Siemens ILE0001 Series AC Motor

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Q:why my 3 phase AC motor pump overheating?
Three phase motors are suitable for any application where 3-ph power is available and the motor is intended to be permanently installed rather than plugged in when needed. Three phase motors are widely available in ratings from 1/4 horsepower to 500 horsepower. Smaller and larger 3-ph motors are available from some suppliers, but may need to be specially ordered. Three phase motors are more efficient, less complicated and more reliable than single phase motors. They provide higher starting torque, but that is not needed for fans or most pumps. Single phase motors are not easily available is sizes larger than about 10 horsepower. Three phase motors can be used with variable frequency drives (VFDs) to provide adjustable speed operation. Controlling air or liquid flow by controlling the speed of a fan or pump is more efficient than using dampers or throttling valves.
Q:AC Motor Controls?
About 25 amps. If it were me, I would bump it up to 30 amps for a safety margin. You don't want a motor on a hair trigger for over load fault if you can help it.
Q:86 buick Somerset AC Blower Motor Stopped Blowing.?
check the fuse and relay if they are good check linkage to console switch
Q:Why ac drive more efficient than dc drive?
I am not sure this is always true. A DC motor can be just as efficient as an AC motor. However a 3 phase induction motor as used with AC drives is likely to be a lot smaller and less costly than an equivalent DC motor. In larger DC motors it is likely they will have a field energised by DC, which is up to 10% of the motor power, and the electro-mechanical commutator is probably less efficient than electronic commutation. The speed control system used with a DC motor field may or may not be less efficient too. So the AC motor is smaller, cheaper, has less maintenance (no commutator) and does not need a field with wasted DC power. If it has a permanent magnet field, and electronic commutation/speed control, it should be just as efficient, but the distinction is becoming smaller.
Q:Which motor is one with a variable speed from 0 - 2000 rpm?
For what exactly? A fan? A fluid pump? A chicken rotisserie? Different motors for different applications. You gave none!
Q:How do you modify an AC motor to run like a generator?
A motor that is capacitor assist is a three phase motor, cap simulate s third leg, so with that bein said just swop one of your line wires with your cap wire and use the cap wire for one of your line wires, this can only be done with acap assisted motor that is generally 220 volt single phase.
Q:I've not understand how a dc motor works. please someone help me to understand it?
A DC motor is a very basic type of motor. It will use permanent magnets, an armature and a commutator ring to control its function. The armature is an electro-magnet that can be switched on and off. The commutator ring is the switching mechanism. As you know, unlike poles if two magnets attract each other and like poles repel. The commutator ring has electric (DC) power applied to it. It is connected (both mechanically and electrically) to the electromagnetic coils of the armature. The armature creates a magnetic field and is drawn toward the permanent magnets arranged around the outside circumference of the armature. Of course the opposite pole of the electromagnet is repelled by the opposite ends of the permanent magnets. Obviously, once the magnets react their point of greatest attraction, all motion will stop. Before the rotating armature reaches that point, the magnetic field induced in the electromagnets is reversed by switching the direction of the current flowing through the armature's coils.. That switching is accomplished at the commutator ring, which is mechanically attached to the armature. The cycle continues and you have a very basic motor. There is no speed control with this type of motor. Speed is usualy limited by load. With an AC motor the magnetic fields are reversed by the fact that the current is constantly reversing. There speed is controled by the frequency of the alternating current. There are many more type of both AC and DC motors. This is very basic. An extensive study of motor technology cannot be written in this format. It would fill volumes.
Q:How can you convert a AC motor to run on a DC power supply?
Convert Ac Motor To Dc
Q:ford focus 2001 50000miles after 9 years motor mounts and ac must be replaced?
parts do eventually break from wear and tear.. 9 years is a long time. the motor mounts im a bit shock thou. should last longer than 50k but then again it's 9 years.
Q:Can I charge inverter battery from ac generated by inverter using small motor with alternator?
If this simple idea worked, it would be making more energy than it expended, which as of yet hasn't really been done.

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