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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1. working size: 1300*1800*150mm

2. 1.5kw spindle

3. stepper motor, DSP control

4. square rails& gear rack

5. offer OEM


Standard Features

1.Adopt imported square rails which are more rigid, precise, durable and less noisy.

2.Industrial castiron machine with surface finished by gigantic plane to guarantee hardness, rigidity and precision.

3.Axis Y is driven by two motors simultaneously which are faster and steadier.



It is applicable to processing and making advertisement logo, 3D mould of lamp and case, founding mould, 3D enchasing, wave panels, aluminum plate cutting and large architectural mould.

Optional Parts: 128M Memory, Flash Memory Disk, Spindle of 3KW/4.5KW, Dust-collecting Device, Vacuum Inhaling Table, Automatic Knife Changing System.


Technical Parameters





Machine Size



Working Size

 1300×1800×150mm (4× 6× 0.5ft)

 1300×2500×150mm (4× 8× 0.5ft )

Spindle Power

          Inverter 1.5KW

      Inverter 2.2KW


                           Cast Square Tube

XYZ Guiding Rails

                        Linear Square Rails


       XY Axis High Accuracy Gear Rack;   Z Axis Ball Screw

Reposition Accuracy

                          < 0.03 / 300mm

Max. Engraving Speed


Spindle Speed



                           NC Studio

Format of Instructions

                        G code or HPGL

Tool Diameter

                      Ø3.175, Ø 6.00mm



Driving System

                  Stepper(2 motors drive Y axis)

Net Weight



Packing Size

 2.46×1.82×1.58m (8.0× 6.0× 5.2ft)

 3.4×2.1×1.6m( 11×6.9×5.3ft)


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Q:What equipment is needed for making solid wood furniture?
Production of solid wood furniture, table saws, planers, at least need desktop and portable electric drill, also need multifunctional engraving machine carved craft
Q:Which furniture manufacturer is good for panel furniture production equipment?
Panel equipment, cabinets, wardrobe 150 thousand, there are several options:A three row drill (28 thousand), an edge sealing machine (75 thousand), a platform saw (45 degrees: 18 thousand), a gong machine (8 thousand). 129 thousand in all.
Q:What are the concrete steps for solid wood furniture? What equipment is used during the period?
The solid wood furniture processing technology main content is the solid wood part processing craft. The process of solid parts by means of shape, size or physical properties of various processing equipment change of raw materials, the processing of raw materials into products meet the technical requirements, the sum of a series of work carried out by the called process. It consists of several processes.
Q:What kind of machine can be used to make panel furniture?
Small size is usually done with a push table saw.Medium to large general electronic saw (now mainstream equipment). Or in the electronic material saw transformation, for example: feeding and unloading auxiliary tools, and single system docking.
Q:What kind of machinery is needed for small size furniture production?
Precise sliding table saw a price of eight thousand to more than 20000, a manual sealing machine five thousand to eight thousand yuan, a 15 drill hole, snake cake, a dozen small motor connecting rod hole, four hundred or five hundred yuan, or a drill more than twenty thousand yuan,
Q:What kind of woodworking machinery does the solid wood furniture production line need?
Ordinary solid wood furniture production basic needs woodworking cutting saw, woodworking vertical saw, flat plane, press plane, milling machine, four sides planer and spray coating equipment, etc., many of the high-grade solid wood furniture production is CNC machine tools.
Q:At present, the most advanced furniture production equipment
This is difficult to determine, because the furniture industry has many segments of the product, its processing is completely different, the equipment it points to is no comparable.
Q:What machines are used in the modern furniture production line?
Modern furniture production line has many, according to the different furniture type, the output request, the craft request, the investment scale, will have the different disposition way.
Q:What furniture processing equipment does it include?
Edge sealing machine, as its name suggests, for door or cabinet edge use.
Q:What mechanical equipment do we need to start a furniture manufacturing plant?
I have done CNC engraving machine before! It's carved out of doors! Just starting, then cheap is about 50 thousand! Other equipment is not clear
Our company takes "Innovating on technology and creating values for users" as our managing idea to design kinds of practical numerical and photoelectric products that can be easily operated. Leading products include CNC engravers, wood engravers, computer cutting plotters, laser engravers, super-hard reflective film cutters, plate drawers of costume and others. They are widely applied to make advertisement logos, road signs, furniture, decoration, construction moulds, costume plates and others.

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