Silent Perkins Genset Diesel Generator , 20kw 50Hz Generator

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Product Description:


Silent Perkins Genset Diesel Generator , 20kw 50Hz Generator



Quick Detail:

1. Perkins water cooled diesel engine: 404D-22TG

2. Stamford AC Brushless, Self-Exciting alternator :PI144G

3. Smartgen automatic control panel with ATS

4. Noise Level: 70dBA at 7m away 










Rated voltage(V)


Rated speed(rpm)


Rated frequency(Hz)


Power factor


Ambient temperature(°C)




Connection type

3 phase  4 wires





Rated Power(kW)


No. of cylinders & configuration

In-Line 4 cylinders

Method of operation


Speed regulation

Mechanically governor

Starting system

DC 12V Electronic start

Cooling method

Closed-circuit cooling system

Total displacement(L)


Compression ratio




100% Load fuel consumption(L/h)




Number of Phase


Connection Type

3Phase and 4Wires

Number of Bearing


Power Factor


Protection Grade




Winding/ Pitch

100% Copper   2/3 Pitch

Cooling Fan

Cast alloy aluminum

Exciter Type

Brushless, Self-Exciting

Insulation Class, Temperature Rise


Telephone Influence Factor( TIF)

TIF <50 / THF<2%< span="">

Total Harmonic TGH/THC

<1.5% at no load / <5% at load< span="">

Voltage Regulation, Steady State


Sustained Short-Circuit Current

300%(3 in):10s





Digital Control panel

Controller Brand: Smartgen, Deepsea,ComAp

Control Panel: English interface,LED screen and touch buttons.

Main Functions:

1- Display loading power, voltage, currenct, frequency, speed, temperature, oil pressure, running time etc.

2- Warning when low or high voltage, low or high frequency, over current, over or low speed, low or over battery voltage etc.

3- Over load protection, over/under frequency protection, over/under/imbalance voltage protection, and low oil shutdown


Soundproof/Silent Box:

1. Excellent ventilation

2. Oil tank mounted on base frame for 12 Hours working

3. Highly Corrosion Resistant construction

4. Excellent Access for Maintenance

5. Security and Safety

6. 1m<80DBA / 7m<70dba< span="">



1. Trailer type

2. Soundproof / water proof

3. ATS (automatic transfer switch)

4. Parallel system

5. Remote system


PMC System:

1. Standard 23 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral current

2. Permanent magnet generator system provides constant excitation under all condition

3. Optional accessories available for easy paralleling with mains or other generators

4. AVR auto voltage regulation, auto exciter, auto adjustment



 Silent Perkins Genset Diesel Generator , 20kw 50Hz Generator

 Silent Perkins Genset Diesel Generator , 20kw 50Hz Generator



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Q:What is the difference between a single phase motor and a two-phase machine?
Single-phase motor is to use the 220 power supply, three-phase motor is to use the three phase line of power supply, no dual phase motor, only electric welding machine is to use two phase 380 v electricity
Q:Direct drive motor control mode
A direct drive motor is an electric motor that does not require a transmission mechanism, which drives the load directly. Normally this type of motor has no output shaft and is mechanically different from other motors. But there is no difference between electromagnetic structures and other motors. There is a box and an unframed simple point which means there is no shell.
Q:How is the rated current of the three-phase machine calculated?
I want to add; The power of a three-phase motor can and should be the power of its rated output, not the power the motor inputs from the grid, which is the only title I. Calculation method is still A P = 1.732 * cos phi x efficiency, the UI is not generally take but should take 1.732, it is 3 square root of arithmetic is, U is the line voltage (380 v), some current (A), cos phi power factor < 1, efficiency (I don't know how to play this symbol)
Q:The difference between capacitor motor and general motor
For a permanent phase capacitance motor, the connected capacitor is connected to the boot winding when the motor is activated or when it is running properly. Due to the lower torque of the actuated phase motor, it is suitable for the application of the electric equipment for the low torque of the exhaust fan and suction fan
Q:What is the electric motor in the car seat?
This may be a stepper motor with brake, two is the brake line, how much power, please see, three is a three-phase electricity, or is a single-phase electric fire, one zero, one.
Q:What are the characteristics of plateau motors? Why can't the general motors be used for plateau areas
High insulation level, good ventilation and cooling performance, and more adaptability to prevent and prevent the structure of anti-structure. In order to meet the conditions of high altitude, low pressure, lack of oxygen, high temperature, high temperature and bad weather.
Q:A car needs a lot of electric motors to replace the engine
At least thirty kilowatts. The ford motor car EV1 USES a 42kw three-phase induction motor.I hope my answer will help you
Q:What is the difference between a carbon brush motor and a regular motor. Which machine is better
Have carbon brush motor is generally dc motor, compared with the ordinary ac motor, the working principle, scope of application is different, have different application scope, there is no who good who bad, ac asynchronous motor has simple structure, the manufacturing cost and use cost are bottom
Q:The difference between servo motor and general motor?
The problem of motor insulation strength is the small and medium frequency converter, many of which are controlled by PWM. He is about several thousand to more than 10 KHZ carrier frequency, which makes the motor stator winding to withstand high voltage build-up rate, equivalent to impose great impulse voltage gradient on motor, the motor of the turn-to-turn insulation withstand ordeal. In addition, the rectangular produced by PWM inverter chopper superposition of impulse voltage on the motor running voltage, would pose a threat to ground insulation of motor, the ground under the repeated impact of high voltage insulation can accelerate ageing. 3, harmonic electromagnetic noise and vibration Ordinary asynchronous motor by inverter power supply, can make the electromagnetic, mechanical, ventilation and other factors caused by the vibration and noise becomes more complicated. The internal harmonic interference of the different time harmonic and the electromagnetism of electromagnetism in the frequency conversion power supply, form various electromagnetic excitation forces. When the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is consistent or close to the natural vibration frequency of the motor body, the resonant phenomenon will be generated to increase the noise. Because the frequency of the motor is wide, the speed varies widely, and the frequency of all kinds of electromagnetic waves is difficult to avoid the natural vibration frequency of each component of the motor.
Q:How do ordinary motors achieve precise positioning
The action slider side low add a micro switch Using a micro switch control relay with relay contacts off the power supply of motor and at the same time delay relay through after 3 s With the time relay normally open point back to motor power supply. The highest point also can add a microdynamic switch the principle is the same! This is the cheapest way to do it!

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