SHJ Series Low-pulse Circulating Pump(API610, API682)

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Product Description:

1. Description

SHJ series pump is BB1 model designed according to API610 standard.

Foot mounted single-stage and doucle suction with axial split structure

Inlet and outlet flanges are designed according to HG/T20592 and ISO7005-1

2. Application

Water supply and water treatment

Water irrigation and sewage disposal

Paper making industry

Power plants

Fire protection systems

Seawater salt production

Industrial process

3. Range of Parameter

Capacity: 65~13860 m3/h

Total head: 14~215m

Temperature: -10~160oC

Max operating pressure: 2.5Mpa

4. Materials

For wetted parts in contact with medium, the common materials are as follow: 

304, 316L, CS.

SHJ Series Low-pulse Circulating Pump(API610, API682)

5. FAQ

1       Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

2       Do you have self-priming pumps?

Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

3       Is it really necessary to fit a bleed valve for the boxes?

It is always best to have a bleed valve as the gas produced by the fermenting sewage is potentially hazardous.

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Q:1994 plymoth grand voyager leaking anti freeze is it the water pump?
It could be the water pump, but without doing a pressure test it could be hard to diagnose. You can put cardboard or something else to help find the leak. But the leak could be somewhere else than the spot on the cardboard. Best to take to Advance, or Auto Zone and carry some water in a jug to fill it up and use a pressure tester and look and listen for the leak. Could be upper/lower Radiator hose, radiator, heater core, heater core hoses, and a few more that are less likely.
Q:Could someone tell me the procedure for removing & installing a water pump on 97 buick skylark 3.1L 3100 SFI?
wow.. lol, did ya look that up in a book. very, but kinda correct.. being i work for gm and simple hand tool will do it.. listen to the guy who copies it from a
Q:Why is the minimum liquid temperature allowed at 2 DEG C instead of 0?
It freezes at 0 degrees, and the pump runs and gets stuck.
Q:hot water recirculating pump question?
particular you are able to. in certainty there's a recirculating equipment called a Polaris water heater which could furnish warm water for all your place carry desires and warmth your place too. the cost of operationg a Polaris equipment is extra cost-effective than an on call for warm water heater.
Q:I have a mercury 60 hp 4 stroke about 6y old and the water pump was working fine then just stop pumping water?
change ever year rubber don,t last sitting on in the heat
Q:Can the water from the fire pump enter the roof fire tank? Why?
Here is the concept of "fire water tank", if the roof has fire water tank, fire pump should be able to roof fire water tank water supply, as long as there is sufficient pressure on the line. However, if the roof water tank is only a living water tank, the fire pump is not started, this is the two pipelines.
Q:Dodge Stratus Water Pump MAYBE!!?
jason is right on this. a water pump wont do what your saying. it sounds more like something inside the engine is knocking, like a rod bearing.
Q:How to get a car water pump.?
You guys are all dumb please, especially you Kenny. Your a shop manager and these are the parts you recommend?? HA. I thought that was hilarious... theres a difference between good parts and cheap parts... I thought you were smart until you came out with AUTOZONE WILL HAVE WHAT YOU NEED. Do yourself a favor and stay away from cheap chinese autopart stores. I work in a shop and we have people come in ALL THE TIME with their broken water pumps from them. Spend the extra money and get yourself an AMERICAN MADE quality part. Your local mechanic should be able to help you out with that. Good Luck, and don't believe everything you hear.
Q:how can i check my water pump to see its good?
chances are your radiator cooling fan is not working,could be the cooling fan switch,bad fan motor,or relay
Q:Can I drive my truck or do I have to tow if the water pump is going out.?
You might be able to drive short distances. but if you rev the engine it might go out. to be safe i would to it. if it still works and hasent went out on you yet than you might be able to drive it. Good Luck

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