SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper with High Heat Resistance

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Quick Details for SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance


High Strength, graphite crucible crucible


melting metal


as your requirements


High Pure

Top Diameter:


Bottom Diameter:


Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

Model Number:


Black grey







Apparent porosity:




Bulk Density:


Using life:

>5000 hours

MAX temperature:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Seaworty packing or as per customer's detail requirement of graphite crucible.
Delivery Detail:within 20-30 days after confirm order of graphite cru

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance 

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper with High Heat  Resistance

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper with High Heat  Resistance


Features of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible               

1. resistance to deformation at high temperature,

2. thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

3. anti-oxidation, anti- erosion.


Usage of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible                             

electricity and steel slag trench,

coal chemical and  mining  transport pipeline.

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper with High Heat  Resistance

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Q:What can replace a graphite crucible?
Graphite crucible special tips:1. Be careful not to let the mechanical outside hit, do not belong or strike from the top.2. Should not be exposed to water or stored in a dry place.3. Built in melt dry, without contact with water.4. In use, flames that are not directly in the crucible (jet to the bottom of the crucible) will have a marked black mark at the bottom of the crucible if it is sprayed.5. After the aluminum is stopped, the remaining copper material is tried without leaving residue in the crucible.6. Use the proper amount of oxide (slag, etc) to avoid erosion of the crucible. Excessive use may cause erosion and damage to the crucible.7. When placed in a crucible, there is no need to use mechanical power to have a significant impact.
Q:What is the white product in the crucible?
The brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, zinc has a low boiling point only more than 900 degrees, the heating and melting temperature of brass tend to be one thousand degrees, zinc to produce steam
Q:Can industrial induction furnaces heat graphite?
However, it can heat something else and then heat the graphite by heat transfer.
Q:What is graphite?
Of the six Fang system with a complete lamellar cleavage. The cleavage surface is mainly based on molecular bonds, and has weaker molecular attraction, so its natural floatability is very good.
Q:What's the difference between crucible furnace and non crucible furnace in die casting industry?
From the way of heating, the crucible furnace has gas, fuel, electricity, coal, coke and so on. The life of the furnace crucible depends on the material.
Q:Disadvantages of graphite crucibles
Wuxi branch casting Trade Co., Ltd. - cast brand graphite crucible, the use of time for 8-10 months, heat conduction soon,
Q:What do diamond, graphite and C60 have in common?
The letter Ruida graphite thermal field _ graphite mold _ lightning protector special graphite _ isostatic graphite _ surge graphite graphite products _ _ graphite vacuum furnace _ graphite crucible _ graphite graphite powder _EDM graphite _ customized for you to answer the above point of view, for reference only!
Q:Can graphite products be calcined in air for a long time?
Tolerable。One of the main uses of graphite is to produce refractories, including refractory bricks, crucibles, continuous casting powders, mold cores, molds, detergents and high temperature resistant materials. In recent years, two important changes in the refractory industry is MgO-C brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace lining, and the application of aluminum carbon brick in continuous casting process. The graphite refractories and steelmaking refractories are closely linked, the world steel industry about consumption.
Q:What is the use of an iron crucible?
The crucible crucible is used refractory materials (such as clay, graphite, kaolin, quartz or difficult to molten metal such as iron) made of the vessel or melting tank. A bowl shaped container with a ceramic bottom.
Q:What are the catalysts for making SiC from rice husk?
A method for manufacturing silicon carbide using carbonized rice husk as the main ingredients: Carbonized rice husk and coke silica into sodium hydroxide and water by hydrothermal method, in 200 - 300 DEG C to 24 + 5 hours temperature, pressure and 50 - 1500 ATM, synthesis of silicon carbide. The present invention has low reaction temperature and low cost, and is suitable for mass production in industry.

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