Silicone injection molding machine Screw Diameter

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Can produce all kinds of plastic products


                        MODELUnit          FT- 1600
Injection SystemScrew Diametermm404550
Injection Pressurekg/cm197315591263
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g220280350
Screw Strokemm180
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm300
Number of Temperacture Control-5
clamping systemClamping Forcetons160
Platen Sizemm840×500
Distance Between The Baremm620×280
Min.Mold Heightmm200/250
Opeing Strokemm380
Ejector Strokemm75
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL96
Pump Motor Powerkw15
Barrel Heating Powerkw6.5
OthersMachine Weighttons5.6
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m2.4×1.9×3.1




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Q:Under what conditions does the air pressure oil filter fail to clean oil?
Oil is too dirty or used in an unsuitable oil filter. There will be filters that are not clean
Q:How to solve the oil press foam?
The centrifugal oil filter pours in the oil and then turns on the machine. It can be filtered for 35 minutes
Q:How much is the 90 screw frying machine?
The following aspects mainly determine the price of the oil press.Screw oil press diameter, diameter, the greater the speed of work, the higher the price.
Q:Operating principle and characteristics of electrostatic oil filter
Reduce equipment failure, reduce downtime, save the maintenance cost A. to extend the service life reduce replacement costs 44.7% B. to prevent downtime losses caused by 22.3% C. 19.4% D. to reduce the equipment investment and reduce friction parts, energy saving 5.5% E. enhance the production efficiency of the economic benefits of 4.1% F. to reduce labor costs 2% g. lubrication to reduce oil consumption 2% three, greatly extend the life span of oil (5 ~ 7), reduce the oil yield (80% ~ 90%), protect the environment. Four 、 with perfect automatic protection device, unmanned operation can be carried out continuously, the maintenance cost is low, and the economic effect is the best.Electrostatic oil filter processing efficiency is too low, the speed of processing oil is very slow, while the effect of micro filtration of water is not good, it depends on what you filter oil, which contains impurities
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The steam enters the condenser after cooling back into the water discharge, oil heating in vacuum tank, pump are arranged into the filter through the filter or filter will filter out particulate impurities, thus completing the vacuum oil filter quickly remove impurities, the whole process of water and gas in oil, clean the oil from the oil discharge machine.
Q:Application of vacuum oil filter
The common transformer oil vacuum oil filter can be used independently, and can also be used in conjunction with the oil regeneration system
Q:How often do you change the oil filter when the turbine is in oil?
When the new oil content is high, the filter paper will be changed in 1 hours. Are you using a plate type oil filter? We use, steam turbine lubricating oil system filter within 24 hours will alarm, indicating that the filter will filter scraps of paper jam, the actual collapse filters also illustrate this point, now the oil filter machine in our system has no.
Q:What are the types of oil filters? Oil filter?
The third generation vacuum oil filter uses filter core filter to remove water and some impurities, and the fourth generation purifier does not use filter core, filter screen, filter cloth and filter paper to completely remove water and impurities.
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The centrifugal oil filter is to generate centrifugal force through the high-speed propaganda of the motor, and the oil sludge in the oil is thrown to the inner wall of the oil filter.For mature oil, the oil filter works better and faster.For low temperature, cold oil, the effect is not good.I hope my answer can help you.
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Vacuum filter oil filter slow, there are the following reasons: excessive impurities, filter plug

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