Shaggy 3D Carpet Flooring

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Product Description:

tem Name: 3D Shaggy Carpet with polyester stretch yarn and silk

Original: Tianjin China

Material: Polyester

Technique: Hand tufted

Pile height: High pile 6cm / Low pile 3cm

Size: 70*140cm or customized

Color: White, Ivory, Beige, Pink, Red, Orange, Lilac, Blue, Silver, Grey,

Coffee etc.

Total weight: 3000g/m2

Design No.: TJS001

Feature: Simple pattern, Modern design, Feeling soft and comfort, bring a

sweet life

Advantage: Non-slip, Moisture-proof, Anti-static, Soundproof, Cold

insulation, Wear-resistant,

         Easy clearing, Cost-effective

Application: sitting room, bedroom, Entryway etc.

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Q:is installing carpet hard?
I agree with dusty, Carpet installation does require experience and lots of expensive tools, I would definitely have a pro do it, carpet installation is one of the cheapest flooring labor charges out there. Good Luck!
Q:how to install carpet with tile at the end?
Transitioning between carpet and tile is the last step of any tile installation project. It finishes the project off for good. When you are completing a tiling project yourself, it is important to remember to roll the carpet away from the tiling area instead of cutting it to where you think the tile might end. After the tile installation is finished, the carpet can be rolled back over the tiled area and the edge of the tile can be used as a cutting guide so the carpet will be cut exactly where it needs to be cut.
Q:How can you get nail polish out of carpet?
that is handy, nail polish remover. get the style with out lanolin, if u can, however any style will paintings. pour a few remover on an historic rag, paintings in circles from the external inward. maintain operating w/ contemporary remover until u get all of it, then use a bit diluted dishwashing liquid in sizzling water and a scrub brush. consider the cleaning soap u r leaving within the carpet from the dishwashing liquid is similar to carpet shampoo, and can depart a place for you to draw in a bit grime, if u do not get so much of it out. inform the carpet purifier subsequent time u have it wiped clean, so he can extract that spot good, with blank water, or do it urself with a condo unit, like from wally international. consider, carpet is close to indestructable, so do not fear an excessive amount of
Q:wash carpets?
any good detergent used sparingly will work.Murphy's oil soap spray does a good job.Use just a light spray,and rub with a sponge.
Q:removing pet stains from carpet?
Not a carpet cleaner, but an enzyme neutralizer. Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution from the pet store. Squirt it on and just let it dry. Will not clean the carpet. It will eliminate the stain and any odor.
Q:What rugs does my horse need?
I live in Northern NSW- right now we're getting a fair amount more rain than Sydney. It's HORRIBLE and I totally feel you're pain. My advice is to get a fly-mesh rug. (Horseland has them- the saxon brand is really cheap- weatherbeeta is a better quality). It won't keep him dry, but it will keep the bugs off- and it will keep him cool when its hot. When it starts getting colder you should invest in a light waterproof winter rug (maybe 130g polyfill) which will be fine to leave on him all week in winter- and it will keep him dry. Right now all the horses here are in either flymesh rugs or cotton rugs. They don't stay dry- but it keeps them covered and keeps the bugs off. Lets hope this rain stops soon- I'm so sick of it!
Q:Rugs or no Rugs? help Please?
I usually use a middleweight rug if it is really stormy, heavy rain/hail and a cold wind blowing. I would use a heavyweight in snow temperature. It depends on the horse though. I have a Cob and she doesn't sweat in a heavyweight rug at 3-4 degrees celsius. Some horses feel the heat some don't. My sister also has a very hairy Cob and she wears a lightweight rug with no fill in freezing conditions. If you have a horse i would recommend putting on the weight rug you think your horse should wear, check later, if the horse is sweating that means it's too warm, if he/she is cold at the base of the ear that means he/she is too cold and you need something warmer. Good luck.
Q:Is carpet cleaning and carpet steaming the same thing ?
It is not steam cleaning. Its just normal carpet cleaning. Steam cleaning would be using only steam like an iron steam to get the wrinkles out. Our water in our commerical truck is 200 deg. Just use hot water.
Q:how to remve strongodor of cat urine from rug in spite of repeated washings?
I use Renuzit Super Odour Neutralizer. It has a light scent that covers up the odour for awhile and when it fades the stink is gone. Absolutely love it. If the rug is washer/dryer safe. Spray liberally before you start the dryer cycle. works even better.
Q:rugs and head collars!!!!!!!!!!!!!please help asap!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm not in the UK, but I just wanted to add my advice: Spend the extra money on a halter with leather over the poll, if not an all-leather halter. Even if you're not turning out in a halter, the leather won't damage your horse if it should get caught up in something or freaks out when tied when you tack up. Also, you need to get the right-sized blanket, which means you need to measure him/her. If the tack shop is going to be open when you bring him/her home, stop there on the way home if he/she is going to need it right away and measure then and there and try stuff on in the trailer (travel in either a stock trailer or a two-horse with the middle divider removed, or a slant-load).

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