Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed

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1.fumed silica
2.China manufacturer
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certificate

Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed silica


  • Microsilica can be used in a variety of cementation products, such as concrete, grouts, and mortars as well as elastomeric, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.

  • We collect micro silica from our own 16 ferro silicon furnaces. Monthly we collect approx. 2000 MT micro silica with Sio2 85-94%

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Q:What are the chemical equations and principles for the formation of heteropoly acids by the reaction of concentrated heat phosphoric acid and silica?
Heteropoly acids are mixtures that cannot be expressed in chemical formula
Q:Compared with carbon black, what kind of properties do the white carbon reinforce?
Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is an amorphous carbon. Black powder, light loose and very fine, the surface area is very large, ranging from 10~3000m2/g, is carbon containing materials (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil and other products) in the air under conditions of inadequate the incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition and the. Specific gravity 1.8-2.1. Made of natural gas known as "black", the oil made from said "black", called "made by acetylene acetylene black". In addition, there are "groove black", "furnace black."". According to the performance of carbon black, there are "reinforcing carbon black", "conductive carbon black" and "wear-resisting carbon black". Can be used as a black dye, used in the manufacture of Chinese ink, ink, paint, etc., but also used as rubber reinforcing agent.
Q:Can silica in a drier make a sole?
You can dissolve the silicic acid with sodium hydroxide solution, and then add hydrochloric acid to obtain the silicic acid colloid.
Q:What role does silica play in health care products?
Hello, silica is more of the excipient of the drug, can not afford treatment.
Q:What are the differences between silica and alumina in powder coatings? Almost all of them are rheological additives and anti - caking groups.
There are many methods for matting agents. They can be divided into two kinds according to their manufacturing process. One is made by hydrothermal method, and the produced silica is relatively loose. Products made from silica gel are tough in texture. The treated two types of products can be made into standard silica matting agents. Processing refers to the use of organic (Paraffin) or inorganic materials to modify the surface of silicon dioxide to a certain extent.Compared with silica matting agent, the treated silica has different particle size, particle size distribution and pore volume. Hydrothermal matting agents are also different in particle size and distribution. Untreated and treated products are also different. At present, there is only one kind of matting agent suitable for special occasions. The matting agent is prepared by pyrolysis and has strong extinction efficiency, and is especially suitable for water base coating system. The extinction effect of silica is relatively strong, which may lead to higher viscosity when the concentration is high. The tendency to precipitate during storage, especially untreated silica. To avoid accumulation, we can use paraffin or pyrolytic silica. The matting agent can adjust the extinction degree of 45 DEG, 60 DEG and 85 deg. Coatings with silica matting agents can be painted. All of these are "stir-in" products. The synthetic aluminum silicate can partly substitute titanium dioxide as a high quality increment agent and can be applied to emulsion primers. The product can exhibit a balanced extinction effect in the dried emulsion film. It can be used as matting agent in long oil alkyd resin system, but it must be dispersed with pigment and filler. In addition to the powder coating system, the silica matting agent can be applied to all coatings.
Q:What is the difference between crystalline silicon and silica?
Crystalline silicon is a simple silicon, which is widely used in semiconductor, solar photovoltaic cells and so on.
Q:What is the function of silica as a food additive? Is it harmful to the human body?
Silica is a naturally occurring mineral, and many vitamin supplements sold in the market contain this mineral. In general, silica is used as an anti caking agent and, if ingested in combination with a normal balanced diet, helps to restore joint and cartilage damage, such as arthritis. In addition, it also benefits the blood vessel wall. Excessive consumption of silica can lead to side effects, just like excessive consumption of multivitamins. However, as an anti caking agent, the amount of silica used is very small. Therefore, silica as an anti caking agent does not cause side effects.
Q:How does silica play an anti sinking action?What is its network structure?
By dispersing or dispersing in the paint, a network like structure is formed to achieve the purpose of erosion prevention, or adsorption on the surface of pigments and fillers, bridging between pigments, and controlling the flocculation of pigments and preventing them from sinking
Q:Tea tea in the additive silica is what role do harm?
The national standard prescribed food additives with silica anti caking agent for three, precipitated silica, fumed silica, silica gel three kinds. The three kinds of food additives for synthetic silica with high purity silica white powder. Two synthetic silica has high porosity, large surface area, strong adsorption. Very stable chemical properties, non-toxic, tasteless, after eating inside the human body without rational disease. As a food additive anti caking agent with silica, can keep the medicinal powder drying and mobility, a long time to prevent the phenomenon of agglomeration.
Q:What role does silicon dioxide play in integrated circuits?
Then, doping at high temperatures (e.g. boron doped) allows boron to diffuse into this region without silica protection, thus becoming a P type region (usually the base region)

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