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balcony privacy net
1.Material:100% new HDPE,UV
3.Useful life:3~5 years
4.balcony net factory price

balcony privacy net/shade net/window net

--product description


balcony privacy net/shade net/window net  

Brand Name



100% new HDPE with UV,long service life


Green,yellow,blue,gray (as your request)




Width:0.5m-3m, Length: as your request


1). sample time: Within 7-15 days.

2). Sample charge: According to product details.

3). Sample refund: Negotiable

4). Send sample: Via TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express

Sample is free for you to test the quality


T/T, L/C

Delivery Time

Within 20 days after getting the deposit

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Q:WHO INVENTED PLASTIC??? help easy 10 pts?
The inventor of the first synthetic polymer (later known as plastic) was Leo Baekeland. He called his invention “Bakelite”. Baekeland worked as a chemist in New York. He came up with the polymer (a chemical compound or mixture of compounds) by mixing a disinfectant (carbolic acid) with a preservative (formaldehyde). These two substances mixed together turned into a substance that could be bent, twisted and molded in any number of ways. A Belgian-born chemist-entrepreneur, Baekeland had a knack for spotting profitable opportunities. The first truly synthetic plastic was invented by Leo Baekeland - a Belgium chemist living in New York. Baekeland was already very rich as he had invented the first commercially successful photographic paper and sold it to George Eastman in 1898 for $1 million. With such money, Baekeland could engage himself in whatever research he decided to do. In 1905, he found that when he combined formaldehyde and phenol, he produced a material that bound all types of powders together. He called this material Bakelite - after himself - and it was the first thermosetting plastic in the world. This was a material that once it set hard would not soften under heat. It had so many uses and so many potential uses, that it was called the material of a thousand uses. Bakelite was water and solvent resistant; could be used as an electrical insulator; was rock hard but could be cut by a knife and was used in 78 rpm records and telephones. New plastics were invented such as neoprene in 1932, polythene in 1933 and Perspex in 1934. One of the most famous wholly synthetic fibres was invented in 1938 at the cost of $10 million - nylon. In the first year of its creation, nylon went into toothbrush bristles and nylon stockings. 64 million pairs of stockings were made in 1938 alone. Nylon was also used by the military in World War Two for gearing wheels in vehicles and parachute cords. Plastic as a whole was very important in World War Two.
Q:Plastic Reeds?
I have plastic reeds for alto saxophone! They are pretty good. They last longer and sound great. The down sides to them are that they are harder to play on and cost more than wood reeds. As for if they sound good, it depends on if you can blow hard enough. But if you can, they sound a lot better than wood reeds (in my opinion). And, if you practice with the plastic reeds a lot, you will get used to them. When I enter in a competition though, my private lessons teacher recommends me to use the wood reeds. The plastic reeds are good reeds for practicing though! Good luck! =]
Q:What makes surgery plastic?
When girls get their small boobs increased you cant suck milk out of them, and they become crumpled and hard like a plastic bag after a few days.
Q:how to chrome a plastics?
Chrome fittings in plastic models normally are made with the reflective surface in the plastic. To chrome plate plastic it must be given a conductive surface, such as a copper or nickel paint. You may wish to try a number of different chrome paints including sprays. They behave differently and results differ, but all have to be shaken throughly before hand and shaken or stirred while being used.
Q:advantages & disadvantages of metal / wood / plastic ?
In general, wood is cheap and easily assembled, metal is strong and very durable, plastic can have a great range of specialized properties for different uses and is light weight. On the downside - wood rots and is prone to failure at places of connection, steel rusts, is very heavy, and often costly, plastic isn't as strong, can be costly, doesn't always perform well under temperature load. For a clock, you'd want metal for the precision parts (gears, moving stuff), and plastic for the housing/face.
Q:Could using plastic bowls in microwave, cause cancer>?
why not? Everything else really.
Q:precautions when disposing plastic?
tricky issue. try searching with the search engines. just that might help!
Q:When did plastics start to hit the earth?
The pot of gold digging, Baekeland bought a seat overlooking the Hudson River near New York in Yonkers mansion, a private laboratory will be changed into the barn equipment, is also working with people built a pilot plant in Broolyn. At that time, the nascent electric power industry contained a huge market for insulating materials. The first temptation Baekeland smell is soaring price of natural shellac insulating materials, for centuries, this material has been relying on family handicraft production in South asia. After the inspection, Baekeland to find alternatives to shellac as the first commercial target. At that time, chemists have begun to realize that many used in coatings, adhesives and fabrics with natural resins and fibers are polymers, namely the repeat structure of macromolecules, began looking to compositions and methods of polymer synthesis.
Q:Cat and plastic bags problem?
No bag over its head! That is very dangerous and mean. But I have a cat with a breathing problem too and I think I know what you are aiming for- humidity. You should get a humidifier and place the cat in a small room with the humidifier- 10 -15 minutes. This will help the breathing. Plus if you have a similar problem you can use it too! Please take the cat to the vet- you will likely get some meds for it. Its not expensive. And be patient- these respiratory infections take some time to clear up. Make sure your cat eats and drinks while it is ill.
Q:What plastics are in shotgun shells?
Plastic shotgun shells are made from Polypropylene known as PP (CH3). It lends its self very well to recycling. Recycled PP will display the Number 5 in the symbol. The melt point for PP is roughly 340F. Just use a box cutter to remove the plastic from the steel base.

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