SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat Resistance

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Product Description:

Quick Details for SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance


High Strength, graphite crucible crucible


melting metal


as your requirements


High Pure

Top Diameter:


Bottom Diameter:


Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

Model Number:


Black grey







Apparent porosity:




Bulk Density:


Using life:

>5000 hours

MAX temperature:


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Seaworty packing or as per customer's detail requirement of graphite crucible.
Delivery Detail:within 20-30 days after confirm order of graphite cru

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance                       


Product Description


Specifications for Graphite Silicon Carbide Crucible For Aluminum Melting :

1.Long working lifetime: its working lifetime is increased 3-5 times over normal clay-crucible due to the compact body formed under high pressure.

2.High thermal conductivity: high-density body and low apparent porosity greatly improve its heat conductivity.

3.New-style materials: new heat conduction material ensures faster heat conductivity and pollution-free product, reduces adherent slag.

4.Resistance to corrosion:better anti-corrosion than normal clay-crucible.

5.Resistance to oxidation: advanced process dramatically improves its oxidation resistance, which ensures persistent heat conductivity and long working lifetime.

6.High-strength: high-density body and logical structure make the product better compression property.

7.Eco-friendly: energy-efficient and pollution-free, not only ensure metal product purity, but also ensure sustainable development on environment.

8.Multi-function: Can be used in induction graphite crucible furnace

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance


Features of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible               

1. resistance to deformation at high temperature,

2. thermal shock resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

3. anti-oxidation, anti- erosion.


Usage of SiC 95%  silicon carbide sic crucible                             

electricity and steel slag trench,

coal chemical and  mining  transport pipeline.

Packaging & Shipping


Package: Wooden case and wooden pallet or pack as customer's requirement of graphite crucible.

Delivery time: depend on distance,  usually 20 days to 50days after deposit of graphite crucible.

 We can supply the products according to customer's drawings, samples and performance requirement.

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SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium,Copper, Brass with High Heat  Resistance

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Q:Rotary kiln dust removal, zinc coated sand and Zinc Oxide Technology
The use of Nianzi extracted from zinc in zinc,
Q:Can quartz ceramic crucibles instead of graphite crucibles?
Graphite heat resistance is much higher than that of quartz ceramics; graphite can be more than 2000, while the highest resistant quartz ceramics 1700 degrees.
Q:How to break 40 low carbon steel smelting
High pressure pipes are generally welded by argon arc welding, whether they are carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel;
Q:Why do laboratory crucibles use ceramics instead of glass?
The ceramic crucible does not soften and can withstand alkaline material.
Q:New energy, crystal, silicon and other research and development, production, because the crucible rotary table heating device, there is no good solution to share?
The silicone rubber electric plate allows heat to pass wherever it is needed, improves heat transfer, speeds up heating and reduces power requirements in processing.
Q:How long can a graphite crucible last for a long time?
The special thermal shock resistance, thermal expansion of graphite is anisotropic, and the macro expansion coefficient is small, the temperature change under the condition that the volume change of graphite is not large, coupled with its good thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance and graphite.
Q:Graphite crucible used six or seven times on how bad?
And the solution in the barrier, is it right?. The main check temperature should not be too fast, rapid cooling.
Q:Application of ceramic fiber module in gas crucible furnace
The ceramic fiber module plays a major role in fireproof and heat preservation in the gas clamp boiler, and prolongs the service life of the Tong boiler. According to the different materials of the gas tongs boiler, the refractory and heat preservation materials used are different, and the ceramic fiber module, refractory fiber board and refractory pouring material are all the heat preservation materials used by the conventional clamp boilers.
Q:Single crystal furnace quartz crucible cast 22 inch 175 kilograms of feed it
Back chaos, in fact we are very worried about the recovery of this material strength and composition by crucible crucible change can not be used, but also fast, so the results will soon be out.
Q:What crucible can be used to make steel? At least 1500 degrees resistant
But be sure to make sure the graphite crucible is well lined and the furnace lining must be secured as concentric as possible, thus avoiding the flame deflection in the flame furnace and impacting the crucible to ensure that the induction furnace is in normal working condition

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