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Product Description:

We produce glass fibre composite cloth, it is as follows: 

1. Fiberglass cloth with one side silicon rubber coated. 
Usage: Expansion joint, thermal protective fabric 

2. Fiberglass cloth with two sides silicon rubber coated. 
Usage: Electric heating plate, thermal protective fabric 

3. Fiberglass cloth with viton rubber (fluorous rubber) coated. 
Usage: Expansion joint, thermal protective fabric 

4. Fiberglass cloth with stainless steel wire reinforced. 
Performance: High temperature resistant, high strength 

5. Enhanced glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant, high strength 

6. Satin glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant 

7. 3732 glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant 

If need, please tell me the product details: Thickness, width, quantity and so on, I will give you the best price.

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Q:What material is that high temperature resistant rubber sealing ring, please?
At the same time, high pressure, high temperature resistant, oil resistant sealing ring should be made of fluorine rubber material.
Q:What is the difference between TPU material and silica gel material?
[alias]: silica gel, silica gel is a kind of high active adsorption material, belonging to the amorphous material, its molecular formula is mSiO2 nH2O; in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material, insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic, chemically stable. Different types of silica gel have different microporous structures because of their different manufacturing methods. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many characteristics which are difficult to be replaced by other similar materials: high adsorption properties, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc..
Q:What's the difference between the lining material and the rubber? What media are applicable?
The lining material of the valve lining has seen what material, and some are ceramic, generally water resistant! Oil should be lined with nitrile rubber or oil resistant paint!! Specific use of material is not the same!!
Q:What chemicals are added to the wiper bar, please?
Auto wipers need good quality and durability. Now wiper manufacturers are grinding costs, so quality will drop a lot, and the average life is 4~6 months;
Q:Plastic, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber is synthetic polymer material?
Plastic (resin), synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber is the synthesis of three major polymer materials!
Q:What kind of rubber has the best wear resistance?
In addition, it also has good water resistance, air tightness and excellent adhesive properties. Widely used in various kinds of oil resistant rubber, oil resistant gasket, gasket, sleeve, flexible packaging, soft hose, rubber roller, rubber cable printing and dyeing materials, become the indispensable elastic material in automobile, aviation, petroleum, copying and other industries.
Q:What is the quantity of fluorine rubber? What is the price of fluorine rubber?
Fluorine rubber FKM has high temperature resistance, oil resistance and a variety of chemical resistance characteristics, is the modern aviation, missiles, rockets, aerospace and other cutting-edge science and technology indispensable material. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the reliability and safety requirements of the automotive industry, the use of fluorine rubber in automobiles has also increased rapidly. Fluoro rubber FKM is a synthetic polymer elastomer with fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain. The copolymer of fluorine rubber FKM first poly fluoro -2- -1.3- butadiene America DuPont company produced and styrene and propylene, but the performance is not better than chloroprene rubber, chloroprene rubber is outstanding, and the price is expensive, not the actual industrial value. In the late 50s, the United States Thiokol company developed a low temperature good, strong oxidizing agent two yuan nitroso fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber began to enter the actual industrial application.
Q:Waterproof material, rubber powder is divided into several kinds, as well as in the waterproof materials industry what role?
There are many kinds of waterproof materials, and they are divided into 4 kinds according to their main raw materials:Asphalt waterproof material. With natural asphalt, petroleum asphalt and coal tar pitch as main raw material, made of asphalt, asphalt felt paper, solvent and emulsified asphalt or asphalt rubber paint, ointment has good adhesion, plasticity, water resistance, corrosion resistance and durability.Rubber and plastic waterproof material. The chloroprene rubber, butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, polyvinyl chloride, three polyisobutylene and polyurethane raw materials, can be made of elastic tire waterproof materials, waterproof membrane, waterproof coating, coating materials and ointment, plaster, etc. the waterstop sealing materials, with high tensile strength, elasticity and elongation, water resistant adhesive and good weather resistance characteristics, can be used for a long time with the cold.Cement waterproof material. A procoagulant effect of compacting the admixture of cement, such as waterproof agent, air entraining agent and expansion agent, cement mortar and concrete can enhance the hydrophobicity and anti permeability; with cement and sodium silicate as coagulant mortar base material configuration, can be used for underground engineering waterproof plugging.Metal waterproof material. Sheet steel, galvanized steel sheet, profiled steel sheet and coated steel plate can be directly used as roof panels for waterproof purposes. A metal waterproof layer used for a basement or underground structure. The thin copper plate, the thin aluminum plate and the stainless steel plate can be used as the water stopping strip for the deformation joint of the building. The metal waterproof layer shall be welded at the junction and painted with antirust paint.
Q:What is natural rubber? What is its source? Raw material
The Hevea tree offers the most commercial rubber. It hurt (such as stem bark was cut open) will secrete large amounts of SAP containing rubber emulsion.In addition, figs and other plants of the family Euphorbia can also provide rubber. Germany was trying to obtain rubber from these plants in the second world war because of the rubber supply being cut off, but later it was converted to synthetic rubber.The first rubber trees were grown in South America, but there were also large numbers of rubber trees in Southeast Asia after artificial transplants. In fact, Asia has become the most important source of rubber.Rubber made from silver gum reduces sensitivity.
Q:What are the materials of the sealing strip?
Three yuan EPDM sealantx05 has excellent comprehensive performance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to various polar solutes, relatively low density. The disadvantage is that in general mineral oil and lubricating oil in the expansion volume, generally dark products.x05 using temperature range of -60 to + 150 degrees can be used. In high temperature, cold, strong ultraviolet radiation, the coastal areas and in high-rise buildings. With its wide application range, excellent comprehensive performance, obtained the domestic and foreign doors and windows industry recognition.Silicone rubber sealing strip

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