Siemens High Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:I need to convert DC power to AC?
First of all, remember that the AC signal can be at most, in a perfect world (which ours is not), equal to the wattage of the DC input. 5 VAC (RMS), at 1 A, will require a 5 W DC input. In practice you should at least double this. The technical term is an inverter. You can buy an off-the shelf inverter and connect it to a transformer. Since you're shooting for low voltage, you can also just build one with a 555 timer and a power transistor that can handle 1 A. You'll need to filter the output (with a big inductor or an RC bridge) if harmonics will be a problem. The quickest simplest way to do this is to build yourself a dynamotor by connecting the shafts of a DC motor and an AC motor. You can very easily generate this kind of power, and it will be exceptionally clean and noise-free, unlike the output of an inverter. But you have one other option: a cheap PA amplifier (remember, you only need 5 watts) and a sine wave generator (which can be any wall transformer with a large resistor in series to prevent excessive current from flowing). Just turn the volume knob until you get the voltage you want. If the whole rig needs to be able to run on DC, you can construct the sine wave generator out of a 555 and an RC filter with a very low cutoff.
Q:My AC has a problem will not come on replace compressor fan motor my phone with that has the white wire not ha?
1. What type of AC are you working on ?? 2. What's the model number of the AC ?? 3. Find out the above and search Google !!!
Q:Can I inverse rotation to AC single phase motor? How?
Q:why a ac motor burn due to heavy load and low voltage?
With an AC motor running on a reduced voltage, slip is increased. That is the difference between the speed of the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the stator, increases. When this happens more voltage is induced in the rotor bars, so more current flows in them. By transformer action, the current in the stator windings also increases and may lead to overheating and burn out.
Q:How can you convert a AC motor to run on a DC power supply?
You will definetely need AC power and if will only have a DC supply you WILL need an inverter. Inverters can be built. Here is an schematic. However, if you decide to go ahead and try to build it, be carefull as working with power supplies and inverters could be dangerous.
Q:Where to get a Dual shaft AC Motor?
If you want the motor directly mounted to the gear box, you want a C flange style gearbox and a C flange style matching motor.
Q:How many kinds of braking modes are there in AC motors? What are the characteristics of each?
Energy consumption brakingWhen the motor cuts off the AC power supply, a DC power supply is added to any two of the stator winding to generate a stationary magnetic field, and the stationary magnetic field is generated by the inertia rotation of the rotor to produce a braking torque
Q:compare the efficiency of a DC motor against an AC motor.?
What AC motor and what DC motor?
Q:Along with coils in a 7.5 HP AC motor, Are magnets are used?
Unlikely, most ac motors are induction motors. If your 7.5HP motor is 3 phase, which is most likely as it seems large for single phase, the rotor will be what's called squirrel cage. This is aluminum bars made into a cage. The rotating magnetic field in the stator induces a current into the rotor, the same way a transformer does but the resulting magnetic field produced is opposite to that of the stator causing the rotation. Smaller single phase motors may contain windings and there are a number of different types of single phase motors. Larger 3 phase motor may be wound rotor so that some resistances can be added through slip rings for starting or speed control. There is a type of ac motor called synchronous motor. The rotor is powered by dc and is, in effect, a large magnet but this type of motor is not self starting and uses some other method to get up to speed before the dc is applied.
Q:Hi, Please i need help on how to convert 12v dc @ 0.12A from an electric motor to 150v Ac @ 2A.?
Not going to happen. Once you up the voltage your current capacity will go down. P=IxE so 12v X 0.12=1.44 watts but 150v X 2a = 300 watts. so your are short 298.56 watts of power. You need 25A of 12v power to get you 150v AC @ 2A. And that's with no loss in the system.

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