Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:Hw do i control the speed of an AC motor?
Q:Motor RPM Control?
All sealing fans are AC motors. You can use a variable resistance or stepped resistance. This is not an accurate method. The speed can also be controlled by varying the frequency. This method is accurate and expensive.
Q:Wire Placement In An AC Motor/Generator?
pass to the areas shop and get a Chilton's! That way you're turning out to be pictures appropriate in front of you to tournament up your application. They value approximately $15! the superb $15 you will ever spend. appropriate now you may have all your wires back on and not dropping time right here with idiots which will extra advantageous than probably furnish you with the incorrect answer besides!
Q:Where can I buy a fan motor for my AC unit?
Buy Ac Unit
Q:how is ac used compared to DC?
pretty much all electrical appliances use DC current, its easier to transport AC current through the power lines. When it gets to the appliance its converted, if you need more information you should just google the difference and uses of AC and DC electricity its all there
Q:How can direct current drive AC motors?
Originally 24V battery driven 120W motor, want to use alternating current drive, need a AC/DC power.Buy a AC220V/DC24V 10A (big, expensive, how many, but safe) switching power supply.If you do it yourself, buy a 220V/12V 150-200W transformer, a 10A rectifier bridge, a heat sink, and a few 50V4700uF filter capacitors. Transformer voltage transformer to 12V, rectifier, filter, DC 24V.
Q:ac fan motor runs when outside temp is 'cooler' ,what is causing condenser motor not to run?
Of course blown fuse or blown fan motor. Loose wiring connection also will makes it not to run. Hope this help!
Q:I want to attach 2 series motors to 40V AC how much current do I need if each motor is 24V DC?
You will need to rectify the 40V AC to DC. If you use silicon diodes you will lose 2*.7 or 1.5 v so you will get ~ 38.5 volts Dc. If you use schottky diodes you will lose ~2*.345V =~ .7V and end up with ~ 39.3 volts. You will need a fairly large capacitor. You did not say how much current the motors need. Read the data plate on the motors. It will say they use 24 V @ X current. They need to use the same current. They should be the same motor model # to share current. You are compremising the motors because together they need 48 volts not 40. They will run slow.
Q:how to know the hp of an ac electric motor?
1 horsepower (hp) = 745.699872 Watts Therefore, 580 Watts = 0.777792812 hp.
Q:In the main circuit of AC motor, fuse can be used as short circuit protection, can it play the role of overload protection at the same time, why?
The fuse can not play the role of overload protection.

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