Siemens ILE0001 Series High Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Replacement for AC condenser fan motor that gets noisy when wet.?
yes i have seen this problem and it was because the motor wasnt the proper motor for the unit.. nearly all condenser fan motors are totally enclosed..or on some old units if the motor had openings on the bottom of the motor there should have been a water slinger that was larger in diameter than the motor to prevent water from being blown or splashed into motor....the easiest fix is to buy a water slinger and install it between your fan blade and your motor...
Q:Wire Placement In An AC Motor/Generator?
pass to the areas shop and get a Chilton's! That way you're turning out to be pictures appropriate in front of you to tournament up your application. They value approximately $15! the superb $15 you will ever spend. appropriate now you may have all your wires back on and not dropping time right here with idiots which will extra advantageous than probably furnish you with the incorrect answer besides!
Q:what could cause ac unit to freeze up and motor to continue running?
The outside of the evaporator froze up. The evaporator is the part in the HVAC plenum under your dash. If you were to see it, it would look like a small radiator. Warm air from the outside passes through the evaporator which is chilled from the refridgerant (probably R-134A) running from your AC compressor. If you keep the AC on long enough, humidity from the outside air will start freezing to the outside of the evaporator. Eventually enough humidity could freeze and block the flow of air through the evaporator. The ice is of course on the outside of the AC system, so the refridgerant can still flow. since the refriderant is still flowing normally, Your AC compressor continues to function normally I assume the motor you mention is your AC compressor If you mean your blower motor, then the AC freezing would have no effect on the blower motor because cars arent wired that way. Not only does your car have no idea that your AC is frozen, but it would have no way of telling the blower motor to turn off because of that.
Q:is commutator present in ac motor?
Yes, universal motors as used in mains powered tools, drills, sanders etc. not only but also, special type motors. Try 2 sites below.
Q:1) What is the main difference between an AC and DC motors in their construction?
what does 1 of them has that the other does not? usually a simple dc motor has a commutator and an ac motor has slip rings.
Q:If my old AC motor rpm was 850, what damage will a 1050 rpm motor cause?
I usually go right along with JFS on most things,.... but on this one I'm going to go the other way. If this is a condenser fan motor, there's not a damn thing wrong with pulling more air through and rejecting more heat.... I did this the other day on an older 10 SEER unit. I could not get the guy to replace the thing and it was clearly on its last leg, but he just wanted the condenser fan motor replaced. The older 825 RPM motor, was for some reason fairly expensive, but a 1075 RPM motor was $75 cheaper.... hmm go figure. But installing this thing actually made this old dog perform a little better.... its running right now and the system is apparently happy, so the owner is happy. Hope thais works out for you.
Q:1986 Buick Somerset AC Motor Stopped Working?
have you replaced blower relay . Also check because some have 2 relays . One for high only . Go to parts store and have them look it up . Have you tried running a positive wire straight to motor and see if it works ? One way to find out .
Q:so servo motor is series wound or compound wound?
Where is the specific purpose ? If it is used for measurement Generally Servo motors are magneto motors.In traction series , some place compound also used .
Q:what happens when an AC supply is given to a DC motor?
For a simple DC (toy) motor with permanent magnets as the stator, reversing the leads to the battery should reverse the direction of rotation. Applying AC to the motor will reverse polarity (60 cycles per second) causing the motor to buzz. In general, larger DC motors are more complex including various shunt windings, etc. To reverse rotation either the leads to the rotor windings or to the stator windings are reversed (sometimes using a reversing switch).but both windings are not reversed. Applying AC to these motors should reverse polarity to both windings which likely would not reverse rotation.
Q:What are the advantages of DC motor over AC motor???????
The main advantage of a DC motor over an AC motor is that it can operate directly from from a battery. The speed of a DC motor can be controlled with a less complicated control unit that the unit required for an AC motor. Only the armature voltage needs to be controlled.

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