Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed

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1.fumed silica
2.China manufacturer
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certificate

Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed silica


  • Microsilica can be used in a variety of cementation products, such as concrete, grouts, and mortars as well as elastomeric, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.

  • We collect micro silica from our own 16 ferro silicon furnaces. Monthly we collect approx. 2000 MT micro silica with Sio2 85-94%

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Q:What are the states of silicon dioxide?
A colorless crystalline crystalline substance of quartz; usually crystalline. Having a band or layer of colored rings called agate (containing impurities).
Q:What is the difference between high silicate glass and ordinary glass
Some people even think that "this is not a quartz glass glass, ordinary glass is a mixture of reasons: silica, sodium silicate, calcium silicate, special glass can be pure silica, or common glass adding lead, boron, rubidium and other elements
Q:Application characteristics of silicon dioxide shedding agent for shedding agent
The silica based agent exhibits greater bulk density, easier mixing with resins, and easier processing. Can be made into a concentration of more than 20% of the masterbatch, silica agent is 100% amorphous silica silicon crystal does not contain any synthetic, not the formation of "silicosis through the FDA certification, does not contain organic matter
Q:The respective uses of silicon and silicon dioxide
1. Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, quartz glass, water glass, optical fiber, electronic industry, optical instruments, handicrafts and refractory materials, and is an important material for scientific research.2, when the time is perfect crystalline silica crystal; silica gel after dehydration is agate; solidification colloidal silica water; silica grain is less than a few microns, on the formation of chalcedony, chert, secondary quartzite.3, food industry as anti caking agent, defoaming agent, thickening agent, filter aid agent, clarifying agent.
Q:Why does toothpaste contain silica? What does it mainly do?
Toothpaste with silica is safe and nontoxic food additives, pharmaceutical excipients commonly used all over the world, it is because of its physical and chemical properties stable, it will not with human gastric juice, salivary function, so it has the best security.
Q:Why can remove polysiloxane, silica
Derived from autologous, safe, APSC pluripotent cells obtained from autologous, green treatments, safe throughout. Scar treatment comes from the body itself, the treatment is safe, there is no immune rejection, all doctors operating techniques are standardized path treatment, to ensure the stability of each treatment.
Q:How do you remove all calcium carbonate from silica?
The removal method: because the calcium carbonate reacts with hydrochloric acid to produce gas and solution, silica does not react and does not dissolve, so it is filtered and separatedEquation: CaCO3+2HCL=CaCl2+CO2! +H20!
Q:Silica wood has electrical conductivity. Why is it used for making optical fibers?
Crystalline silica is divided into three kinds: quartz, scale quartz and square quartz because of their different crystal structures. Pure quartz is a colorless crystal, large and transparent, prism like quartz called crystal. If they contain trace impurities in crystal with different colors, amethyst, Citrine etc.. Ordinary sand is quartz fine sand, a (iron impurity) and white sand (less impurities, Jiao Chunjing). Silica crystal, silicon atoms with 4 valence electrons and 4 oxygen atoms form 4 covalent bonds, silicon atoms in the tetrahedral centers, 4 vertices of 4 oxygen atoms in the tetrahedral, SiO is most simple composition, only said the number of atoms of silicon and oxygen silica crystals the ratio of the. Silicon dioxide is an atomic crystal.
Q:How do you deal with a lot of silica in the air?
Personal protection. Often must wear anti-dust masks in the dust environment of qualified personnel, and reasonable arrangements for the process, to avoid entering in the dust of time, such as material grinding after the first spraying dust and then admission work.In addition, after the end of the work, if conditional, should do the ground cleaning and dust removal.
Q:Effect and function of silicon dioxide
The utility model can solve the agglomerate formed by moisture absorption and compression, and has the adsorption function, and is an excellent flow enhancer. For eggs, milk powder, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, vegetable powder, powder, Instant Coffee

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