Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable



This  product is applicable to high temperature or the requirements of acid  and alkali corrosion resistance of power cable of AC rated voltage  0.6/1kV and below





 Voltage  class

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV



 Specification  range(mm2)

1 core:0.75~300、2 cores:0.75~300、3cores:0.75~300

4 cores:1.0~240、3+1、4+1、3+2 cores:2.5~240、5 cores:1~240

 Carried Standard

Q/XLJ 0317-2013



①    Rated voltage:450/750 V, 0.6/1 kV;

②      Working temperature: conductor allowable working temperature should not  exceed 180℃, in short circuit (max 5s) maximum conductor temperature is  350℃;

③    The  minimum bending radius of no armor or shield structure cable , should  be no less than 15 times of the cable diameter; armor or shield  structure cable, shall be not less than 12 times of the cable diameter.





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Q:can I mix up the two black cables to extend one of the PSU power cables?
first of all dont make any home made concoctions you can find those tipe of extensions in a pc store for under a buck and it dosnt mater the black cables are just grounds the important ones are the red and yelow
Q:should you run RCA cables and power next to each other?
As long as you enjoy hearing various humming, hissing, cracking, popping, whining, and other electromagnetically induced noises along with your music, it's perfectly OK. Otherwise, it's best to keep power and signal wires separated.
If you guys in Italy use the one that is a right side up version is this =D then you should be fine. If bot you can buy a replacement cable for like $20 at a game store or best but or something like that.
Q:xbox 360 power cable?
It depends on what chip set they have. An older Elite 360's power cable (with the older set) will fit into a new one, but not the other way around. It sounds like the one you just bought is older than the one that was banned.
Q:Flat power cables?
Hi Allotted, The best thing to do is cut into the wall and run the cables down the inside. By the time you have power, DVD/VCR, cable connection and a dozen other things you have a huge bundle of cables. Cut a opening behind the TV and run the wires down the inside to the floor. Make an opening to bring them out there. I did mine like that and while it took some effort the results were a great looking installation. Norm
Q:Does a SATA to eSATA cable supply power to the hard drive?
as far as i know you dont need anything but a SATA cable and it will power up.
Q:Why is a magnet on a power cable?
it's called a ferrite choke and are used in a wide range of prevention of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) from power supply lines and for prevention of malfunctioning of electronic equipment.
Q:Power Failure-Cable TV Won't Work?
Yes, there is. Probably either a fuse blew cutting power to the distribution amplifier or the DA itself failed due to surges surrounding the power failure.
Q:Where do i put the power cable of a video card on the Motherboard?
Ask They give you the answer in a video
Q:What causes the power cable to my amp to smoke?
you are creating a short circuit with the battery if this is happening while the amp is not on. disconnect all wires and make sure your positive lead goes to only positive terminal /amp input. then do the same for the ground. if you dont have a fuse protecting the wire it will get so hot it will melt the insulation and start a fire. if this is happening only when the amp is on and your system is pulling a large current through it (music real loud) then you need to upgrade your wires asap. make sure you have a fuse protecting the power wire close to the battery and a fuse whenever you downgrade in size of wire. a $1 fuse with the correct rating for the wire its protecting will safe your *** if you short circuit.

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