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We produce glass fibre composite cloth, it is as follows: 

1. Fiberglass cloth with one side silicon rubber coated. 
Usage: Expansion joint, thermal protective fabric 

2. Fiberglass cloth with two sides silicon rubber coated. 
Usage: Electric heating plate, thermal protective fabric 

3. Fiberglass cloth with viton rubber (fluorous rubber) coated. 
Usage: Expansion joint, thermal protective fabric 

4. Fiberglass cloth with stainless steel wire reinforced. 
Performance: High temperature resistant, high strength 

5. Enhanced glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant, high strength 

6. Satin glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant 

7. 3732 glassfibre cloth 
Performance: High temperature resistant 

If need, please tell me the product details: Thickness, width, quantity and so on, I will give you the best price.

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Q:1615 what kind of rubber is rubber?
Section 1: oil resistance, A- is not resistant to oil, B- medium oil resistance, C- oil resistance;Second section: nominal value of tensile strength of rubber sheet, unit MPaThird section: elongation at break. Near elongation at /100.Fourth section: rubber board hardness /10, add H letter.
Q:What kind of rubber material does the tire use?
The main material of automobile tire is the most widely used rubber, natural rubber, polybutadiene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, rubber and other Ding Ji. Early automobile tires are outside the tire structure, wherein the inner tube is made of rubber, rubber and tire cord fabric made by multilayer. Nowadays tubeless tires are mostly radial tyres. Radial tire early steel strengthened, with the development of chemical technology, replaced by synthetic fiber steel radial gradually by Kevlar and other lighter weight, higher strength.
Q:How do various kinds of rubber come from petroleum processing?
Special rubber depends on the type: butyl is isobutene polymerizationAcrylonitrile butadiene rubber is butadiene and acrylonitrile polymerizationEthylene propylene is produced by the polymerization of ethylene and propylene
Q:What are the black O sealing rings used on the faucet? Are they poisonous?
It's silicone. It's non-toxic and tasteless.Fluorine glue should not, fluorine glue more expensive than silica gel; nitrile should also not, nitrile odor, and the price is not cheaper than silica gel.You can judge for yourself:1., smell, silicone basically no flavor;2., burn, silicone burning without black smoke, ashes are white powder;3., if the surface looks oily feeling, certainly not silicone.
Q:PVC how long does the rubber waterproof finish?
CharacteristicExcellent resistance to agingThree yuan ethylene propylene rubber has very high chemical stability. It has the best aging resistance in general rubber, excellent ozone resistance and weathering resistance, and long service life.Good elasticity, excellent tensile properties and excellent crack resistance, it can meet the needs of expansion and cracking at the base.Good resistance to high temperature and low temperature
Q:How about liquid rubber waterproof coating?
Compared with the traditional SBS waterproofing membrane and high polymer polypropylene waterproofing membrane, the appearance of liquid rubber waterproof coating is of great importance to the waterproof field.
Q:What material is silicone?
Because our CPU and fan boards have many small pits that are invisible to the naked eye, the CPU and the fan base do not maximize contact, so that they can only dissipate heat through air.
Q:What chemicals are added to the wiper bar, please?
Auto wipers need good quality and durability. Now wiper manufacturers are grinding costs, so quality will drop a lot, and the average life is 4~6 months;
Q:Which is better, heat insulation rubber material?
Solid energy saving aerogel insulation material is the best heat insulation material in the world
Q:What are the main ingredients of synthetic rubber?
Butadiene and styrene are important basic raw materials for synthetic rubber, of which butadiene as the raw material for the production of synthetic rubber accounts for more than 80% of total output of synthetic rubber

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