Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable

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Product Description:

Silicone Rubber High Temperature Resistant Power Cable



This  product is applicable to high temperature or the requirements of acid  and alkali corrosion resistance of power cable of AC rated voltage  0.6/1kV and below





 Voltage  class

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV



 Specification  range(mm2)

1 core:0.75~300、2 cores:0.75~300、3cores:0.75~300

4 cores:1.0~240、3+1、4+1、3+2 cores:2.5~240、5 cores:1~240

 Carried Standard

Q/XLJ 0317-2013



①    Rated voltage:450/750 V, 0.6/1 kV;

②      Working temperature: conductor allowable working temperature should not  exceed 180℃, in short circuit (max 5s) maximum conductor temperature is  350℃;

③    The  minimum bending radius of no armor or shield structure cable , should  be no less than 15 times of the cable diameter; armor or shield  structure cable, shall be not less than 12 times of the cable diameter.





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Q:What is the radiation of the laser scanning scanner?
Semi-conductive shield The semi-conductive shield is usually disposed on the outer surface of the conductive core and the outer surface of the insulating layer, referred to as the inner semiconducting shield and the outer semiconducting shield, respectively The semiconducting shield is made of a semi-conductive material with a low resistivity and a low thickness Internal semiconducting shielding layer is to uniform the outer surface of the electric field, to avoid the conductor surface is not smooth and the core stranded by the air gap caused by the conductor and insulation occurred partial discharge The outer semiconducting shield is in good contact with the outer surface of the insulating layer and is electrically connected with the metal sheath to avoid partial discharge of the metal sheath due to defects such as cable insulation surface cracks For non-metallic jacket in the low-voltage power cable, in addition to the semi-conductive shielding layer, but also to increase the metal shield Metal shield is usually made of copper or copper wire wrapped around the main play the role of shielding the electric field
Q:Can I use an XLR cable as a power cable with 9V battery?
I have used XLR cables for a lot of different purposes some are: Added a push button adapter to the end of a XLR so that a weather person could change weather graphics. Made RJ-11 telephone to XLR adapter for temporary telephone. Low power speaker cables. Even used them for mic cables. Belden 8412 is a thick rubber coated audio cable that is like a tank . . . it is hard to destroy you could short a 9 volt on the opposite end and not damage the cable. Use pins 23 for your project and if possible, connect pin 1 to an earth ground or common from your battery. Hope this helps. D.bumstead
Q:Can the power lines in your house interfere with a LAN cable if placed together?
If putting them near power lines, ALWAYS get the shielded cables. Like Wikipedia says: Shielded cables are useful for environments where proximity to power cables, RF equipment, or high power equipment may introduce crosstalk, and can also be used where interference with radio receivers or where eavesdropping likelihood should be minimised.
Q:This graphics card doesn't need power cables right?
Some 750ti's need more power, some don't - you have to check the card itself. Here's so helpful info - Computers are built with a power supply just barely able to power them as they are. A video card of any kind requires an upgrade of the power supply. If you don't upgrade the power supply, very nasty things can happen (I found this out the hard way! :O). Even the video cards that don't have extra power connections can draw up to 75 watts from the motherboard - that power has to come from somewhere! :D I recommend 750 watts, major name brand, semi-modular or full modular, 80+ rated, single 12 volt rail, active PFC, and so on. It's always best to have more power than you need. Power supplies are happiest running below their maximum, and they live much longer lives. You don't want to have to buy a whole new power supply in a few years just because you skimped today, do you? :O You MUST buy a power supply to feed your system plus video card! :) REMEMBER - Even the video cards that don't have extra power connections can draw up to 75 watts from the motherboard!! :O ~Helpful ~Cindy! :)
Q:upside down PSU and SATA power cables?
This is a very late response but it might help someone. I just dealt with this problem on my build. It's pretty easy to flip the connectors over. At least it was on my Cooler Master power supply with modular cables. The wires are not soldered; they are just pressed into place and the metal contacts inside the terminals press into the wires and make connections. To modify them, pry the plastic back caps off the Sata connectors, pull the wires straight out, flip the connectors over, press the wires back carefully until they seat (into the same terminals), and pop the back caps into place. Do one connector at a time so you don't lose track of the wire orientation.
Q:Why do power cables have a big sag in the middle?
Short answer: gravity Medium answer: the cable is longer than the distance between the poles and gravity pulls it into that familiar shape. Long answer: you can actually find the shape the cable takes by using the calculus of variations. I'll update my post a bit later (I'm a little busy at the moment). EDIT: Haha, it seems your question can be read in 2 ways.
Q:My laptop power cable interferes with my tv?
Electro magnetism over the short term doesn't harm you very much, but i'd be worried about the voltage that's going into your battery because mac products dislike anything that isn't made by a mac certified manufacturer... which is one reason why i NEVER use a mac product... cause they suck =P
Q:Will a PS3 power cable work with a PS2 slim?
Nope, it doesnt. The PS3 power cable can be used on a PC though
Q:Will a 20 pin power cable work on a 24 pin motherboard?
yes it will... most of the power cords are 20pins now... the mobos are built for 24 just for compatibility with some rare power supplies... just stick it in all the way to the left and leave the right 4 pins empty... about the boot problems check your RAM speed... more than likely you have old RAM sticks that cannot run on your new mobo (by the looks of it it seems like you just purchased a new one)... most new motherboard will not take anything less than 400MHz... I think you will have to purchase new RAM too... that is usually the case...
Q:Lighting wire, I do not know is it. The When to use BV1 * 2.5, when to use 2 * 2.5, when to use 3 * 2.5, when to use 4 * 2.5,
Why did not you take this time when you were installed or that it was only a detour

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