SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass, SIC Graphite Crucible

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Product Description:

Quick Details for SiC Graphite Crucibles


High Strength, graphite crucible crucible


melting metal


as your requirements


High Pure

Top Diameter:


Bottom Diameter:


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 China (Mainland)

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Black grey







Apparent porosity:




Bulk Density:


Using life:

>5000 hours

MAX temperature:


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Packaging Details:Seaworty packing or as per customer's detail requirement of graphite crucible.
Delivery Detail:within 20-30 days after confirm order of graphite cru

SiC Graphite Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass                              


Product Description


Specifications for Graphite Silicon Carbide Crucible For Aluminum Melting :

1.Long working lifetime: its working lifetime is increased 3-5 times over normal clay-crucible due to the compact body formed under high pressure.

2.High thermal conductivity: high-density body and low apparent porosity greatly improve its heat conductivity.

3.New-style materials: new heat conduction material ensures faster heat conductivity and pollution-free product, reduces adherent slag.

4.Resistance to corrosion:better anti-corrosion than normal clay-crucible.

5.Resistance to oxidation: advanced process dramatically improves its oxidation resistance, which ensures persistent heat conductivity and long working lifetime.

6.High-strength: high-density body and logical structure make the product better compression property.

7.Eco-friendly: energy-efficient and pollution-free, not only ensure metal product purity, but also ensure sustainable development on environment.

8.Multi-function: Can be used in induction graphite crucible furnace

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass, SIC Graphite Crucible

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass, SIC Graphite Crucible


Graphite crucible can withstand the high temperature, and has good resistance to chemical erosions and thermal shock. Especially graphite crucible is ideal for the melting of aluminum, copper and etc.



Bulk Density



Specific Resistance



Compressive Strength



Bending Strength



Shore hardness



 x10-6 /°C





Maximum Grain Size



Other Products

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass, SIC Graphite Crucible

SiC Crucibles For Melting Aluminium And Copper, Brass, SIC Graphite Crucible


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Q:What is the white product in the crucible?
What is the white product in the crucible?
Q:What is graphite?
Graphite is a carbon crystal, is a non-metallic materials, color silver gray, soft, with a metallic luster. Mohs hardness is 1~2, specific gravity 2.2~2.3, and its bulk density is generally 1.5~1.8.The high melting point of graphite, trend began to soften under vacuum to 3000 DEG C when the melting state, up to 3600 degrees Celsius began when the evaporation of graphite sublimation, the general strength of materials under high temperature gradually decreased, while the graphite in the heating to 2000 DEG C, rather than the room temperature strength is doubled, but the oxidation resistance of graphite poor performance with temperature increased oxidation rate increased.Graphite has a fairly high thermal conductivity and conductivity, its conductivity is 4 times higher than stainless steel, 2 times higher than carbon steel, 100 times higher than ordinary non-metallic. Its thermal conductivity is not only more than steel, iron, lead and other metal materials, and with the rise in temperature, thermal conductivity decreases, which is different from the general metal materials, at very high temperatures, graphite and even tend to adiabatic state. Therefore, the heat insulation properties of graphite are very reliable under ultra high temperature.
Q:What are the main components of a graphite crucible?
It can also be used for refining and purifying non-ferrous metals and new materials. For environmental protection, international efforts to increase the weight of light metals in industrial products. Therefore, aluminum, magnesium, zinc and their alloys are widely used in the manufacture of automobiles, motorcycles and electronic products. Such as die-casting production of automotive and motorcycle wheels, start
Q:How to calculate the loss of aluminum slag melting?
Look at the size of aluminum slag, big saw recovery rate is high, small saw fine chip is low.
Q:Does the graphite metal pad have any requirements on the sealing surface?
Metal wound gasket:Metal wound gasket is a sealing gasket is used widely at present, in order to return to the best elastic gasket semi metallic gasket, by V or W shaped steel strips with various fillers alternately wound together, high temperature, high pressure and adapt to the use of ultra low temperature or under vacuum conditions, by changing the gasket combination of materials, can solve the problem of all kinds of chemical corrosion medium on the gasket, the structure density can according to different requirements to lock force production, in order to strengthen the body and accurate positioning, the gasket ring and the outer ring is provided with positioning reinforced metal, using internal and external steel ring to control the maximum compaction degree, the sealing surface precision requirement is not high the surface of the flange gasket contact.
Q:Melting copper slag with a graphite crucible furnace can add any flux, in order to shorten the melting time and save fuel
If you want to save fuel, it should be mainly due to the quality of the graphite crucible. The graphite content in the graphite crucible is higher
Q:Why does the graphite crucible used for molten gold add a quartz coat?
Graphite crucible is afraid of high temperature, but high temperature oxidation, Shi Huang coat is not oxidized to protect the crucible.
Q:Why is the crucible burned and then black, oxidized, chemically?
If you are using candles, candles contain carbon, incomplete combustion of carbon black (black carbon pen usually in composition) attached to the crucible surface, so the look is black, a hand is not gone.
Q:What is the difference between the indirect method Zinc Oxide and the direct law Zinc Oxide?
Indirect material method of Zinc Oxide is obtained through smelting metal ingots or zinc. Zinc in high temperature graphite crucible at 1000 DEG C converted to zinc vapor, air oxidation of Zinc Oxide before being fed into, and Zinc Oxide collected particles in the cooling pipe. The indirect method is in 1844 by the French scientist Leclair (LeClaire) promotion, also known as the French law. Indirect technology produced by Zinc Oxide is simple and the cost is impacted by raw materials greatly. Zinc Oxide particle indirect method of production with a diameter of 0.1-10 microns, the purity of 99.5%-99.7%. According to the total volume, the indirect method is the main method of production of Zinc Oxide.
Q:Will a graphite crucible conduct electricity?Soluble aluminum material with electric iron stove appearance
High temperature resistance: Graphite resistance to high temperature about 2300, even after the ultra-high temperature arc ignition, the weight loss is very small, the thermal expansion coefficient is very small. The strength of graphite increases with the temperature, and at 2000 degrees, the graphite strength doubled

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