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(1) YZ series motors are shaded pole motors with single-phrase and four-poles, and running at the rated voltage/frequency of 220-240V, 50/60HZ or 110-120V, 60HZ.

(2) Shade pole AC fan motor are widely applied to radiators, evaporators,condensing unit,ice machine and other refridgration equipments.

(3) Their output power is from 5W to 34W, which can be adjusted according to the stack length.

(4) Motors of output power below 10W have impedance protection, and motors of output power above 10W have thermal protectors whose cut-off temperature is 135oC±5oC.

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Q:Is the appliance still used in the freezer?
The appliance has a minimum operating temperature, and if the temperature is too low, it is damaging to the appliance
Q:Refrigerators are refrigerated and frozen
The question you are talking about is also the most frequently encountered problem, not necessarily the quality of the refrigerator.In winter, when the ring temperature is lower than 10 degrees Celsius, the refrigerator may not turn on the machine, because the refrigerator has a temperature sensing probe in the refrigerator, and the temperature in the refrigerator is between 0-10 degrees celsius. Refrigerator does not boot or boot time less, it may lead to direct cooling effect is not good. Adjust the low temperature compensation switch to the winter in order to ensure the normal starting of the refrigerator. It is also recommended that the thermostat be adjusted in 4-5 stalls to ensure the normal operation of the refrigerator.
Q:What appliances can produce hot water and freeze refrigeration?
For hot and cold water refrigeration, hot and cold water cooler can be used;
Q:Why doesn't soft ice freeze? Soft freezing is at -7 degrees, but why don't you freeze a bowl of water?
Unless the temperature of the soft chamber is too large, the maximum temperature is above 0 degrees. Generally below -18 degrees. It is used for long-term storage of food
Q:The electricity was out, and everything frozen in the fridge stinks, so it stinks of the fridge
4, a few pieces of fresh orange peel and wash Kaigan, scattered in the fridge, orange peel flavor can also remove the smell in the refrigerator.5 cut a lemon in half and don't cover it. Put lemon in the refrigerator cabinet top, lemon scent flavor can put in the refrigerator to smell out within a week.6, put a few pieces of bamboo charcoal into the refrigerator freezer, bamboo charcoal unique porous structure, you can quickly absorb the smell of the refrigerator. After a period of time, take the bamboo charcoal out and dry it in the sun, so you can continue to use it.
Q:Refrigerator, Ice Prince, freezing room, cold storage, nothing
The computer board is out of order and the solenoid valve is out of order.3, refrigeration system leaks refrigerant, need to suppress, find the leak point, make up the leak, and then time filling refrigerant can.
Q:What is the reason that the refrigerator and freezer are not refrigerated?
There may be less refrigerant, refrigerant should be added, but also to check whether the pipeline leaks.
Q:The refrigerator freezer room into the country
3, if the refrigerator temperature is too low, the refrigerator during normal shutdown of melt water can not be discharged by the ice, can check in the refrigerating chamber of the refrigerator wall has a drainage hole, when shutdown normally melt water can be discharged from here, use for a long time by a small amount of debris (or minor) blocked, causing water can not be discharged outside the box, fresh water (or ice) layer will.The following is a small hole to bend tube with something stabbed can not solve, open the refrigerator behind the small cap, you can see the drainage tube head, tube blow to can blow out the debris. And then from the refrigerator inside the drain hole, pour a little water, can be washed several times.
Q:Refrigeration room, refrigeration room is not refrigeration what is the problem, please consult.
There may be a lack of refrigerant, the proposed building of Haier's customer service phone, let after-sale check
Q:My refrigerator stopped for a period of time after the start again, how can not refrigeration, what is the matter?
This needs repairing. The freezer can be powered off, and the fridge won't work.

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