SHACMAN F3000 CNG natural gas 40 tons Tractor Truck

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BrandSHACMAN F3000 CNG natural gas 40 tons Tractor Truck
Truck ModelSX4255DS384T
Drive modelLeft or right driven hand, 6X4
EngineEngine model: Weichai WP12NG.350E40
Power(Kw/Hp): 257/350
Idle speed(r/min):600-800
Max torque(N.m):1400
Type: electrically control, diesel engine, 4-stroke,6-cylinder in line, inter-cooling and turbo-charging, euro-4 emission standard
Fuel type: CNG
Min.fuel consumption(g/Kw.h):≦198
Engine oil filling volume:39L
Thermostat opening at 82℃
Clutch∮430 diaphragm clutch
GearboxModel: Fast Fuller 9JS150TA-B with 9 forward and 1 reverse
Propeller shaft∮180 contrite gear propeller shaft
Front axleMan technology 7.5 tons
Rear axleMan technology 13 tons with hub reduction ratio 1:4.8
ChassisFront suspension: ladder structure with parallel straight
Rear suspension: inverted leaf spring with stabilizer
SteeringModel: 8098 integral circuiting ball power steering
BrakesRunning brake: Dual circuiting compressed air brake
Parking brake: Rear wheel power spring brake
Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
CabinMan F3000 middle length flat head with two seats and one sleeper, A/C, 2 rear windows, mechanical clerestory, hydraulic suspension cab, hydraulic chair, metal bumper, USB, electrically reversal cab
ElectricsStarter: 6.2kw,24V
Alternator: 2.2kw(28V,55A)
Battery: 135AH
Instrument panelCombined instrument panel
Dimension (mm)Wheel base:3800+1350
Front wheel track:2053
Rear wheel track:1800
Front overhang: 1575
Rear overhang: 725
Approach angle: 22°
Departure angle: 68°
Overall length: 7400
Overall width:2490
Overall height: 3210
Fuel tank(L): 8X145L
Max. loading of fifth wheel: 14570
Front axle loading capacity:7500
Rear axle loading weight: 13000X2
Performance:Max. running speed(km/h):118
Max. climbing capacity(%):33
Min. ground clearance(mm):318
OtherA/C, enlargement radiator, ABS

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Q:Tractor twelve to correct use method of fast gear box height valve
The correct method is simple, as follows: turn the preselected switch - step on the clutch, take off gear - neutral stop - hang gear.
Q:Tractor for military vehicles
The cars used here to haul artillery, radar, and command vehicles are important members of military vehicles - tractors. A car that is used to transport missiles and tanks, such as long and heavy weapons, is called a carrier. It is also an integral part of the large family of military vehicles. These two kinds of cars are towed and carried by large individual units, some of them very tall, so their strength is particularly large. Of course, you shouldn't be too small.
Q:Are there any 2 license plates for all tractor and semi trailer?
In front of the driving ability of the front is called a tractor, there is no traction behind the ability to drive vehicles called trailers, trailers are towed by tractor.
Q:Do you think the semi-trailer 6 or 6 is better than 4 or 2?
Of course, * 4 good strong and not easy to be stuck to.
Q:How much is it to liberate J5 tractor?
The J5 6*4 Aowei price about 240 thousand 350 horsepower Wuxi CA6DL2-35 power torque of 1500N - M 258KWHanwei J5M is using Weifang 336 and Xichai 330 horsepower engine, but the actual use of waste oil Hanwei Weichai 336 horsepower (compared with J6350 HP)Hanwei J5M 6*4 price about 246 thousand horsepower 336 Weichai Power 243KW torque 1390N - MHanwei J5M 6*2 price about 220 thousand horsepower 336 Weichai Power 243KW torque 1390N - M
Q:Traction brake system
Hand brake for parking brake use, installed in the driver's seat on the left, back plate handle, the brake shoe brake drum brakes open. Simultaneous microswitch switching off control circuit.
Q:Brake adjustment of tractor and semi-trailer
I'm driving a semi trailer. I have nothing to do with it. I have experienced it myself. Let's talk about it. My car is made in Nanjing Ling, the brake can still as the guy who said accident occurred on the brake problem, I have different views, some of the master is to make empty on the brakes do not hurry, (brake too fast easily tire wear, tire, so even) the brake gap adjustment some.
Q:What is a tractor? what is a trailer? what is dump truck?
Tractors are the only cars that have no front or warehouseThe trailer is not welded to the front of the warehouseThe dump truck is a freight car with pushing, lifting, pushing and dropping columns, which carries more scattered goods.Half hung all hang, now basically no big difference, boundaries are very vague
Q:How to clean the electric traction truck everyday?
Change the battery: 1. steps to ensure the tractor stopped; 2. turn off the power switch and pull out the key to open the battery cover; 3.; 4. out of the main power supply plug; 5. remove the main power cable; 6. undo battery limit bolt 7.; the lifting rope is fixed in the battery; 8. will be hanging out on the side of the battery; 9. in the reverse order will be fully charged, or a new battery back.
Q:A2 chariotest traction card is what ah?
Want to open large trucks, you can first test B2 driver's license, the requirement is at least 21 years of age. Get B2 driver's license after three years, then apply for additional driving A2 driver's license, that is, at least 24 years of age. B2 according to you can drive big trucks, A2 can drive trailers, semi-trailer. B2 driver's license can be directly tested, do not need to test the car first.

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