Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:Why can single-phase AC motors be controlled by voltage?
Simply put, after the voltage is lowered, if the rotor spins at its original speed, the stator gets a very small current. The electromagnetic torque decrease under the same load torque under the action of slip increase speed decreased, resulting in decreased speed reflected impedance decreases according to the size of the formation of a low impedance voltage and current speed speed balance, therefore maintained at a low speed.
Q:Window unit AC motor runs sporadically when unit is off?
What is running intermittently? The compressor or the fan motor? Some have energy saver features that cause the fan to come on every so often to check the room temp to see if it needs to cycle the unit on. Possibly the energy save feature is malfunctioning? Have you tried unplugging it for awhile then replugging it to see if it stops doing it? Might reset something? Electronics can do weird things sometimes that a reboot takes care of. *update* Easy way to tell whats running when you first plugged it in did you feel air blowing out or did it just make noise?
Q:How can i check if the AC blow motor works or not?
You are either misunderstanding the components or not using the proper wording. It appears to be a bit of each. Please repost your question with specifics. An exhaust inducer is a component of a heating system.
Q:AC motor for wind turbine help?
you would either need to do some painful redesign of the the motor or attach an inverter to the output. How large is your project? You might be able to get away with just picking up a small motor from radio shack.
Q:How to make an AC motor run on DC power such as a car battery?
Unless you're making a go cart for a hamster, that 1/2 hp motor isn't going to move it very fast. If you want to try, you should have an inverter at least twice the current draw of the motor, or at least 800 watts. And even then, motors don't always work very well off of inverters. Your numbers don't add up. 8.6A at 115V would be over 1hp. But, even that isn't going to push a go-kart. You'd need more like a 4 or 5hp motor minimum. It would take more like a 10hp motor to be any fun.
Q:Motor, commutator, DC current, please help?
an AC motor can operate on oscillating electromagnetic fields which induce currents in coiled wire. DC motors not not operate with such induced fields. Instead they must create therir own oscillating fields in the coils and this is done by rapidly switching the current on and off. This switching is done by means of the comutator and the split electrodes on the shaft...Hope this helps...
Q:how do ac motor cap work and how to size them?
The starting cap is sized to provide a phase shift to the start winding. Capacitance and voltage will depend on motor design, voltage, frequency, required starting torque, HP, and the design current of the start winding. You'll need to know alot more about your motor before doing the calculations. Your motor manufacturer has already done the work. Look 'em up. Don
Q:my input is 230 V AC and i want 270 V DC output for controlling motor then what value of capacitor should use?
You need more than a capacitor. If you rectify 230 VAC you will get a peak of 325 volts, so you need some type of controller (or power supply) that reduces it to 270 VDC.
Q:Which good reputation is synchronous synchronous motor?
Wuxi city base metal products factory is located in Luoshe Town Hongming village. Strict quality management is the decisive factor for enterprises to survive and develop on the basis of fierce market competition. Add metal adhere to the "credibility oriented, public service" service tenet. We will be down-to-earth, daring to struggle, dare to innovate, to our service, experience and technology to provide better quality to each customer.
Q:can i use ac motor in windmill?

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