Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat of Family Fashion

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China main port
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300 m²
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6000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat of Family Fashion

Quick Details of Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat

·         Material: 100% Polyester

·         Style: Plain

·         Pattern: Shaggy

·         Design: Other

·         Technics: Hand Knotted

·         Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Car, Commercial, Decorative, Home, Hotel, Outdoor, Prayer, Toilet

·         Size: any size for you

·         Model Number: DTH-022

·         Material: 100%polyester

·         Design: modern

·         Pattern: shaggy

·         Style: modern

·         Color: any color for you

·         Size: any size for you

·         Pilr height: from20px to 45px

·         Backing: latex cotton canvas



Specifications of Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat

Name: Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat of Family Fashion

Material: 100% polyester

Design: modern

Pattern: shaggy

Style: modern

Color: colorful

Size: any size for you

Pile height:  from20px to 45px

Backing: latex cotton canvas,

Use: home, hotel ,decorative, car ,floor

Place of origin: Tianjin, China(Mainland)


anti-ship, washable, durable, strong dust absorption no-smell , proofing keeping warm ventilating air ventilate comfortable hand feeling easy to self-cleaning and good detergency.

Washing instructions:

Please use about 30 degrees warm water to clean, using mild soaps or detergents, Do not dry clean



Packing & Shipping of Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat


Pack Shaggy Floor Carpet & Mat in anti-water plastic bag and pp bag in rolls or by customer's requirement

Delivery time: 10-25days

shipment: FOB TIANJIN

Payment: 30% deposit in advance, balance before shipment by TT




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Q:How to make my rug smell better?
Quick fix: Febreeze. Won't clean it, but will hide the smell. Real fix: Clean with rag water then wash the whole rug in a (large) cold cycle with Woolite--NO dryer tho... hang it on a line somewhere. (Usually they're ok to wash; check for a tag on the rug that actually says it's ok first.) Also, don't overload your washer or you may break the washer. If the rug looks too big for your washer, you can always take it to a laundromat (won't get nastiness in your clothes washing machine either).
Q:95 Chrysler Lebarron Carpet makeover?
yes you can replace the carpet in any car but the older cars are alot easyer to replace all you have to do is take the seats out and lift the old carpet out and when u buy new carpet make sure you get the write one for that car hope this helps good luck
Q:Carpet replacement suggestions?
Carpet when not cleaned won t last but 5/6 years or less if you have a cheaper carpet.. Its suggested that you have it professionally cleaned at least once a year to make it last. Better made carpets when cleaned regularly will last 12/15 years. Sweeping it at least weekly ( manufactures suggest daily but lets be real lol) will extend the life of a carpet greatly. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How do i remove pen ink from my carpet??
Alcohol works rather nicely, merely be advantageous to no longer use around motions and don't enable the alcohol get to the carpet backing as a results of fact it rather is going to ruin up the glue. you ought to use dish detergent too as long because it does not have lanolin or bleach. Make a mix of one million qt. water and one million/4 t. of detergent. Then sparkling the spot with a blotting action. never rubbing or around! Then rinse the are with a twig bottle. attempt overlaying the spot with paper towels and a brick or heavy books in one day. you would be shocked how nicely that works.
Q:Problems with my shag rug...?
I suggest...brushing it/raking it. Sounds weird but back in the 70's when shag rug was in, raking was introduced to the carpets. If you rake it, it combs the direction of the carpet, but also pulls materials in from deep within the carpet. If this doesn't work...try a lint brush with teeth. Not a roller that picks up sticky stuff.
Q:Why are rainbow vacuums bad for some rugs?
I've had a rainbow vac. for 20 Years, and my mother in law for a least 50 years. It's a great vacuum, I also had shag rug. So someone is just trying to get you to buy their brand. If you want a Rainbow GO FOR IT. It's great for allergies, and air born pollen don't talked out if this. They are FANTASTIC.
Q:chili from the carpet?
Get out all the food then with water go over until just the stain of the chili sauce is left then pour some clorox2 for colors on the stain let sit this will lift the stain then you need to rinse a carpet shampooer works really well if you have one or can borrow one.good luck.
Q:where can i sale a bengal tiger rug?
This Site Might Help You. RE: where can i sale a bengal tiger rug?
Q:Need help painting carpeted stairwell.?
Shove it between the wall and carpet, lever it down, paint wall, remove. WIPE OFF PAINT BEFORE REINSTALLING TO PAINT NEXT SECTION! A thin piece of sheet metal will do the same thing.
Q:Would you hire a college student to clean your home carpet?
Depends they should have at least some pictures or work to show how good they are. i would if I were hiring someone lol but im only 14 I don't see why not

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