy weight, transport inconvenience, pipeline laying difficulties, and because of the rough wall, the joint process is not ideal, often caused by cable work well distance, Corresponding to increase the investment; another cable laying, maintenance, replacement is not very convenient, poor cable heat; asbestos tube also contains carcinogenic factors, do not meet environmental requirements. Ordinary PVC pipe strength is low, brittle, with the same as the asbestos, still need to reinforce the concrete reinforcement; thermal performance, electrical performance is poor, difficult to bear the cable overload short circuit generated when the high temperature. The use of high-voltage power cable protection tube compared with the traditional asbestos pipe, cement pipe, steel pipe, with good toughness, high strength, smooth wall friction is small, easy aging, long life, is an environmentally friendly products. Compared with the traditional excavation cable trench, it can speed up the construction speed, reduce the installation and construction costs, extend the service life of the cable.
Q:On both sides are plug the power cable! The Help
Large line width is mainly used to take the main role, so the power cord as wide as possible. But the signal line is not necessary, because the line width means that will increase the PCB area, to know the cost of the board and the area is proportional.
Q:The optical drive to the video card to the graphics card to the power supply to the card now I want to use CD-ROM how to do?
The key is to see what your computer and TV interface is what interface on what line cable TV has four ways, namely, VGA, DVI, HDMI and SmartAir, four by the backward and advanced order is: . VGA interface , Analog video transmission mode, will be eliminated a model, at the same time pay attention to only wear video, and the maximum transmission resolution is generally 1366 * . cable more than 10 meters susceptible to interference. . DVI interface, analog and digital video mixed transmission mode, and VGA interface can be converted, but also only wear video. It must be noted that most of the DVI cable does not support more than 1920x1200 resolution, so your situation began to show no display after the resolution is too high, you can jump to 800x600 test, so no meaning, even if it can be displayed too blurred. . HDMI interface, all-digital video transmission mode, it is worth noting that digital audio can be transmitted at the same time, do not have to link the audio line, and support HD resolution, it is recommended, but need HDMI interface . SmartAir wireless technology, the PC Audio and video wireless transmission to TV or projector with HDMI or AV interface display device; Gigabit broadband support 1080P Full HD, you can share e-mail, photos, documents, video and Internet, games.
Q:House decoration, change the water and electricity to use what materials, accessories?
General is the choice of cable cross-sectional area should be corresponding to the casing of about 1/2 to 2/3 or so.
Q:How the concrete pillars are embedded in the tube and the bottom box
Brake line with the variable speed line is not the same as the variable speed line to fine a thin, brake tube to be thicker, when loading is best to match the bad speed is not bad! These things are generally sold in mountain bike stores
Q:A router three switches three network patch panel a telephone patch panel seven cable management cabinet 1.2 meters how to wear a good cabinet
The easiest and easy main reason 1. The temperature is too high .2. Power supply overload. Resulting in unstable supply voltage .3. Voltage instability power supply is insufficient. If not the problem of home voltage in general may be your computer power out of the small The problem is not the problem
Q:What is the difference between RVS and RYS wires?
YQ light rubber flexible cable YZ medium rubber flexible cable YC heavy rubber flexible cable]
Q:Changhong TV can not connect cable set-top box
In the case of the video camera, the video source on the TV remote control. It is recommended to install the sofa housekeeper, which has a rich live on-demand applications can be installed, very convenient.
Q:I would like to know the control cable RVVP2 * 0.75 * 10 is what does that mean? The The
It seems that the landlord is not the same as my introductory proposal: put all of you to invest in hungry thirsty 丨 check the blood to the fiber and the decoder on the capital investment in your speakers this will get better results fiber with the same Axis in the fever sound there is a role is to upgrade the more high-end decoder output decoder or the final output signal to the signal line to the amplifier speaker line (speaker cable) - that is, the amplifier connected to the speaker's transmission line is not done with fiber The dielectric fiber is not conductive
Q:Protel altium designer making a single panel, how to put the top of the cloth line to the bottom of the floor to go?
The ground wire can be arranged with the power cord.As the wire itself is grounded, not to mention interference, there is also the power cord will be produced together on the ground, but the ground immediately through the guide. Laying to ensure that the capacity is sufficient can.

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