Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

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1000 m
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20000 m/month

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

Main Structure

1.Rated 200C  600V
2.Electrical Cable Wire
3,Heat Resistant Wire
4.Applicable for internal wiring
5,Superior flexible

Product Name

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire  



Rated temperature-60C+200C,peaks to 230C
Rated voltage600V
Testing voltage2000V
ColorAll colors
ConductorTinned copper
InsulationExtruded silicone rubber
ApplicationApplicable for internal wiring




Applicable for internal wiring

Not for immersed applications

Superior flexibility



Wiring of Electrical Household Appliance,Lamps,Electronic Equipment and High Temperature Environmet,etc...


Product Description






No. x mm

Outer Diameter 




UL35120,516 x 0,202,50± 0,1010,10
0,7524x 0,202,70± 0,1513,20
1,032x 0,202,90± 0,1516,00
1,530x 0,253,20± 0,2021,00
2,041x 0,253,50± 0,2027,00
2,549x 0,253,60± 0,2031,00
456x 0,304,30± 0,2046,50
684x 0,305,65± 0,2579,40
1084x 0,407,75± 0,25133,50
16126x 0,408,95± 0,25197,00
25196x 0,4014,75± 0,25291,00
35276x 0,4016,5± 0,30388,00
50396x 0,4018,6± 0,30575,00
70360x 0,5020,9± 0,30774,00
95475x 0,5022,9± 0,30998,00



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Q:I'm using acer aspire 4937 with win7 problem is sometimes power cable is not recognized by the notebook why?
This most likely isn't a windows 7 problem at all. It's more likely there would be some damage to the internals of your power cable at some place. Usually if there is, it's in the connecting end or the power conversion box. I would try a replacement cable first if you can. If you don't' have one, take it to a pc shop and see if they can use a test adaptor. If theirs works, it's the adaptor. If theirs doesn't, it's then more likely the power port on your pc is damaged.
Q:How do I wire a power cable for an amp in a 1998 Honda Prelude?
examine first if there are the different wires that have been given burned apart from the distant twine and the flexibility cable. examine additionally your fuse if that's nevertheless ok. confident, you ought to purchase those wires from a ironmongery shop or an digital keep via ft or via backyard.. For the flexibility cable use gauge 8 or gauge 4 wires, for the distant twine use gauge sixteen or 14. until now setting up the wires be sure to ascertain your amp and your stereo if there are nevertheless working because of the fact short circuit on power cable often ends up in broken the audio factors interior the amp or the vehicle stereo or the two. be sure to double examine all connections and conenct the fuse of the flexibility cable final to circumvent short circuiting
Q:How to add more cables to power supply?
Q:Amp power cable in a renault clio 2002?
Yes. You will have to drill your own hole, and add a grommet.. I reccomend a step bit. Do not forget to add a grommet to protect the wire from rubbing against the firewall.. As I was taught, Look Twice, Drill Once.. Good Luck!!
Q:A power cable has length 2000m. The cable is made of twelve parallel strands of copper wire each of diameter is 0.51mm, what is the resistance of cable?
Find total cross sectional area of copper in cable ie 12 * area of one. calculate the resistance of 1 m then multiply by 2000.
Q:can we install two power cable in the same conduit?
You can as long as every cable in the raceway is insulated at least for the maximum voltage in the raceway. NEC 300.3 (C) (1). You also need to consider raceway fill limits, and ampacity derating for 4 or more current carrying conductors.
Q:How to test internet cable through home power plug, stead of internet tester?
DO NOT DO IT! = Household power is deadly! - At least, household power will fry cables anything connected.
Q:Cisco 2950 switch power cable?
That kind, it's kind of hard to see on the OKorder pic. Usually your switch should come with a console cable and the power cord, unless you bought it used. The person probably kept it.
Q:Why does the power cable for the amp need to be ran away from the RCA cables?
the music will be distorted
Q:I'm moving--how far in advance to set up power, cable, etc?
10-14 days should be enough notice for the utility companies... I typically call at least 10 days prior to my move date to schedule the utilities to be turned on.

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