Silk Carpets Customized of 100% Polyester

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
300 m²
Supply Capability:
6000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Silk Carpet Customized of 100% Polyester





Description of Silk Carpet


·         Material: 100% Polyester

·         Technics: Hand Tufted

·         Age Group: Adults

·         Design: Aubusson

·         Feature: Anti-Slip, anti moisture

·         Use: Bathroom, Beach, Camping, Door, Floor, Kitchen, Outdoor, Home, Hotel, Picnic, Prayer, Travel,     wedding stage

·         Size: 70*3000px

·         Name: Silk Carpet Customized

Specifications of Silk Carpet


Silk Carpet Customized 100% Polyester

Pile Height


Pile Weight


1900g - 3600g


Cotton cloth backing or non-woven fabrics





Area of Use

Hotel, home, villa.

Payment Terms:

30% deposit, balance before shipment.

Loading Port

Tianjin Xingang, China

Container Capability:

20'GP: 2300sqm, 40'GP: 5000sqm, 40'HQ: 6500sqm.

Delivery Time:

25-30 days upon deposit, please double check when order.

Packing Detail:

In rolls, with PP and Poly bag wrapped, anti-water packing.




Description of  of Silk Carpet 


Name : Silk Carpet Customized 100% Polyester  

Design: Modern Silk Carpet Customized

Pattern : shaggy Silk Carpet Customized  

Size: any size for you

Backing :latex cotton canvas

Pile height : from 0.8 cm to 1.8 cm


Packaging & Delivery of Silk Carpet 

Container Capability:           

20'GP: 2300sqm, 40'GP: 5000sqm,

40'HQ: 6500sqm

Delivery Time:

                25-30 days upon deposit

Packing Detail:

                Pack Silk Carpet in rolls, with PP and Poly bag    

                wrapped, anti-water packing.



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Q:bleached carpet!! HELP!!?
Dying bleach stains in a carpet can be done, but that is something usually best left to a professional. Try contacting local flooring companies, or check your local registry to see if you have someone in your area that does 'carpet repair, or dye'. If the bleach stains aren't very large, then it might be possible to 'swap' a portion of the carpet out of a closet, and patch it. Again, this isn't something I would recommend for a novice. It does take a bit of skill to make a patch that blends in so it isn't visible. Using carpet dye, or patching a carpet, are two things that can very easily end up with more problems than you started with, hehe. In a worst case scenario, the carpet could be replaced.. so it would be a toss up, as to which would be more expensive, losing the deposit, or installing new carpet. Before replacing it, I'd suggest you double check with the apartment management. Many apartment complexes will keep at least a portion of the deposit, for 'cleaning' anyway, so there is a chance you won't get your full deposit back, even if you leave it with absolutely no damage at all. The only way around it would be to hire a professional cleaning company yourself, and that usually costs more than letting the apartment management have their maintenance/cleaning employees do the work. I would recommend that, if you cannot find someone to repair the carpet, that you get some estimates on replacing it. Then, if the apartment management tries to keep the entire deposit, you make them break it down by cost (in writing). If their cost for carpet replacement is higher than your estimates, you've got something you can use to barter with, if it is worth your time. Good Luck
Q:How to clean very dirty carpet?
It is hard to get rid of cat or dog urine. 2 choices,get it steamed cleaned don't buy any extras if you do,it could run you a large bill. check junk mail for specials,the deals that they have are worth it. it should run you about 40 to 90 bucks on 3 to 5 rooms. If you are on budget rent a carpet cleaner at fry's they are cheap,just make sure you don't over do it with carpet cleaner(soap). on spots treat it with carpet cleaner direct in heavily soiled areas,scrub the area with what ever you choose(I usually rub it with my shoe's in a back and forward motion on the treated area's) when finished with soap applications. Run the carpet machine on hot water with NO soap ,run the machine with hot water only to get all of the soap residue especially in treated areas. Bad side if you leave soap residue the carpet will get worse in a few month's. A carpet that has has been stained with dark colors like oils,gum, ash burn's,coffee,juises (etc), will have small chances of the carpet fiber's to return to it's original color, so don't think it's going to look like new again. After you finish if there is still a bad smell, chances are that the dog/cat urine got deep in the carpet padding and will need more cleaning's to get rid of smell. you will have to wait for carpet to completely dry and re clean, depending on how much urine there is left behind you will have to repeat the process to get results.The vineger trick that they told you about is used right after a spill has accured to help pick up the spill. requires 50/50 water and vineger best used with spray bottle.
Q:Carpet cleaning products?
Dirt is one problem, pet urine, and pet feces is quite another. You can use a scrub brush on a worst places in the carpet, then rent a carpet cleaner to finish the job. If your carpet smells like animal urine, you will never get the odor out. Just rip up the carpet and thoroughly wash the floors underneath.
Q:Knit a throw rug?
You can use any size yarn, but I'd opt for a larger needle. I made a purse out of strips of fabric I had left over from a quilting project. I simply knit every row until it was the size I wanted. It would have been great as a rug if I'd had enough fabric, but it had a great rag look to it! I think I used HUGE needles, size 19 or 35 to make it. This was a lot of fun, and the project was made VERY quickly!
Q:Cat Vomit on white carpet?
I would recommend using a wet vac and slowly pour hot almost boiling water (from a kettle) on the spot and vacuum it up at the same time, (this will open up the dye ports on the carpet fibre releasing the stain. and remove the residue from the carpet). If the stain is still visible than try putting Dawn dishwashing liquid (4 or 5 drops into one cup of water) or carpet spotter. Dampen the spot letting it soak on the stain for about 5 minutes and repeat step one. After this you should rinse the area again with the wet vac and hot water. If this doesn’t work try using orange glo or even 409. The most important thing to do is rinse the stain with a wet vac and hot water from a kettle to remove all the reside, or the spot may come back. Please be careful with what product you uses (neutral PH carpet cleaning solution is best). Please DO NOT put anything on the carpet that was not made for carpet. Carpet cleaner for 14 years
Q:Carpet under wood floor?
When using your carpets on the ground, use rug pillows. There is no query that a rug pad extends the life of your rug. In most situations, the best is nasty froth that will not move shade to the rug or to the ground and will provide good use security. Do not use a rubberized, jute or waffle pad. An asian rug or a handmade rug is best to use on the hardwood flooring.
Q:Why Does My Cat Sleep On Carpets?
sort of like scratching posts cats are attracted to the texture of it and it might be more easy to sleep on that and stretch out by just digging his claws into the mat rather then having to get up and do it else where. I believe its great your cat isn't sleeping on your bed (mine do and I have to be constantly be cleaning it to avoid pollution). my cat likes to sleep on sheets of paper on the floor lol
Q:Can very long shag rug be cleaned with a professional steam cleaner?
My daughter in law had shag and she cleaned it with the same cleaner you are asking about and it worked well.
Q:should i put my bearded dragon on sand or cage carpet?
Either one is fine, but the BD could eat the sand which could cause digestion problems. I would recommend the cage carpet.
Q:A small red yarn yarn carpet carpet has what different
Red flag is soft and comfortable. The design is fashionable and modern. Advantages: moisture-proof, anti-skid, anti-static, sound-absorbing, cool, wear-resistant, cost-effective. Washing uses special carpet cleaner or neuter detergent, add water to dilute, wash, cannot insolation.

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