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BrandSHACMAN F2000 8 Cubic meters Concrete Mixer Truck
Mixer Truck ModelSHACMAN SX5254GJBJR384
Drive modelLeft or right driven hand, 6X4
EngineEngine model: Cummins ISM340E20
Power(Kw/Hp): 250/340
Idle speed(r/min):600-800
Max torque(N.m):1669
Type: electronically control, diesel engine, 4-stroke,6-cylinder in line, inter-cooling and turbo-charging, euro-2 or euro-3 emission standard
Min.fuel consumption(g/Kw.h):≦198
Engine oil filling volume:39L
Thermostat opening at 82℃
Oil pump: BOSCH
Clutch∮430 diaphragm clutch
GearboxModel: Fast Fuller RT11509C 9forward and 1 reverse
Propeller shaft∮180 contrate gear propeller shaft
Front axleMan technology 7.5 ton front axle
Rear axleHub reduction drive axle ratio: 1:5.73
ChassisFrame: cross section in vertical, width 850mm
Front suspension: conventional and parallel leaf spring type suspension
Rear suspension: invented leaf spring stabilizator suspension
SteeringModel: 8098 integral circuiting ball power steering
BrakesRunning brake: Dual circuiting compressed air brake
Parking brake: Rear wheel power spring brake
Auxiliary brake: Engine exhaust brake
CabinMAN F2000 length head, one sleeping bed, four-point suspension
ElectricsStarter: 5.58kw,24V
Alternator: 1.54kw(28V,55A)
Battery: 135AH
Instrument panelCombined instrument panel
Dimension (mm)Wheel base; 3800+1350
Front wheel track:2036
Rear wheel track:1800
Front overhang: 1525
Rear overhang: 800
Approach angle: 18°
Departure angle: 66°
Overall length: 9305
Overall width: 2500
Overall height: 3900
Oil tank(L): 380
Front axle loading capacity:7500
Rear axle loading weight: 13000X2
Performance:Max. running speed(km/h):83
Max. climbing capacity(%):30
Min. ground clearance(mm):314
Min. turning diameter(m):24
Fuel consumption(L/100km):40
Mixer drumEffective volume(m3):8
Mixing volume(m3):8
Surplus rate(%)≦1
Rational speed of the mixing drum(r/min):0-16
Model of the decelerator:ZF
Volume of the preumatic water tank(L):230/450
OtherA/C, enlargement radiator, ABS

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Q:How to manage cement pouring vehicles?
Wages can be used performance, that is, basic salary + km base + kilometer subsidy + fuel consumption base assessment (more running, waste, deduction).
Q:Where is the fan speed sensor located in Dongfeng Hercules cement filling truck?
A sensor (transducer/sensor) refers to a device or device that senses the measured and converted signals into usable signals, usually consisting of sensitive and converted components.
Q:Bulk cement truck transport costs three hundred km
Transportation cost accounting:To know the powder material truck fuel consumption per hundred kilometers, so you can calculate how much moneyCross the bridge and overloading, fines and other expensesCargo weightVehicle depreciation expense, tire wear expense, etc.Labor cost
Q:Why does the tank of cement truck keep turning?
Turn clockwise for feedingTurn counterclockwise to dischargeKeep feeding rotation during driving to avoid external drainageAt the site, the material is rotated backward
Q:Want to buy a cement tanker, how much money to invest, make money do not earn? What's the profit per day?
Tanker leasing is mainly equivalent to running transportation, if the number of live off, you can certainly earn more, otherwise it is difficult to say.Therefore, the specific profits, you have to combine your local situation to analyze, I wish you success.
Q:Cement got on the car, there is no way to rescue ah?
There is a special cleaning solution in the car wash. You can go to the car wash.The car has been solidified cement, cleaning method is as follows:Cement: powder, hydraulic, inorganic cementing material. After mixing with water, the paste can be hardened in air or hardened in water, and the sand, stone and other materials can be firmly bonded together.
Q:Cement cleaning in the car, how to clean the most clean?
Buy some hydrochloric acid, add water and pour it over the solidified cement, and wipe it with a cloth! If the cement is difficult to remove, it can be diluted without hydrochloric acid!
Q:Start with the cement mixer
Now if you run the car business settlement is relatively good, according to the monthly average earn 20 thousand here in Shanghai so far, 2 to 3 years can then principal, is the net, although large one-time investment, but considering the car is under warranty, this kind of vehicle used in harsh environment, a lot of little small disease, late to buy second-hand the car will be greater investment.
Q:Ash handling procedure for ash tank of bulk cement truck
When pressurizing the tank, the discharge valve shall be confirmed to be in a closed state. When the air pressure in the tank reaches the discharge pressure, the air valve should be opened two times, then the discharge valve will be opened, and the opening of the two air valve shall be adjusted to adjust the optimum proportion of air and cement.7, the unloading process, should observe the pressure gauge pressure changes, such as the pressure rises, the gas hose clogging, no discharge, should stop aspirated and release pipe pressure, and then clear the blockage.
Q:What are the specifications of bulk cement truck cans?
According to the size of the volume, the bulk cement truck is divided into single bridge 20 tons, after Shuangqiao 35 tons, the first four after eight, 55 tons, semi-trailer 55 tons or more

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