Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide products - beam material

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Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide produced by the beam, used in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, down draft kiln, has good carrying capacity, to increase the yield of full use of kiln furnace space, the selection of silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide, is the ideal kiln furniture, also can choose the upright post support frame for.

Advanced Refractory Materials Factory,with annual output 36000 tons, is the world's largest nitride bonded silicon carbide products production base ,and with import foreign advanced technology and key equipments, is the national unique factory with high-temperature and high-pressure Nitrogen furnace and frequency modulation and amplitude modulation vibration shaping equipment, which fully insure best quality of advanced refractory materials ,so we can fully guarantee thickness in the 90-450 mm, thick products between the quality of products

Mainly products as super refractory materials Si3N4-SiC, which is the substitute for the traditional Si3N4-SiC, and Sialon-Sic, Sialon-Corundum, Corundum-Mullite, Corundum-Mullite-SiC etc. And other unshaped refractory materials For the those kind of materials with characteristic of high temperature resistance, better wear resistance, better thermal shock resistance, better alkali and acid corrosion resistance, and better chemical stability, perfect and homogeneity for Micro-structure, and better thermal conductivity, which promote materials good properties, and widely used in high temperature industry as followed: 
    1. Being lining materials of high-temperature furnace (lower stack, bosh, belly, and ceramic cup of furnace chamber, and tuyere and tap-hole combined bricks) 
    2. Being sidewall of aluminum electrolytic cell, heating furnace chamber of aluminum melting furnace and pipes for aluminum liquid transportation.
    3.Being high-temperature and wear resistance, alkali and acid corrosion resistance protective materials in Petrochemical industry, rubbish burning furnace, electricity-generating boiler, and heating furnace.
    4. Being furnace tools (like Batts, baffles, columns, Sandwiched Plates, Bowl and work holders) under high and super high temperature in Alumina ceramics products, Ceramics, grinding wheel, electric ceramics, sanitary, and fine ceramics, and magnetic materials.
    5. Being CFB boiler lining and pipe protective materials of corrosion resistance.
    6. Being lining for high temperature furnace, slurry pump, coal ash slurry pump, and mine slurry pump etc.
    7. Being all kinds of unshaped refractory materials and fireclay of high temperature industrial furnace



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Q:How to reduce the harm caused by two times mullite in high alumina refractory material
Prolong the sintering time and adjust the aluminum content of the high alumina brick.
Q:Introduction of high alumina brick
High alumina brick is one of refractory materials. The main component of this kind of refractory brick is AL2O3. If the content of Al2O3 is higher than 90%, it is called corundum brick. Because of the different resources, the standards of different countries are not identical. For example, European countries limit the content of Al2O3 to high alumina refractories by 42%. In China, the content of Al2O3 in high alumina brick is usually divided into three parts: I, etc. - Al2O3 content, >75%, II, etc. - Al2O3 content is 60 ~ 75%, and the content of Al2O3 is 48 ~ 60%.
Q:What are the requirements for Rubble backfill height?
Backfill should be filled with large stones, big face, small face upward, the decoration is stable, and then use small stones leveling, the gap between the stones can be swept into the slag, gravel, so that the gap filled.
Q:What is the difference between corundum and high alumina??
The difference between them lies in the content of alumina and the alumina refractory products with alumina content higher than 48%The content of Al2O3 is higher than 90%, which is called corundum brick.
Q:Application characteristics of high alumina brick
Refractoriness. High alumina brick products are advanced varieties of aluminium silicate refractory products, and their refractoriness increases with the increase of Al2O3 content, generally not less than 1750 - 1790 DEG C. If the content of Al2O3 is more than 95% of corundum brick, the refractoriness can be as high as 1900-2000 degrees.
Q:What are the common thermal insulation materials for thermal conductivity?
The single organic insulation material should be the best polyurethane in the field. In accordance with the production process can be divided into on-site foam polyurethane and factory prefabricated rigid foam polyurethane board. The scene is polyurethane foam isocyanate and polyol to cool (polyether or polyester) two components as the main raw materials with additives, the on-site spraying construction with thermal insulation and waterproof function of the rigid foam material.
Q:How are the grades of high alumina bricks differentiated?
In China, the content of Al2O3 in high alumina brick is usually divided into three categories: I, etc. - Al2O3 content > 75%; II, etc. - Al2O3 content is 60 to 75%; III and so on - Al2O3 content is 48 ~ 60%.
Q:What causes breakage of refractory bricks?
Refractory brick is a non metal mineral products can be used in the high temperature of 1550 DEG C under belongs to a class of inorganic, used in high-temperature furnace lining materials as protection kiln, which causes damage, usually have these points.Furnace temperature is not clear, there is no corresponding choice of refractory bricks.Physical impact, abrasion and erosion cause damageChemical factors, especially chemical industry, should be made of refractory bricks, which should be resistant to penetration and erosionIV: products from the factory when the factory did not pass the quality inspection standards
Q:The difference between aluminium refractory and magnesia refractory
Magnesia refractory belongs to alkaline refractory materials refers to refractory products such as magnesia magnesia brick magnesium iron spinel magnesium aluminum spinel magnesia ramming materials and other products of raw materials is the main crystal phase is periclase magnesia products
Q:What are the high temperature refractory mortars made of?
Siliceous mud, mineral composition and chemical composition is similar with silica, excellent corrosion resistance, water glass slurry, drying shrinkage, but also can be used for bonding fiber products, sealing furnace wall.

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