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BrandSHACMAN F2000 19000 Liters fuel tank truck
Truck ModelSHACMAN SX5254GYYJM434
Drive modelLeft or right driven hand, 6X4
EngineEngine model: Weichai WD615.50
Power(Kw/Hp): 213/290
Idle speed(r/min):600-800
Max torque(N.m):1160
Type: mechanically control, diesel engine, 4-stroke,6-cylinder in line, inter-cooling and turbo-charging, euro-2 or euro-3 emission standard
Min.fuel consumption(g/Kw.h):≦198
Engine oil filling volume:39L
Thermostat opening at 82℃
Oil pump: Weichai
Clutch∮430 diaphragm clutch
GearboxModel: Fast Fuller 9JS119 gearbox with 9 forward and 1 reverse
Propeller shaft∮180 contrite gear propeller shaft
Front axleMan technology 7.5 tons
Rear axleStyre13 tons with hub reduction ratio 1:4.8
ChassisVarious width, front 940mm and rear 850mm
Rear suspension: inverted leaf spring with stabilizer
SteeringModel: 8098 integral circuiting ball power steering
BrakesRunning brake: Dual circuiting compressed air brake
Parking brake: Rear wheel power spring brake
Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
CabinMan F2000 flat head with two seats and one sleep with A/C
ElectricsStarter: 5.58kw,24V
Alternator: 1.54kw(28V,55A)
Battery: 135AH
Instrument panelCombined instrument panel
Dimension (mm)Wheel base:4300+1350
Front wheel track:2036
Rear wheel track:1800
Front overhang: 1525
Rear overhang: 2220
Approach angle: 20°
Departure angle: 12°
Overall length: 9420
Overall width:2490
Overall height: 3270
Fuel tank(L): 380L
Front axle loading capacity:7500
Rear axle loading weight: 13000X2
Performance:Max. running speed(km/h):90
Max. climbing capacity(%):20
Min. ground clearance(mm):318
Fuel consumption(L/100km):40
Fuel tankVolume (L):19000
Oil pump model:60GCB-30
Rate of flow (L/min):50
Efficiency: 75%
OtherA/C, enlargement radiator, ABS

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Q:What are the requirements of the model height of the dangerous tanker?
As dangerous goods, the state requires special vehicles for transportation. Because of the wide variety of dangerous goods, there are several kinds of dangerous goods vehicles. In the light card industry, there are mainly explosion-proof vehicles (blasting equipment, fireworks), flammable gas van (gas cylinder car) and tanker (mobile tanker) and so on.
Q:How much is gasoline on the motorway?
The highway toll open and closed toll charges two, open toll stations receive is IC card on the highway toll to highway toll stations, toll fee credit card to display the tolls, commonly found in a long line of the highway, most of China's inter city highway is connected to this charging method.
Q:Does anyone know how long the oil tank has been scrapped? More specifically, thank you
Hello, the tanker belongs to the dangerous goods transportation vehicle, in recent years, the country is more and more strict to the request of the tanker
Q:How can I tell if the diesel is loaded in the tank, for example?
Should keep the breathing valve clean, so that the breathing valve in the working state, the valve spring shall not be replaced at random, so as not to affect the effect of suction and deflation. When the valve is blocked, there is a risk of tank deformation.11, in order to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents in oil, exhaust pipe, muffler damage, pipeline leak, extremely bad or conductive fracture are not allowed on truck parts with metal objects, so as to avoid the vehicle on Mars, should be ready to fire equipment.12, if the tank under the tank fire shall not be frozen, baking, hot melt or available steam drove into the greenhouse is thawing.13, the gas car before operation, must be used to avoid poles inserted wet land, take the tape should be grounded, should always keep the antistatic good operation process.14. Check the fire extinguisher before starting the vehicle. The service personnel should be familiar with the use of fire extinguishers and check and maintain them according to their instructions.15. Before the operation of the tanker, the pipeline system shall be checked for oil leakage, whether the ground wire is disconnected or the exhaust pipe is damaged, and the problems shall be solved before re operation.
Q:How many tons can the 13 meter oil tank load?
You can choose Aluminum Alloy tanker, weight 7 tons, 8.5 tons of weight traction head theory, loaded 33.5 tons without overload and gasoline density of about 0.75, so the actual volume of the tank you do 45 cubic meters to 46 cubic meters or so just to meet the national standard, the transportation will not lose tonnage.
Q:When the tanker is carrying oil, the oil and the tank friction produce static electricity
According to different uses and environment, there are many functions of oiling or transporting oil. They have the functions of oil absorption, pump oil, various oil packing and separation.
Q:What do you do with the tank truck?
The safety valve and filter net shall be inspected and cleaned regularly!5 tank and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. The tanker regularly checks whether the piping system is well connected and the sealing is reliable!6: Tanker should be in accordance with the specifications for installation of electrostatic, electrostatic high concentration when the combustible gas encountered remnants of the car, exploded for automobile body with static electricity, friction and frequent, easy to produce static space can effectively out of electrostatic hazards, ensure the body from harm
Q:Do gasoline and diesel oil tanks explode easily?
Is not so easy to explode, as long as it is not illegal operation, it is not easy to explode.
Q:How will the tanker get punished for reselling petrol?
If it is in the petrochemical plant or chemical industry, then seriously point out that you are reselling small, big is stealing property, usually is fined money (large amount), and then expelled.
Q:Why does the tanker (give the gas station a gas station) the rear wheel is a single wheel, a truck head in front, a three row of wheels behind the tow (oil tank), each row should be
Oil tank is because the density of finished oil is not large, so overloading situation is not too severe, but also with a single tire, reducing the vehicle's own weight, so that once you can Dora part of the oil, is also a good choice.

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