Silk Shaggy Carpet

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Product Description:

Product Description
Size4' x 6' , 5' x 8' , 5' x 7' or OEM size
ColorWhite, Black , Grey, Beige, Yellow, Pink , Red , Purple or OEM
pile heightPattern 1.5cm -3.5 cm ; Plain Color: 3cm-7.5cm
pile weight1600-2500g/m2
backinglatex backing , anti-slip backing, pvc backing or OEM
useHome, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Living Room

Packaging & Shipping

each piece of rug be rolled in an individual standard plastic bag

Terms and Conditions
Payment terms1) 30%T/T in advance, 70% L/C at sight     2) 30%T/T in advance, 70% before shipping
Delivery time30 days after receive your deposit or original LC
Packing detailscarpets rolled in separate plastic bags
Loading capacityone 20' container can hold about 2200sqm; one 40' GP container can hold about 4500sqm. One 40HQ container can hold about 5500sqm.
MOQ300 square meter of a design and a size

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Q:How can I wash the ink off the carpet?
Drops of ink on the carpet, can be wiped with citric acid, wipe the place to wash with water, and then use dry towels to wipe moisture.
Q:The discoloration of carpet
Know the flowers with blanket material base down jacket not rinsed traces can not clean blanket to use washing machine drying Lun (dry shade) from the manufacturers directly to re wash wash wash do not wash the carpet like home (for acrylic blanket blanket) for pure blanket with a towel wipe it dry wet brush look at the effect of turn to clean and don't let the color on the area do not get clean
Q:Alternatives to carpet?
Throw out the old carpet, scrub the concrete floor, paint the floor with a paint formulated for concrete. Pick a happy color. Then look for some inexpensive area rugs, try thrift stores.
Q:I need a heavy duty carpet cleaner?
lease a steam purifier additionally purchase the defoamer. Then use daybreak dish cleansing soap with the defoamer warm water. For particularly undesirable complicated spots spray with Spot Shot carpet stain remover.
Q:how to make a carpet cat climber.?
First of all you need some wood and some long nails and a hammer and a staple gun. Take a large flat piece of wood and use as a base. Wrap the carpet around it and staple the carpet on the bottom of the wood. Depending on high you want to make your carpeted climber for your cat, take two pieces of 2 x 4's and nail them together. Wrap the carpet around them and staple gun the ends together and make sure after they are stapled together, that you pound the staples in good and deep so that they don't catch on the cat's claws. Then taking long nails nail the one end onto the base. Note, the end of the 2x4's shouldn't have carpet on it, just bare wood. Do the same for the perch as you did for the base. The cat will love to climb up and down and you can play with your cat with bungie type of toys too. However don't let bungie toys left unattended. Cats and kittens can get too rough with them and they could end of strangling themselves with these toys when you are not present with them. Good luck and I hope you and your cat have many long hours and days ahead enjoying each other's company and friendship in play!
Q:Carpet recommendations?
Just my area or expertise. I own a small carpet and flooring store. First thing is style or type. You have three to choose from; berber or continuous loop, saxony or plush, and frieze. They tend to go in that order for price and quality also. If you like continuous loop, it will give you real good balance of price to quality. Be careful not to go too cheap with any of them. You may be able to save a couple of dollars per yard up front, but if you have to replace it in just a few years, it will cost more in the long run to pay for another installation and new pad. In most cases a 6# pad is plenty and it won't help the life of the carpet to waste money on anything more. Make sure you get one (the carpet that is) with some sort of stain repellant. Many will be sold as Stainmaster Tacteese or some other brand name. These are nice since they are coated over the whole fiber. Ones that say that they have Scotchguard are just a topical application put on after production. Shaw makes an unbranded one they call R2X that is full fiber and is lower in price since it is unbranded. I have found that if it is something fairly basic and not a special fancy pattern, I can usually cross real close from one brand to another with substitutes. In so doing, I can usually come in a good bit cheaper in Shaw carpets than any other. Shaw is the main brand but the sub brands are Philadelphia, Sutton, Queen, Kathy Ireland collection and so on. Try to go to an unbranded store. What I mean by that is someplace that is not Carpet One, Abbey, etc. These places put their own names on things and go through a parent company that adds to the markup. Have fun shopping and enjoy your new carpet.
Q:Is carpet cleaning and carpet steaming the same thing ?
the person-friendly for one room is approximately $60 for a expert. in case you're cleansing your carpet for allergies you are going to be able to desire to bathe under the mattress. The allergies come from dirt mites. in case you do it your self, use the very maximum well-liked water and a million/2 of the cleansing soap they advise. enable the nice and snug water do dissimilar the artwork. do not over soak the carpet, enable the vacuum component of the purifier do dissimilar the artwork.
Q:How do you keep a wool rug clean?
I wouldn't clean it like a normal carpet. Certainly do not steam clean it or use soap and water. There is a dry carpet cleaning method called Capture. You can usually find it at the supermarket near the other rug cleaning products, or at a DIY home improvement store like Lowe's or Home Depot. It comes in a kit. You sprinkle the stuff on the carpet -- its sort of semi-damp and clumpy -- then use the brush that comes with the kit to rub the stuff into the stain or the entire rug. Let it sit for a bit, then vacuum up the residue. I have used this on my wool area rugs in the past and it works great.
Q:A large area of tea stains on the carpet how?? For a long time
Use a little vinegar or fresh lemon juice drops in the carpet stains, use a soft brush to brush, then use the carpet special foam detergent wash. The area is too big to come up several times. If it is a general chemical fiber carpet, this operation is no problem, if it is silk or wool carpet, it is recommended to look for professional carpet cleaning company deal with.
Q:Can you lay new carpet over old carpet?
No you can t put wall to wall carpet and have it not effect the lower carpet because on the installation needed. But small area rugs and larger rugs can be used and then taken with you as you move. Special thin pads are used to help prevent the top rugs from moving and wrinkling. These to can be taken with you w/o harming the original carpet. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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