Silicon Nitride Si3n4 Bonded Silicon Carbide Sic Tube for Thermocouple Protection

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Product Description:

Si3N4 bonded SiC ceramic refractory material, is mixed with high pure SIC fine powder and Silicon powder, after slip casting course, reaction sintered under 1400~1500° C. During the sintering course, filling the high pure Nitrogen into the furnace, then the silicon will react with Nitrogen and generate Si3N4, So Si3N4 bonded SiC material is composed of silicon nitride (23%) and silicon carbide(75%) as main raw material, mixed with organic material, and shaped by mixture, extrusion or pouring, then made after drying and nitrogenization.

Si3N4 bonded SiC as a new type refractory material, is used widely. The applying temperature is 1400 C. It has better thermal stability, thermal shock, which is better than plain refractory material and recrystallized SiC. It also has antioxidation, high corrosion resistant, wear-resistantance, high bending strength. It can resist corrosion and scouring, be no polluted and fast heat conduction in molten metal such as AL, Pb, Zn, Cu ect.

Please check below specification:
The diameter of Si3N4 bonded SiC thermocouple protection tube is Φ 12-80mm, length is 1600 mm. It can be usded in high temperature kiln furnace and all kinds of atmosphere. It also can be directly used in all kinds of melted liquid.
Liquid tube, heating sheath, protection tube: Used in aluminum liquid and glass liquid. It has good thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, long lif ect.
Roller tube: Used in brickkiln furnace on the ground, diameter Φ 30-50mm, length within 1600mm, high temperature resistance, no deformation, high strength
4. Kiln furniture: Used in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, down draught kiln, with good carrying capacity. It is ideal kiln furniture for increasing output of kiln furnace and make good use of space of kiln furnace.
5. Sagger: Used for firing high grade refractory material, rare metal, powder metallurgy, electronic components and various loose material. Shape can be canister and rectangle.
6. Various refractory piece: With impact resistance, high temperature resistance, wear-resistance, good thermal shock resistance ect. Suitable for heat exchanger, cold air pipe, burner nozzle, crucible.
It can not only gain energy-saving effect, but also can keep product from pollution, and long life and convenient operation if you choose Si3N4 bonded SiC.

The physical and chemical performance of Si3N4 bonded SiC:



Compressive strength Mpa

> 120

Bending strength Mpa

> 40

Vol. density g/cm³


Porosity %


Thermal conductivity (1200 °C) W/M °C


Thermal shock 1000°C-20°C

> 20 times


10 4

Moh's hardness

> 9

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