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(1) YZ series motors are shaded pole motors with single-phrase and four-poles, and running at the rated voltage/frequency of 220-240V, 50/60HZ or 110-120V, 60HZ.

(2) Shade pole AC fan motor are widely applied to radiators, evaporators,condensing unit,ice machine and other refridgration equipments.

(3) Their output power is from 5W to 34W, which can be adjusted according to the stack length.

(4) Motors of output power below 10W have impedance protection, and motors of output power above 10W have thermal protectors whose cut-off temperature is 135oC±5oC.

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Q:Is the surface of the refrigerator freezer afraid of salt?
Switch for low temperature compensating switchYou purchase a product system is a single system refrigerator, only a cold room temperature controller to control the temperature of chilled and frozen storage temperature, due to technical requirements of between 0 to 10 degrees, so when the ambient temperature and the hidden room is close to a cold boot time is very short and will not boot up to temperature, emergence of refrigerator no boot or boot time is short, and the refrigerator freezer temperature up to. In order to avoid the winter boot or boot time is short, the production department of a single system refrigerator specially designed to have a low temperature compensation or switching device, using this device to ensure that the winter low temperature loop can work normally, so the environmental temperature is below 16 degrees when the need to open the low temperature compensation or switch (for details see instructions). Also note that the environment temperature is not lower than 10 degrees, adjust the temperature regulator to a partial strong position.
Q:The refrigerator freezer is not as cold as it used to be
If the compressor of the refrigerator does not leak, there is no need to add fluorine. Of course, if you go outside to look for the appliance, they must tell you to add fluorine.
Q:Freezer of my home freezer does not refrigerate, what reason is it?
Now the refrigerator basically has no fluoride, and is not conducive to environmental protection and refrigeration effect in general, industrial refrigerants R22, 418B more. If there is a noise sound, indicating that the compressor can work, may be due to lack of refrigerant.
Q:Three how do I close the freezer?
1. In general, the refrigerant flows through the refrigerating chamber, absorbs heat (which is equivalent to cooling), and then flows through the refrigerating chamber (a little more heat), and then goes back to the compressor... So it's impossible to turn off the freezer (and it's possible to blow up the freezer by freezing the cool air in the freezer to the freezer.2, now high-grade refrigerators may have two refrigeration channels, one through the freezer, the other through the freezer, this situation can be turned off alone.
Q:Freezer level energy consumption is not frozen capacity is not strong?
3., the greater the energy efficiency ratio (1 large, 5 small), indicating that the use of electricity consumption of the product is smaller, then in the unit time, the power consumption of the appliance products are relatively less.
Q:My refrigerator by going on, who knows??
The temperature control in the cold room 10 degrees between the temperature of a refrigerating chamber is higher than the set temperature of refrigerator refrigeration will start, in ensuring the temperature of a refrigerating chamber while ensuring the freezer temperature is not higher than - 18 degree, winter ambient temperature is low when the freezer temperature close to the set temperature, the refrigerator is difficult to start, resulting in cold room temperature is normal the temperature of the freezing chamber, the phenomenon of increased.
Q:Refrigerator frozen, you can not keep it fresh
I do not know whether it is split or integral, if it is split, the key to check the preservation room, circuit or temperature control, the compressor is issued, oh, start. If it is one, it may be leaking fluoride
Q:What is the reason that the refrigerator and freezer are not refrigerated?
There may be less refrigerant, refrigerant should be added, but also to check whether the pipeline leaks.
Q:My refrigerator stopped for a period of time after the start again, how can not refrigeration, what is the matter?
This needs repairing. The freezer can be powered off, and the fridge won't work.
Q:Is the foam for packaged home appliances useful? You can make money
Foam worthless, wrapping paper worth a little money, a can sell a few dollars, five or six cents a pound or soThe foam can only be used for garbage disposal. Or you can use it at home

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