Silicone Rubber/Resin Fiberglass Sleeves

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Product Description:

FIBERGLASS YARN is made from different glass fiber filaments, which are then gathered and twisted into one individual yarn.

Characteristics :consistent linear density,

Application: Mainly used for weaving various reinforce, insulation, anticorrosion, heat insulation fabric and sleeves etc.

We can supply different shapes and roll weight, such as milk bobbin, 3.5kg big and 1.0g /0/5kg small paper bobbin






Yarn description










ECD450 1/2

ECD450 1/2

60 x 60





ECE225 1/0

ECE225 1/0

60 x 58





ECE225 1/0

ECG150 1/0

60 x 52





ECG75 1/0

ECG75 1/0

44 x 31





ECG37 1/0

ECG37 1/0

48 x 32





ECG37 1/2

ECG37 1/2

44 x 35




  Remark: The above data are only the representative products, there are different threads, such as 1/3,2/2,2/3,1/5……etc. Also have C-Glass yarn.  

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Q:What are the materials used for the insulation breakdown of high voltage cables?
High voltage cable insulation breakdown, with high pressure and high pressure pipe insulation grease can be repaired. Methods: the interlayer inclusions at the breakdown is cut, the final cut of copper, the high-voltage insulating tube to tie, then the inclusion layer reply, and finally coated high pressure grease.
Q:Would you like to buy some self extinguishing tube, recommend a good one?
To see if your requirements are fiberglass reinforced epoxy or polyester, as well as other indicators required, we are doing this product. You need to provide detailed technical requirements to know if you can do it
Q:What is the difference between the outer tube and the outer tube?
The production process between the two sides: the outer braided hose is full of fiber braid, the outside is covered with rubber tube, braided rubber pipe, and fiber mesh mesh. Usage: the outer braided hose can be used with less special varieties according to the use environment, and the inner braided hose is not widely used.
Q:The main features of glass fiber tubes
1, good corrosion resistance. The composition of main raw materials of glass fiber reinforced polymer composition used in unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber, can effectively resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other medium and untreated sewage, soil corrosion, chemical wastewater and many chemical liquid erosion, in general, to maintain safe operation for a long time.2, anti-aging and good heat resistance. Glass fiber tubes can be used for a long time in the temperature range from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius, and adopt special formula of high temperature resistant resin, and can work at normal temperature above 200 degrees celsius.3, good frost resistance. Minus 20 degrees below freezing in tube will not happen after cracking.4, light weight, high strength. The relative density is between 1.5~2.0 and only 1/4~1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of carbon steel, while the specific strength can be compared with that of advanced alloy steel. As a result, aviation, rockets, aerospace vehicles, high pressure vessels, and other applications that need to reduce weight have excellent results.5. Good design. Can flexibly design a variety of structural products to meet the use of requirements, you can make the product has a good integrity.
Q:Silicone rubber sleeving can withstand high temperatures?
Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve: silicone rubber fiberglass sleeve (English Name: Silicone rubber fiberglass sleeving), also known as fire resistant casing, casing, high purity glass fiber tube made of alkali free, then in the outer wall of the tube coated by silicone vulcanization process and. After vulcanization, it can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -65 degrees C - 260 degrees C and maintain its soft and elastic properties.
Q:Insulated electrical sleeves will melt at high temperature
As long as the temperature reaches the melting temperature of the casing material, it will melt. Iron can be turned into liquid. Can polymer plastics not melt? It's just how much this "high temperature" means.
Q:What are the uses of glass fiber reinforced plastics?
Chemical and chemical industries: corrosion resistant pipes, tanks, tanks, corrosion resistant pumps and their accessories, corrosion-resistant valves, grille, ventilation facilities, as well as sewage and wastewater treatment equipment and accessories, etc..
Q:What's the use of a wax pipe in an electrician?
Insulation, yellow wax tube is generally used in equipment, need to strengthen the insulation place, as well as the role of flame retardant, prevention and control of electric wire leakage due to high temperature
Q:What are fiberglass tubes, and what are they mainly used for?
Fiberglass tubes have been widely used in the fields of petroleum, power, chemical, papermaking, municipal water supply and drainage, plant wastewater treatment, desalination, gas transportation and so on, because of their unique advantages.
Q:What's the meaning of GRP cable sheath ncbb100x5?
Moving and transporting are easier and more convenient than metal pipe and concrete pipe. Construction and installation are simple and convenient and save labour. Strong corrosion resistance, insulation, non magnetic, acid, alkali, flame retardant, anti-static. The utility model has the advantages of good elasticity of bending modulus, complete solution of the corrosion of the metal pipe, no distortion and elasticity, and the defects that the plastic tube is easy to aging and the impact resistance is poor. Good water resistance, can be used in damp or water for a long time without deterioration. Due to the specific properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic, the service life of the glass steel pipe is more than 50 years.

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