Shenzhen Factory High Brightness SMD5730 LED Chip

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General Introduction

Shenzhen Factory High Brightness SMD5730 LED Chip





B)Emitting Angle:120 degree


C) Soldering Method: re-flow soldering


D)RoHS compliant


E)Dice Material: InGaN


F)Suitable for all SMT assembly and solder process.




A) Optical indicator


B) Indoor lighting


C) Interior automotive lighting


D) Backing for LED,switch and symbol,display


E) Light pipe application


F) Advertisement



Part No.DiceLence TypeCRILuminous flux Viewing Angle 
Min.Max.MinMax2θ 1/2
5730W450-1B0White(InGaN)Yellow Diffused70874045120


Electro-optical characteristics at Ta=25°C


ParameterSymbolMin.TypeMax.UnitsTest conditions
Forward VoltageVF2.83.03.6VIF=150mA
Reverse CurrentIR— —— —10μAVR=5V
Color CoordinatesX— —0.371— —— —IF=150mA
Y— —0.37— —— —IF=150mA
Color TemperatureTC400042004500KIF=60mA


Electro-optical characteristics at Ta=25°C

Power DissipationPd500mW
DC Forward CurrentIF150mA
Peak Forward Current[1]IFP200mA
Reverse VoltageVR5V
Eletrostatic Discharge(HBM)ESD1000V
Operating TemperatureTopr—40-+85°C
Storage TemperatureTstg—40-+100°C


 Application notes

 A) The LEDs should be kept at 30°C or less and 90@ RH or less. The LEDs should be used within a year. When storing the LEDs, moisture proof packing with absorbent material(sillica gel) is recommended.

 B) The LEDs should be kept at 30°C or less and 70%RH or less. The LEDs should be soldred within 24 hours(1days) after opening the package. If unused LEDs remain, they should be stored in moisture proof packages, such as sealed containers with packages of moisture absorbent material(sillica gel). It is also recommennded to return the LEDs to the original moisture proof bag and to reseal the moisture proof bag again or it need to rebake before using next time.



Baking condition:temperature 70°C±5°C;humidity:less than 10%RH


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Q:Is the forward voltage drop of the patch LED too large or too small?
The pressure drop in the normal range is generally better. The smaller the pressure drop, the lower the power dissipation. The more you save the electricity bill.But not to say that the smaller the better, not in the normal range of low pressure drop products may be defective.In addition, the uniformity of the LED pressure drop is also important.
Q:Led lamp and Led what is the difference between the two patch! Ask for detailed explanations of the differences!
Patches do some high-end things, large luminous area, from afar to see more clearly, 5-10 meters with patches better!
Q:How does the LED patch lamp differentiate between positive and negative poles?
You can also use the ohmmeter's ohmmeter. To dial multimeter, to "ohm X1" file, the light emitting diode when the red pen is connected to the positive terminal of SMD LED, the black probe is connected to the negative terminal of SMD LED.
Q:The ten patch LED lights are connected in parallel. The rated power is 5 watts. How much voltage do you need?
Shunt split current series split voltageIs your single lamp voltage rated voltageIn addition to the red and green LED lights, the voltage is between 2 and 2.4, and the other colors are 3 to 3.6V
Q:LED patch lamp band, how to calculate how many watts a meter, such as 3528-60 beads is how much?
LED patch lamp with 3528-60 beads should be 4.8W/ meters.Because the LED light belt is made according to the manufacturer's standard, the parameters are different, and the parameters of the LED lamp belt and the method of use are best connected with the manufacturer's confirmation. Some common parameters are given here for reference only
Q:Indoor full color LED display module and LED what is the difference between a full color?
Indoor full color LED display module and LED chip has three full color difference. The first part: Second: third light emitting display module: maintenance: LED full color display is not easy to maintain. LED full color patch is relatively easy to maintain.
Q:The quality of the LED patch module
Chip manufacturers, the top chip mainly from the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea and so on. But on the mainland LED module manufacturers to use the vast majority of chip from Taiwan, of course, there are a lot of use of chip, market positioning, the main users of the product features with the manufacturers and government policies, different chip manufacturers are different its stable performance. Maybe you will ask why not CREE, OSRAM, Nichia, first of the world's top chip manufacturers have fixed target market positioning, such as defense orders, and said, specially import a little CREE chip manufacturing module, it is also not cost-effective; and if the driver is not supporting the raw materials, it can not be completely play the advantage, so is also a great waste.
Q:Patch LED market conditions
With good market expectations for the future status of SMD LED, all the major manufacturers have launched their own SMD LED development planning and prototype products, all of a sudden, SMD LED market showing a flourishing and lively atmosphere of contention of a hundred schools of thought.
Q:Patch LED manual welding, how can welding not burn lights?
When soldering, the temperature is best to be lower, and the average welding temperature is about 360. That's enough, because the melting temperature of the tin wire is about 220 degrees, so if it is allowed, the temperature can be reduced as low as possible.
Q:What does "1210" mean in patch LED?
1210 refers to the lamp specifications.LED common lamp specifications and parameters of patch0603, 0805, 1210, 3528, 5050 refers to the LED lamp belt, often used in light-emitting components ----LED size (English / Metric) name, for example, 0603 refers to the length of 0.06 inches, width of 0.03 inches. But note that the 3528 and 5050 units are metric

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