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(1) YZ series motors are shaded pole motors with single-phrase and four-poles, and running at the rated voltage/frequency of 220-240V, 50/60HZ or 110-120V, 60HZ.

(2) Shade pole AC fan motor are widely applied to radiators, evaporators,condensing unit,ice machine and other refridgration equipments.

(3) Their output power is from 5W to 34W, which can be adjusted according to the stack length.

(4) Motors of output power below 10W have impedance protection, and motors of output power above 10W have thermal protectors whose cut-off temperature is 135oC±5oC.

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Q:The freezer in my home freezer is now frozen like a frozen layer
This is a normal phenomenon, generally refrigerator refrigerator mechanical type hit 3-4 before good, computer type, hit 3-4 degrees on the line
Q:Is the surface of the refrigerator freezer afraid of salt?
When the summer environment temperature is high, it should be used in the weak gear and the 2-3 gear.Reason: in the summer, high ambient temperature, while the temperature every 1 degree drop is very difficult, the cabinet door seal insulation layer and loss of cooling capacity will also increase, so there will be a very long boot time and down time is very short. This will lead to a compressor under high temperature long time operation, wear of the piston and cylinder, the electrical insulation properties of enameled wire coil can be reduced because of high temperature, power consumption will increase dramatically, which is economical and reasonable. If the change in the weak gear (2.3), it will be found that the boot time significantly shorter, longer downtime, which saves power, but also reduces the compressor wear and tear, extended service life. Therefore, when the summer heat, the thermostat will be transferred to the weak gear.
Q:Refrigerator 192 how to close the freezer?
Landlord said is to close the refrigerator bar, freezer room can not be closed alone drop it,
Q:The refrigerator in the house keeps a glass of water in the freezer, but one night only the surface ice rises and there is no ice in it
4. the compressor may cause the refrigeration limit temperature of the refrigerant if the compressor does not stop working day and night. Most of this occurs in air-cooled refrigerators. The reason is that the refrigerator evaporator and frost apparatus are broken and ice jam is produced. Can not rule out the air-cooled fan broken, and too many items in the refrigerator will be blocked air outlet, resulting in poor cooling effect.5. the temperature of the refrigerator in the direct cold refrigerator is adjusted automatically as the temperature of the freezing room is adjusted. The temperature of the freezing room can be lowered. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator is 4-10 degrees normal. Note that the greater the number of temperature controllers, the lower the temperature, the larger the summer figures, and the smaller the numbers in the winter. Plus often open the refrigerator door, more items in the refrigerator, resulting in refrigerators not refrigeration or cooling effect is not ideal.
Q:Ask the master of home appliances for help. My refrigerator doesn't refrigerate
The problem of this refrigerator is as follows: [1] compressor itself, [2] compressor card up, shake to see if you can start [3] starter is broken.
Q:My refrigerator by going on, who knows??
This is the reason for the thawing of frozen rooms for users with ambient temperatures below 10 degrees, for the following reasonsRefrigerators are used to control the temperature of the refrigerator to indirectly control the temperature of the freezing room
Q:Refrigerator frozen, you can not keep it fresh
I do not know whether it is split or integral, if it is split, the key to check the preservation room, circuit or temperature control, the compressor is issued, oh, start. If it is one, it may be leaking fluoride
Q:The refrigerator is frozen well and the freezer is not cool
Is the leakage of fluorine, but the leakage is very slow, my fridge also had the same problem, then add some freon to normal after a period of time out of the old problem again, with coil brush brush dipped in soapy water in the freezer, see you is not hurt when deicing leakage fluorine local coil
Q:The temperature in the freezer always shows -12 degrees and keeps beating
It is estimated that two possible, (1) temperature sensor faults (2) are circuit board failures. The refrigerator runs on a temperature sensor that senses the temperature changes, and the temperature is high and stops running when the operating temperature reaches the set point.
Q:How did the freezer of the three door refrigerator of Haier become 24 degrees?
Refrigerators do not refrigerate for many reasons, such as lack of refrigerant, ice blockage or leakage of refrigeration pipes

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