Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire

Main Structure

1.Rated 200C  600V
2.Electrical Cable Wire
3,Heat Resistant Wire
4.Applicable for internal wiring
5,Superior flexible

Product Name

Silicone Rubber Tinned Copper Heat Resistant Electrical Cable Wire  



Rated temperature-60C+200C,peaks to 230C
Rated voltage600V
Testing voltage2000V
ColorAll colors
ConductorTinned copper
InsulationExtruded silicone rubber
ApplicationApplicable for internal wiring




Applicable for internal wiring

Not for immersed applications

Superior flexibility



Wiring of Electrical Household Appliance,Lamps,Electronic Equipment and High Temperature Environmet,etc...


Product Description






No. x mm

Outer Diameter 




UL35120,516 x 0,202,50± 0,1010,10
0,7524x 0,202,70± 0,1513,20
1,032x 0,202,90± 0,1516,00
1,530x 0,253,20± 0,2021,00
2,041x 0,253,50± 0,2027,00
2,549x 0,253,60± 0,2031,00
456x 0,304,30± 0,2046,50
684x 0,305,65± 0,2579,40
1084x 0,407,75± 0,25133,50
16126x 0,408,95± 0,25197,00
25196x 0,4014,75± 0,25291,00
35276x 0,4016,5± 0,30388,00
50396x 0,4018,6± 0,30575,00
70360x 0,5020,9± 0,30774,00
95475x 0,5022,9± 0,30998,00



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Q:Yjv22 cable laying pipe when the casing with plastic or steel pipe
First, this should be based on specific circumstances, single-core and multi-core is the main difference between the different softness of the wire. In fact the two do not exist which good question, but the use of the environment is not the same. Second, the family decoration: . the lighting line, can be used 1.5 single strand copper wire. More than . 2P (including) more than air conditioning, that is, hot water heater, Yuba must use 4 square double strand copper wire; . the wall buried the best choice for single wire copper wire, according to the need to choose 4 square Mm, 2.5 square millimeters, 1.5 square millimeters and other specifications.
Q:Home improvement, the wire specifications generally how to choose? Lighting, sockets, air conditioning with a few square lines? Ground specifications can be lighter than the line of fire, zero line?
Dual-screen display expansion, but it is estimated that the graphics card is not too small to see the movie line also play the game at the same time ~!
Q:What does the cable (YJV-5 * 6) mean?
Full name: cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16MM2ZR: flame retardant ----- YJV22: copper conductor cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed double steel belt wrapped armored power cable --- 4 * 16MM2: 4 core, each core 16 square millimeters.
Q:The wall was sideways opened a trough how to do ah?
With steel wire, lead the bend round, but do not let the wire can hold the pipe wall, and sometimes also need two twisted wire, wire over the past OK
Q:What is the difference between VV22 and VV62?
Copper core conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed double steel tape wrapped armored type power cable copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed non-magnetic metal armored power cable difference is the type of armor material
Q:What is the use of wire and cable per square meter of residential building?
You can use sc. if too long, or bend the best use of the bridge
Q:What is the length of the wire that affects voltage and electricity
When the cable is laid on the multi-layer bracket, the cables are arranged from top to bottom, the first layer is the high voltage cable, followed by the low voltage power cable. The control cable is placed on the lower part of the power cable. At the bottom of the instrument cable, when the low voltage power cable With the instrument cable in the same layer of laying, should be added partition isolation. Computer communication coaxial cable, full length are required to shield the use of closed trunking.
Q:Dell laptop plug in the power supply usb can not be used, how is it?
It is generally not required to do so because the battery on the computer side of the charge side of the use of all right
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Hello, copper wire per square safe current-carrying 6A, .05X6A = 3A.X220V = 660W, 3AX380V = 1140W, aluminum core for the same 4A algorithm,
Q:What is the role of patch panels generally, why should the switch connected?
The middle do not have to deal with, but also buried directly, deep 70cm, sand cover brick. It is difficult to repair, but economical and economical land.

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