SHANTUI Concrete Trailer Pump (HBT8016R)

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SHANTUI HBT8016R Concrete trailer pump

Theoretical concrete displacement: 88~49 m3/h

Theoretical pumping pressure: 8~16 MPa

Power/rotating speed: 174 kW/2300 rpm

The HBT8016R is diesel powered making it ideally suited for construction projects with insufficient electricity. It is equipped with a Volvo diesel engine providing strong power and superior performance. It is specified with a dual-pump, dual-circuit, open hydraulic system. The main feeding pipeline and “S” valve oscillation pipeline are independent of each other making the system simple and highly reliable. The main oil pump and valve all use parts from world-famous manufacturers ensuring stability and reliability. The hydraulically reversing system is more reliable and stable. Two optional configurations allow automatic and manual high/low pressure shift offering convenience of operation, convenience of inspections, repairs and replacement. The “S” type piping is made of imported, wear-resistent rods. The high-strength, steel alloy axle head is processed with nitrate in order to avoid the ruptures and prolong service life. The main electricity controlled elements use original parts imported from Siemens in Germany ensuring reliability.


Theoretical concrete displacement

88~49 m3/h

Theoretical pumping pressure

8~16 MPa

Distribution valve

S valve

Slump scope

80~230 mm

Delivery cylinder bore (diameter) × Stroke

200 × 1800 mm

Master cylinder bore × Stroke

140 × 1800 mm

Hopper capacity/feeding height

0.8 m3/1.47 m

Maximum aggregate size

40(125A) mm

Gross weight

7300 kg


Power/rotating speed

174 kW/2300 rpm

Brand of diesel engine



Overall length

6930 mm

Overall width

2110 mm

Overall height

2640 mm

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Q:What kind of driver's license does the concrete pump need?
Driver's license to use B2 card, qualification certificate can be transported with ordinary goods, no need to use special vehicle qualification certificate.
Q:What is the role of concrete pump truck
According to the structure is divided into piston type, squeeze type, water pressure diaphragm type.
Q:What is the meaning of cast - in - place concrete secondary grouting?
Cast concrete is cast at the construction site. Unlike prefabricated concrete, most buildings are constructed using cast-in-place concrete.
Q:What are the advantages of concrete pump gate valve and S pipe valve?
Swing the mouth for the plane, easy to adjust after wear and tear, and its sealing performance is very good, so S pipe valve pump than the same size of the gate valve pump delivery height higher.
Q:What is the difference between a concrete pump and a concrete pump
The parameters of the main pump are used to determine the speed and transport height of the pump. The horizontal distance is determined by the length of the cloth rod. It is suitable for pouring concrete in fixed mode and can ensure the uniformity of concrete and increase the compactness.
Q:What is the pumpability of concrete
Pumpability' is a qualitative argument that the pumpable concrete slump is generally greater than 160mm, the mortar content can not be too low, the maximum aggregate size does not exceed one-third of the diameter of the pump,
Q:What is the name of the pump called concrete?
The name of concrete for concrete transportation is concrete pump truck.
Q:What are the precautions for the operation of the concrete pump truck?
Fine aggregate should be used in the sand, through the 0.315m sieve sand should not be less than 15%.
Q:Building concrete pump is how to bulk cement (concrete) to the high
At the same time, another main cylinder under the action of the pressure, to promote the main cylinder of the piston rod out and at the same time to push the concrete piston out of the concrete tank, through the slide valve Y port into the concrete pipe.
Q:What is the performance characteristics of concrete pump
with remote remote control, the operation more secure and convenient.

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