Shredding Submersible Sewage Pump AWQS Series

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AWQS Series shredding submersible sewage pump is developed on the basis of fully studying domestic and foreign technologies and market demand of submersible sewage pump. It can shred sewage and fibers and discharge them automatically, which is provided with functions of super anti-jamming, anti-twisting and self cleaning, especially applicable for the working condition of long fibers. Based on the professional and reliable submersible motor and integrating the advanced shredding and blowdown technologies, AWQS series shredding submersible sewage pump has many advantages:
Saving investment and running costs:
Saving investment: Our shredding submersible sewage pump is featured by its original design, compact structure and small appearance. The motor’s allowable starting frequency within the unit hour has been increased substantially, which can reduce the sump’s designed capacity; therefore, more construction investment can be saved.
Efficient and energy-saving: Its hydraulic design for shredding and blow down, selected materials and high-quality casting and processing can meet the needs for shredding, blow down and efficiency at the same time.
Easy for maintenance:

The advanced self-coupling device makes underwater operation unnecessary when the pump lifts and drops, thus easy for maintenance, time-saving and labor-saving; it adopts the stainless steel bolts which can stay stainless for long easy for disassembly and assembly; the wearing plate’s axial dimensions can be adjustable to suit to the abrasion and reduce the frequency of maintenance; its dedicated electrical control cabinet can achieve such functions as automatic alarm, stop an keeping fault signals, which can improve the maintenance efficiency a lot.
Fewer and smaller spare parts: Fewer and smaller spare parts are needed due to those parts with the modular design like submersible motor and oil chamber plus the protection of self-cleaning wearing plate over the pump body, thus the pump operation is more economical.
Stable and reliable operation of pump
Brand-name bearing and heavy-duty design: The special hydraulic design and the precise balance working procedure can reduce the axial and radial forces substantially; the compact seal configuration makes the shaft extension shorter; plus, the oversize bearing ensures the pump’s long-term and stable operation.
Reliable operation of shaft: The gudgeon and bellows mechanical seals ensure that the pump shaft doesn’t contact the medium directly and avoid the abrasion and corrosion, so the system can operate for long.
Anti-jamming and anti-twisting: The impeller and the wearing plate with superhard materials form a pair of cutters to shred sewage and fibers and discharge them automatically, thus ensuring that the pump’s operation is anti-jamming and anti-twisting.
Safe and reliable submersible motor Advanced core technology: The casing’s protection class is IP68; the stator winding is resistant to a temperature as high as 145℃and the insulation class is F. Multiple detection with multiple protections: Its leak probe, floating switch and overheating protection element in its motor are all available for real-time detection as well as functions like alarm, stop and keeping fault signals, ensuring that no water enters into the motor.
Double seal with double protection: The mechanical seal adopts the rubber bellows structure to prevent sand and scale; the unique dynamic anti-sand design can extend the mechanical seal’s life longer; the mechanical seal adopts a world-famous brand with quality assurance; the serial configuration of double mechanical seals (relative to double end faces )
Can achieve the double protection really, ensuring the motor’s safety.

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