Shoes Insole Moulding Machine

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1.CE certificate, reliable technology, good after-sales service
2.Shoes insole moulding machine, forming machine

Descriptions and advantages:

Forming machine, moulding machine, molding machine for shoes material such as EVA, leather cold forming; CE approved, Easy operation, quick, quality.

CJ-840 moulding machine specification:

CJ-830 cool molding machine

CJ-840 cool molding machine

Mould dimension



Stations number of molding



Longest pressing distance



Max force









Machine weight




1.This cold moulding machine, forming machine is designed of double gantry structure which can  resiste strong force, long servicing life and high tension resistance.

2. Equipped with high pressure hydraulic system and electronic control circuit. High quality, high efficiency,

3. Attached with aluminum alloy cooling plate, its has a double-way cooling system to have a good and even circulation. It can work with ice water system to improve working efficiency and quality.

4. Provide two stations and four stations for option.

5. Provide electro-heating system according to requirement additionally.

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