Siemens Reducer Gear Motor

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Q:if there is a 1 kwh DC motor , can it works by using 1 kwh AC generator connected with converter or not?
Q:ac brushless generator?
An excitation system for a brushless generator having a main generator portion including a field winding disposed on a rotor and an armature winding disposed in a stator includes an exciter portion having a set of polyphase exciter field windings disposed in the stator and an armature winding disposed on the rotor and coupled to the main generator portion field winding.
Q:How to run a dc series motor in ac? Will it limit its characteristics?
hi. AC automobiles are designed and outfitted in a different way than DC automobiles. AC automobiles earnings on the 60 hertz clock of a capability line (or 50Hz in different countries) - this suggests the capability line ameliorations stages 60 cases a 2nd - to rotate, whilst DC automobiles are designed with the voltage point utilized. you are able to administration them the two, yet with different skill. the simplest to regulate is the DC motor (replace the skill (the voltage) and it turns slower or quicker.
Q:Is it technicaly necesary to put resistor parallel to ac capaci2r when conected to motor compresor or ac motr?
The resistor is there to discharge the capacitor after disconnecting the power. It usually has a large resistance (470kΩ or 1MΩ are common values) and its effect is negligible in comparison to the reactance of the capacitor. It's necessary if there is a plug and socket connection anywhere in the circuit, because there would be a current path through the windings of the motor to the pins of the plug -- which could potentially be touched, giving someone a nasty surprise. And it's polite to fit it even if there isn't a plug and socket connection, because anyone working on the installation might think it OK to touch the motor terminals if they were isolated from the supply.
Q:Which motor is one with a variable speed from 0 - 2000 rpm?
I prefer a DC motor. A rheostat can be used to control voltage/RPM speed and DC motors are more reliable.
Q:AC (alternative current) motor data-sheet?
Q:will the speed of an AC motor decrease if frequency is reduced from 50hz to 25hz?
Q:efficiency optimization of ac induction motor;maximum efficency optimization, please any good thesis?
The most likely place to find something published on this subject is the Industry Applications Society of the IEEE. If you want to find good information, you probably need access to IEEE publications. Some variable frequency drive manufacturers have implemented efficiency optimization in their products, but I don't believe that they publish much about it because there is very little difference between the efficiency of a drive optimized for overall performance and one optimized for efficiency. It seems that optimization of efficiency provides a virtually unmeasurable increase in efficiency at the cost of a noticeable performance reduction. With regard to your other question about artificial neural networks, I think I have seen some related material published by Bimal K. Bose. Some of his publications may be available from sources other than IEEE.
Q:What's the meaning of the center height of the three-phase AC motor?
Three phase AC asynchronous motor is a kind of electric drive device which transforms electric energy into mechanical energy. It is mainly composed of stator, rotor and air gap between them. The rotating magnetic field generated by the stator (the speed of synchronous speed n1) and the relative motion of the rotor winding and the rotor winding magnetic line cutting induced electromotive force, so that the induced current in the rotor winding, widely used in various fields.
Q:how could i conect my 120 volt ac dimmer switch to my 24 volt dc motor?
An 1/8th horse motor is going to require at least 5 amps on 24V...that's some serious current for most 24V supplies, and Radio Shack isn't going to have such brute force 24V supplies. If you want to do this inexpensively, look into battery chargers for small forklifts, military vehicles (best bet), or diesels. Most older military vehicles still use 24V, and I think a lot of commercial diesels are moving over to 24V. At any rate, you should be able to buy an old 24V charger for maybe $30 this way. If you don't have luck that way, you could buy your big hoss power supply through Grainger, Digikey, Mouser, etc. but be prepared to pay at least $100. Remember, you'll need a power supply capable of AT LEAST 5 amps at 24V. The best way to go is to buy a DC inverter/chopper drive for you motor, but such things are expensive ($300 and up). Yeah, not cheap! Now you see why most motors of any reasonable power rating are 120V and up! FYI don't try to make your own power supply unless you are pretty good at such things, and for heaven's sake don't try to use a Zener by itself to regulate a high current 24V supply (can you say Wow, that sure blew up in a hurry!). Actually, your motor isn't all that sensitive to voltage variation, it'll just slow down or speed up a little. Another thing remember is to have a good contactor relay to control your motor as an on-off switch, and to have a freewheeling diode to protect said relay/power supply when you interrupt the current to stop the motor. If you don't have either an RC snubber or a freewheeling diode, your relay and/or power supply will be headed for a really early retirement the first time you try to interrupt current (you'll discover why V = dI/dt in a spectacular way). All motor drives have this protecton built in, but power supplies do not!

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