SHANTUI Excavator (SE330)

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SHANTUI SE330 Excavator

Engine model: Cummins 6C8.3

Rated power: 186 kW/2200 rpm

Operating weight: 32.9 t

The second largest of Shantui’s excavator offerings, the SE330 is a heavy-duty workhorse that boasts
a Cummins engine and imported hydraulics. The rest of the machine is made by Shantui. This machine
is another Shantui value leader with its large digging force, bucket capacity, flexible swing system,
efficient bucket and arm controls and its ergonomic cab.

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Q:Farmers and excavators, where do you find maintenance manuals cheap for your machines?
OKorder is a good answer. you can usually get them also from the company that makes the machine but they are usually very expensive. Depending on what you need it for you may be able to find books you need at a good auto parts store
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Yep you probably better inspect it. Dont want it breaking
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Is it just the boom or does everything slow?

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