SHANTUI Excavator (SE240)

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The SE240 is among our best sellers in the mid-power range of excavators. It offers an imported Cummins (B5.9-C) engine that provides a reliable and powerful plant. Shantui’s body design makes maintenance convenient with easy-access points.
The SE240 model features imported hydraulic parts, negative flow and electronic controls. It is a high-
efficiency machine due to its state-of-the-art functions of boom confluence and diffluence, swing priority and flux regeneration.

The epitome of Shantui Value
Engine model: Cummins B5.9-C

Rated power: 133 kW/2000 rpm

Operating weight: 24.1 t

Bucket capacity
Backhoe bucket 1.2 m3 (SAE)

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Q:excvater machine hitachi?
Q:How much dirt will my 1 ton truck haul? I think we have been hauling 5 tons on it.?
Curb weight + cargo weight + passengers = gross vehicle weight Gross vehicle weight + loaded trailer weight = gross combined weight One-ton trucks usually carry about 16,000 pounds
Q:Basic way of calculating soil excavation?
It seems the question is not complete, I think the ratio of clay and fill material is required, the bulk factors here is the clay density which is 1300 kg/m^3 , and fill material is 1150 kg/m^3 . As the total soil volume is 64800 m^3 and excavator efficiency is 180 m^3 per hour , then the total time is 64800/180 = 360 hours
Q:What are the differences between a hydraulic excavator and a backhoe?
According to the different work methods used excavator backhoe excavator item. Hydraulic excavator is a very abstract concept, it can be divided into positive shovel, backhoe, dragline and so on. You can say is that if the hydraulic excavator shovel, including backhoe, dragline and other types of construction, and only one, and generally use the backhoe excavator backhoe excavator, so apply the item
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Q:MTG - Ally Mill Question?
Five Allies are coming into play. Each will trigger their own ability, and each will trigger off the others as well, so each of them is triggering five times. In addition, the original Excavator triggers five times (assuming it's the same player controlling both the Excavator and the Rite). So you have six Excavators, each triggering five times, for a total of 30 triggers. When each resolves (assuming nothing happens to any of them in between), they count six Allies and mill six cards, for a total of 180 cards milled. Twincasting the Rite is a little different (obviously). When the Twincast resolves, it makes a copy of the Rtie. The copy resolves and all the above happens - 180 cards milled. Then the original Rite resolves and five more Excavators come into play. So now you have eleven Excavators, each triggering five times, each milling eleven cards, for 605 cards milled. So you get a grand total of 785 cards milled if my math is right. Which, frankly, seems like just a teensy bit of overkill.
Q:where can i buy /repair good condition hydraulic pump for excavator make kawasaki ?
wow my dad would know so many places. where do u live if you want i can find were you live and see if my dad has any places to help you out we live in jersey but my dad owns a campground and hes got a excavator, bull dozer, 2 back hoes and a ford 1000 tractor
Q:how much force is required to keep a 200 pound weight level on the end of a 15 ft (massless) lever.?
A 15 ft massless lever? What's that? A hologram? Program your hologram projector to project the weight at a certain place in the room.
Q:What's the difference between a big excavator and a small excavator?
Open big well! The bigger one is better, the less comfortable, the smaller one! Small opening is also very price adjustment!
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