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Q:Is the motor of a washing machine AC or DC? ?
In the UK the universal series motor is commonly found on mains operated washing machines. This motor will operate on both AC or DC. A universal series motor of this type is easily identified by the carbon brushes supplying current to the armature winding check out the pictures on the website below
Q:why is it better to use a DC motor rather than a AC motor?
It takes less electronic parts to control a DC motor than an AC motor. Also DC motors have higher RPM's than AC motors. The rpm of a AC motor is depended on the frequency of the voltage and the number of poles. The rpm of a DC motor is depended on the current and voltage applied to it.
Q:Can i use an AC drill motor as a generator?
According this forum has some good guys ready for help..
Q:Why does high-speed rail use AC traction motors in China?
The design of asynchronous motor in AC motor is perfect, robust and easy to control. It is absolutely dominant in AC motor. The permanent magnet synchronous machine motor model is also very good, is the main application of high precision digital machine tools, hybrid electric vehicles, but also on some protection measures not in place, there is overheating phenomenon of demagnetization.
It is not easy, but the AC blower motor should be accessible without removing the dashboard. You may have to stand on your head to do, it, but work at it until you get the old AC blower out.
Q:120 volt ac 4 wire motor?
You have a thermal breaker in the motor. When it gets to hot it will trip and shut off. After it cools down the breaker closes and the motor starts back up. If it is heating up that fast, you have other issues, RE:too much load on the motor, bearings going, not wired correctly or maybe even the thermal breaker is weak. Most motors have a wire diagram on the plate that will indicate proper ccw or cw connections as well as the Tc or Tr which is the internal thermal breaker.
Q:The difference and advantage between DC motor and AC motor
Alternating current dynamo:Advantages: 1.. Simple structure2. low manufacturing costs, 3. maintenance, simple economy.Disadvantages: can not speed up their own, you need to use frequency conversion equipment to achieve speed changes.
Q:Relation of voltage, speed, voltage and torque of single phase AC motor
Motor power: P=1.732 * U * I * cos PhiMotor torque: T=9549 * P/n;Motor speed: n=60f/p, P for the motor pole count, such as four motors p=2;Note: when the frequency reaches 50Hz, the motor reaches the rated power, and then increases the frequency, the power will not increase, and will maintain the rated power.The motor torque is less than 50Hz, is proportional to the variation with frequency of F; when the frequency reaches 50Hz, the motor reaches the maximum output power is rated power; if the frequency of F in 50Hz and then continue to increase, the output torque is inversely proportional to the frequency change, because its output power is so big, you have to continue to increase the frequency of F, then the formula set in the above analysis, the torque is obviously reduced.
Q:How do I convert an AC motor into a generator?
perhaps. It relies upon on the rotor. If the rotor is made up of permenant magnets, in simple terms rotating it is going to turn the motor right into a dynamo and create electric powered potential. in spite of if, many autos place self belief in electricity to create magnetic fields around the rotor, so there is going to must be some comments from the output back into the rotor circuit to generate the fields. in spite of if, this potential is going to be responcible for growing to be the output interior the 1st place. for this reason, this may well be an impossible layout, because of the fact it would be in reality a perpetual action gadget. The electricity imparting the rotor coils might must be enter from an independant circuit. perhaps linking a magnet pushed electric powered motor to the rotor of the coil pushed motor might artwork, in spite of if it would be surprisingly inefficient except the device grew to become into balanced precisely in terms of the potential flowing between the coil and the magnet based dynamo. yet another strategies-set may well be to apply image voltaic cells tocontinual the rotor coils. i've got not got any thought of ways effective this may well be, yet i've got self belief it is going to take particularly super sized cells tocontinual the rotor windings. of path one final element to concider is the fact dynamos and image voltaic cells generate direct contemporary. maximum coil pushed rotors function off alternating contemporary. The DC contemporary might must be switched over into AC contemporary at 60 cycles consistent with 2nd at a voltage adequate tocontinual the coils. DC to AC circuits are trouble-free to construct and if one may well be able to generate 60 cycles consistent with 2nd, the form of the coils on the rotor will shield the rest. 60 CPS (cycles/2nd) is a regular layout in means grids, and electric powered autos are designed around this familiar.
Q:How to ac motor work?
The motor uses the electricity to make temporary electromagnets. There is a ring of these magnets around the case of the motor, there are some on the rotor, the part that spins. The motor supplies power to one of the magnets around the case also to one of the magnets on the rotor. The two magnets are now attracted to each other, the magnetic power pulls the rotor towards the case magnet. Before it gets to the point that the two magnets are lined-up, it turns the case magnet off switches power to the next case magnet, that is just a bit further away. The magnet on the rotor is now attracted to the next one, the rotor is pulled around a bit further. The motor then switches the power to the magnet that's next around the case, the rotor continues to turn to try get the magnets to line-up. It's a bit more complex then that, but that should give you the general idea.

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