Siemens Reducer Gear Motor

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Q:How to find the power consumption in water heater and in AC motor?
The water heater power is 240*20 = 4800 W The Motor Power is V*I*cosθ = 4800*cos20º = 4510 W
Q:my ac fan motor changes directions each time it stop and start?
sounds like either the start windings in the motor is going bad..or the start switch in the motor..or the capacitor is going bad...
Q:Why does the current in an AC Induction motor start to go up when the voltage is dropped off?
Because the induction motor is a constant power device. If the voltage goes down, the current goes up to maintain constant power.
Q:Where is the rear heat/ac blower motor on 1994 chevrolet/gmc g20?
Should be in the right rear quarter area
Q:3phase AC Induction Motor derating or Upgrading the Insl class, according to ambient temperature rise?
In theory the heat dissipation is linear, so an increase in ambient of 10C (aka 10K) will cause the winding temperature to increase by the same amount. Yes, you can use a higher insulation class throughout to allow the motor to run hotter. If you are not the motor manufacturer, ask the manufacturer what they would recommend.
Q:Where Can I purchase an Electric Motor/Generator?
You could try a battery powered fan motor, but not an AC motor. You may need a 6VDC or 12VDC motor, but not one with an attached gearbox. Or maybe search OKorder for bicycle generator light. Note that baldes for pushing air are not the best shape for catching... but maybe you could modify and existing blade.
Q:are dc electric motors cheaper to operate than ac motors and why?
DC motors, if you are talking brushed, vs AC motors or Brushless? OK, it depends on the situation, but: Brushless motors have less friction, all other things being equal, and can be somewhat more efficient, wasting less electricity. Brushless motor controllers, if you are operating from DC, can be a bit more complicated, expensive, and a bit less reliable. However if you are operating from AC and the motor is matched to the incoming AC, i.e., 110vac 60 cycle, this is negated. Same for DC brushed motors. If they are operating from the correct voltage DC supply, then the controller is minimal, but still a bit of resistance from the brushes. However, to answer your question as asked, negating the start-up costs, a correctly designed AC motor operating from matched AC is the cheapest to operate- minimal controller, maximum efficiency. After that, brushed or brushless motor on DC , or brushed motor on AC, just depends on lots of different parameters, cost of failures, etc.
Q:what is the maximum torque you can get with a 120VAC 60HZ motor?
Horsepower = Torque*Rpm/5252 Many AC motors have a pretty flat torque curve, but not all. You can get an approximate value from: Horsepower*5252/RPM = Torque in foot pounds Example, a 2HP/3600RPM motor would give about 3 foot pounds of torque at 3600RPM. If the motor is rated at 1/2 horsepower and 180RPM, you would get about 14.5 foot pounds of torque You can modify these motors' torque within very wide limits with a gear reduction, increasing or decreasing it.
Q:electricity coming from electric motor which is taken from rc toy car is it ac or dc?
RC cars usually have DC motors...its simpler to regulate the speed of the car.
Q:AC fan motor is stuck and won't turn -- any repair tips?
From the define you gave feels like the priority is with capacitor, or fan motor, yet considering which you replace them the two... it ought to be a vulnerable relay, that carry for couple of minutes and turns 'off'. Or the hot capacitor isn't effective enougch.

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