Siemens 1PQ High Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Induction motor basics question?
A good equipped and put in engine is as solid as new. Emphasize good... a expert pastime gets you high quality consequences with a assure. that is why solid mechanics get the vast funds. In different words... you get what you pay for. straightforward qualified mechanics are actually not consumer-friendly to locate, so verify the references. If the engine runs and has no problems, this is in all probability a solid purchase. till there have been greater advantageous intense overall performance adjustments, your insurance company does not care.
Q:DC motor VS AC motor?
In the past, DC motors were used in heavy duty operations that required precise motion control over a range of speeds. Examples are Diesel Locomotives, motors for Aerial Gondolas at ski lifts and building elevators. AC motors are better suited to constant speed continuos operation applications. However digital control enables small dc motors to have very precise speed control via feedback. And newer AC motors have better torque characteristics to allow startup under load for applications that are not continuous running.
Q:How to synchronize two ordinary AC motors?
The motor does not need to be synchronized. As long as the same type of motor on the line, the two sides automatically run at the same time into the synchronous state. As long as the load on both sides of the motor is not the same. When a motor is switched a little faster, the load of the motor is increased, the speed of the motor is slowed down automatically, the load of the other motor is reduced, and the speed of the motor is increased naturally.
Q:what can i use to control the speed of an ac motor?
1. Use the parts called Triac to control AC motor speed. 2. Use a variable frequency power source. 3. Use a variable power transformer.
Q:What is the difference between the excitation winding and armature winding of AC motor?
Only synchronous generator and synchronous motor have excitation winding and armature winding. In general, AC induction motors do not have field windings. The asynchronous motor is divided into two major categories, squirrel cage and winding. The stator winding structure is the same. The squirrel cage rotor is a squirrel cage, and the winding rotor is a coil (which can be changed by an external device to change the rotor impedance).
Q:How is frequency is efecting when a motor running by electric power,What is the relation of KW with FREQUENCY?
Dear Meetantacheri, I am not sure which frequency you refer to: 1) The Power Supply Frequency You need to look in your Ordinary Level Physics Books or on the wwweb at: Synchronous AC Motors Asynchronous AC Motors 2) The Rotational Speed of the Motor: For a DC Motor this depends on whether the rotor and stator are Series or Parallel Connected and the Mechanical Load that is on the Motor. For a Synchronous AC Motor you get field slippage if the mechanical load is too high I am not sure what you mean by the kW / f part. If a motor is overloaded it slows down, takes a lot of current and the power consumption rises. This overheats the motor and the winding are destroyed. (see back-EMF)
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
Three-phase motor to change the phase sequence (any two-phase electrical connection ~ ~ ~ ~ swap position)One way motor changes the direction of main winding or secondary winding in the direction of fire
Q:Why Does My New AC Condenser Fan Motor Turns the Opposite Direction Now?
If its a reversible like one of the trip savers look at the diagram on the motor. Not exactly sure what the colors are but its the 4 wires that get connected together right from the motor ( all 4 will be 2 different colors ) like 2 orange and 2 yellow for example. Just switch these from how you have yelow to yellow / yellow to yelloe or yellow to orange/ yellow to orange If its not one of these switch your hot and common - I've seen this work one time
Q:What is AC induction motor?
The rotor does not directly enter the AC, the rotor is equipped with a closed loop conductor. The rotating magnetic field does relative motion with the rotor, and the closed conductor on the rotor cuts the magnetic field lines to produce an electric current, which then interacts with the rotating magnetic field of the stator so as to drive the rotor to rotate. As described above, the current in the rotor is induced by the rotating magnetic field of the stator, so it is called induction motor.
Q:Split phase or Capacitor start motor at variable speeds?
most of these motors have a start winding that is disconnected by a centrifugal switch near operating speed. If the desired speed is less than the speed needed to keep the switch open the start winding would then be reconnected and soon burn out. The starting capacitor would most likley burn out first. Shaded pole motors can have multi speeds by varying voltage but are limited to smaller outputs like fans ...The shaded pole motor has many positive features, but it also has several disadvantages. Its low starting torque is typically 25 to 75% of full load torque. It is a high slip motor with running speed 7 to 10% below synchronous speed. Also, it is very inefficient, usually below 20%... at second link Depending on application it may be possible to use a variable speed pully such as the one at the 3rd link (tb woods)

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